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4103oldskeya.jpg (15409 bytes) 4103oldskeyb.jpg (24881 bytes) Oldsmobile key check. "Drop in any Mailbox" and I guess if you were the registered owner you could get your keys back if someone found them. Brass. 1 5/8 inch. A few scratches. $9.00 item #4103


Shrine Drive-Thru Redwood on the Redwood Highway, Avenue of the Giants, California. Postmarked 1955 in Encino, California. . Real photo postcard, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally used. Sent from a pair of men, apparently just discharged from military service, and driving their way home to NC by the scenic route. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear, a few spots of paper stuck to the front, probably would come off with a little steam. . $6.50 item #5975


4336meltonmuseum.jpg (28423 bytes) "Melton Museum of Antique Automobiles and Stirrup Cup Restaurant Norwalk, Conn. Route 7" Postcard. Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $4.00 item #4336


4104pennzoil.jpg (14414 bytes) Good For 5 on purchase of a Pennzoil Key Ring. Aluminum token. 7/8 inch. $6.00 item #4104


4627pontiacsafaria.jpg (46803 bytes) 4627pontiacsafarib.jpg (28169 bytes) Pontiac Safari Magazine. January-February 1966. I think this was an advertising magazine that Pontiac sent to car buyers to build loyalty and sell cars, also given out at the dealership. This particular issue has articles on San Antonio, Great centerfold ad for the Pontiac GTO, on the back cover is an ad for the Grand Prix. 18 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Good condition, only minor wear and creases on the spine. Printed on front and back, Shaver Motor Company, Statesville, North Carolina. $12.50 item #4627


4628chevroletfriendsa.jpg (37350 bytes) 4628chevroletfriendsb.jpg (40035 bytes) 4628chevroletfriendsc.jpg (31412 bytes) Chevrolet Friends Magazine December 1953. I think this was an advertising magazine that Chevrolet sent to car buyers to build loyalty and sell cars, also given out at the dealership. Articles on Santa Comes by Helicopter, Nelson Furniture and furnishings, Abalone Fishing, Florida's Shoreline, Miniature Household items, Mushroom growing, much more. Plus a fantastic centerfold ad on the 1954 Chevrolet Trucks, and Chevrolet ad on the back. 31 pages. 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Good condition, only minor wear and creases on the spine, and light soiling. Printed on back: Scarborough Chevrolet Co. Statesville, NC. $12.50 item #4628 


4652carphotoa.jpg (14962 bytes) 4652carphotob.jpg (13891 bytes) Chevrolet? Ford? Something else? It has a badge at the top of the radiator, but I can't read it even with a magnifying glass. Anyway, a great photograph of an early car. I do not know where the photo was taken.  2 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches. Crease top right, bottom left corners, just on the borders. $6.50 item #4652 



4653carphotoa.jpg (57044 bytes) 4653carphotob.jpg (51246 bytes) Two photographs of a 1972 (?) Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. 1st photo 5 x 7 inches. 2nd photo 4 x 6 inches. Both in good shape except the second photo has a bit of wear at the bottom right. $6.50 item #4653


4654carphoto.jpg (58256 bytes) This car was identified to me as a mid 1950s Packard. 5 x 7. Some fading of the color. Thumbtack hole top middle. $5.50, item #4654


4655hershey1979.jpg (45392 bytes) 8 x 10 Aerial Photograph of the 1979 Hershey, Pennsylvania antique car show. $8.00 item #4655



4658hershey1985pin.jpg (95052 bytes) Hershey Region Antique Automobile Club of America pinback and ribbon. 1985 30 Anniversary. Ribbon says 30th Anniversary Kraut Fest May 19, 1985. Button is 2 1/4 inches. Button in good shape, ribbon has a couple of stains. $12.50 item #4658


4659hershey1986pin.jpg (50744 bytes) Hershey Region Antique Automobile Club of America pinback. May 18, 1986 2 1/2 inches. Good condition. $12.50 item #4659


4660hersheyhqpin.jpg (74248 bytes) "I Visited National Headquarters Antique Automobile Club of America Hershey, Pa." Pinback button. 3 3/8 inches. Good condition, light yellowing. Probably 1980s. $10.50 item #4660


4661aaapin.jpg (35972 bytes) 75th Anniversary AAA motor club. #1 in Motor Clubs. pinback button. Written on back, May 12, 1981. 3 inches. A few light stains and scratches. $7.50 item #4661


4662carlislea.jpg (76526 bytes) 4662carlisleb.jpg (68154 bytes) Pair of Carlisle Summerfair car show ribbons. Gold one is from 1981, red one 1985. 7 1/2 inches. Good condition. $6.50 item #4662


4663carlisle1982a.jpg (79926 bytes) A. 4663carlisle1994b.jpg (65176 bytes) B. 4663carlisle1995c.jpg (64612 bytes) C. 4663hbologna1987d.jpg (54838 bytes) D. 4663hershey1981e.jpg (45399 bytes) E. 4663hsusquehanna1983f.jpg (51235 bytes) F. 4663htcarlisle1981g.jpg (56010 bytes) G. 4663htcarlisle1983h.jpg (48843 bytes) H. 4663htcarlisle1984i.jpg (72211 bytes) I.

4663hthershey1986j.jpg (43225 bytes) J, 4663hthershey1982k.jpg (40951 bytes) K. 4663hthershey1984l.jpg (66387 bytes) L. 4663htsusquehannam.jpg (60294 bytes) M. Metal award plates from various car shows. You can click on the pictures to enlarge. Some have a few scratches, some are in excellent condition. The smallest is 3 x 3 inches, the largest is over 6 inches long. $5.00 each. Take them all for $4.00 each. Please order by letter. item #4663


4803carphotoa.jpg (31059 bytes) 4803carphotob.jpg (22321 bytes) Photo of the back of an old car, with a man and his dog. The license plate is a 1941 North Carolina plate. Not sure of the make of the car. Photo is 3 3/8 x 5. Has a few creases, mostly bottom left corner, light scratches, light soiling. $6.50 item #4803


4804carphotoa.jpg (23365 bytes) 4804carphotob.jpg (36106 bytes) A couple and their car, in the margin of the photo it says Sep 60, so I think it may have been done in 1960. 3 1/2 x 5 inches. Light scratches. $4.50 item #4804


4805carphotoa.jpg (21932 bytes) 4805carphotob.jpg (35910 bytes) Great early car photo. I cannot identify the make. Written on the back, "Otto, Cliff, and hired man." 2 3/4 x 4 1/2 inches. Light scratches, light soiling, corner and edge wear. $6.50 item #4805



4807carphotoa.jpg (14478 bytes) 4807carphotob.jpg (20136 bytes) Young family and their car beside a rustic cabin. I do not know the make of the car. 2 7/8 x 3 1/4 inches. Some soiling, light scratches, corner and edge wear. $4.00 item #4807


4808carphotoa.jpg (13559 bytes) 4808carphotob.jpg (18771 bytes) "Dave & Our Car" is written on the back. I do not know the make of the car. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. Light scratches, light corner and edge wear. $4.50 item #4808


4809carphotoa.jpg (19308 bytes) 4809carphotob.jpg (29973 bytes) Early photograph of a car at the roadside. I do not know the make. Has a 1918 New York tag on the front. Light soiling, corner and edge wear, has some black paper on the back where it was glued into a scrapbook. 3 x 4 3/4 inches. $6.50 item #4809


4810carpc.jpg (34234 bytes) Comic automobile postcard. "Taking the Joy out of life - Your rival comes along and takes your best girl to town" Sent from Rochester, NY, 1927. Some soiling, staining. Edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $4.00 item #4810


4811paregistration.jpg (39095 bytes) Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Highway Department Automobile Division 1916 Pneumatic Tire registration. 22 hp Ford. Registered to Glen Newman, Elk Lick, PA. 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. Some soiling, creases, edge and corner wear. $6.50 item #4811


sa1025dogesalesmantokena.jpg (85158 bytes) sa1025dogesalesmantokenb.jpg (95076 bytes) 1935 Dodge, Plymouth, and Dodge Truck Salesman's token. Given to a salesman a a motivational tool. "Everybody Knows Dependability Means Dodge" "New Value Dodge". Place your goals for First Place. His goals for 1935 were 31 Dodge cars, 67 Plymouth cars, and 34 Dodge Trucks. Brass or bronze. Some tarnish. some light scratches and wear. 1 1/4 inches. $24.50 item #sa1025. 


5731fordv8club1973pina.jpg (55495 bytes) 5731fordv8club1973pinb.jpg (72077 bytes) 5731fordv8club1973pinc.jpg (82556 bytes) 1973 Ford V-8 Club pin. On the card that came with the two pins it says "This pin is being presented to you by the planning committee for the Grand National Tour to Dearborn in 1973. Wearing this pin at club functions signifies you intend to honor us with your presence in Dearborn for our 10th Birthday. Pin is 1 1/2 inch, good shape, with just a couple of small spots. I have two of the pins. If you take both, or are the first purchaser of just one, I will throw in the card. The card is in fair to poor condition. $12.50 each item #5731


6123gulfbooka.jpg (71665 bytes) 6123gulfbookb.jpg (34554 bytes) 6123gulfbookc.jpg (99417 bytes) 6123gulfbookd.jpg (95581 bytes) Gulf 50th Anniversary book. Since Spindletop A Human story of Gulf's first half -century by Craig Thompson, 1951. Hardbound, cloth covers, 110 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 1/4 inches. Great pictures, illustrations, and maps. Good condition, with light corner and edge wear. $35.00 item #6123


6124gulfkeychaina.jpg (47649 bytes) 6124gulfkeychainb.jpg (33613 bytes) Advertising keychain, held one key, From Ross Service Station Fisher's Ferry, PA. 5 digit phone number. 3 inches. $6.50 item #6124


6134cartiepin.jpg (37468 bytes) Early MG type tietack. Enamel on metal.Some wear to the enamel, and metal. Still neat, though.3/4 inch.  $6.50 item #6134


6136hyvisoiltokena.jpg (91707 bytes) 6136hyvisoiltokenb.jpg (116373 bytes) Hy Vis Motor Oil Advertising token. Back shows the type of oil to select. Brass, light wear. 1 1/4 inches. $14.50 item #6136


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To place an order, or to ask a question e-mail us:

Sales & questions

To place an order or to ask a question, e-mail us at:

Sales & questions

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