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You will find military aviation items on the military pages,  some aviation toys and etc. on other pages.

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5129williamsportairportpc.jpg (37381 bytes) Williamsport Airport, Pennsylvania Postcard Sent from Williamsport January 19, 1953. Writing on back, light soiling, light soil and edge wear. Shows a TWA DC 3 outside the terminal. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #5129


5477easternwingsa.jpg (44496 bytes) 5477easternwingsb.jpg (49823 bytes) Eastern Airlines children's wings. "Stoffel Seal Tuckahoe, NY"  2 5/8 inches. Plastic, good condition.. I have several of these, $5.50 each,  item # 5477


1644.jpg (20468 bytes) TWA Boeing 747 postcard. Sent from Chicago, 1971. Some postmark ink on the front, writing on the back, Some soiling, edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.  $3.00 item #1644


2074pratttiea.jpg (19043 bytes) 2074pratttieb.jpg (5730 bytes) Tie bar Pratt & Whitney. "More Miles Per Hour With P & W Power" is what it says on the back of the medallion. On the front it says "Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Dependable Engines" Probably silver, but not marked. $32.50 item #2074


4307boeing707pc.jpg (20462 bytes) A very interesting postcard. Boeing 707 prototype. Sent from Seattle June 27, 19583 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Some postmark ink on the front, writing on the back. Light soiling, corner and edge wear. $5.00 item #4307


5505twawingsa.jpg (96789 bytes) 5505twawingsb.jpg (100373 bytes) Older metallic TWA Trans World Airways childrens' pin. Very light metal, or metal on plastic. Says Junior Pilot. Made in Korea. 2 5/8 inches good shape.  $9.50 item #5505


Snapshot photo of woman with plane,  Decathelon Citabria 3 1/4" X 4 1/2" Says on back "This was taken in Oct. on our anniversary. My first airplane ride. I was 6 mos. pregnant." $8.50 item #571


5244piedmontpina.jpg (42395 bytes) 5244piedmontpinb.jpg (11490 bytes) Wonderful,  cute, and colorful Piedmont Airlines pinback. Piedmont is no longer in business as such, it is now owned by US Airways. This is from when they were a stand alone airline. Plastic, 2 3/4 inches, very good condition. I have several of these. $12.50 each.  item #5244


4308lufthansacony.jpg (23491 bytes) Lufthansa Lockheed Super G Constellation. Sent in 1958 from Germany to New York. Writing is in German. Some cracks to the left, where the postmark made an impression. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $4.00 item #4308



1717a.jpg (20198 bytes) 1717b.jpg (28361 bytes) American Airlines closable salt shaker. Plated brass. Sliding closure on top. A few scratches, but good condition. 1 1/8 inch tall, 1 inch across. $19.50 item #1717



Jet Engine tie bar. No markings. Gold plated. Good condition. 2 inches. $10.50 item #3007


1507w.jpg (25879 bytes) Eastern Airlines Great Silver Fleet postcard. Douglas Silverliner DC-4.  1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, unsent, very good condition, very minor edge and corner wear. light crease on left side. $6.00 item #1507



1532a.jpg (24048 bytes) 1532b.jpg (32829 bytes) 1532c.jpg (26662 bytes) United Airlines Ticket folder and luggage tag. Dated on the luggage tag 1/3/1943. Flight to New York by  PFC Ruthlein. Douglas DC-3. A crease across front of the folder on right side, a couple of creases on the baggage tag, and the bottom of the tag has been removed. Folder is 3 1/4 x 6 1/2 folded. Inside shows United Airlines routes. $9.50 item #1532


1537a.jpg (21445 bytes) 1537b.jpg (14643 bytes) 1954 Pilot's Guide To Top-Flight Service, Directory of Phillips 66 Airport Dealers. Lists places to by Phillips 66 aviation fuel, and taxes. 4 1/2 x 6 inches. 32 pages. Some soiling, staining. Edge and corner wear. $9.00 item #1537


4602deltabaga.jpg (15613 bytes) 4602deltabagb.jpg (21750 bytes) 4602deltabagc.jpg (8938 bytes) Vinyl Delta Airlines bag. Hat? Cosmetics? 11 1/2 inches across, 4 inches deep. Soiling and marks, a couple of small tears in the vinyl. Zipper closure. $22.50 item #4602



4632deltaplanebrochurea.jpg (35857 bytes) 4632deltaplanebrochureb.jpg (29477 bytes) 1984 ? Delta Brochure showing the various planes in Delta's fleet. Includes DC-9, 727,737, 757, DC-8, 767, L1011. Picture of each plane, specifications, and seating plan. Opens out to 8 x 24 1/2 inches. Few light creases, light soiling. $12.50 item #4632


5385piedmontairlinesbuttona.jpg (46384 bytes) 5385piedmontairlinesbuttonb.jpg (35366 bytes) Piedmont Airlines pinback button. 2 1/4 inches, good condition. $7.50 item #5385


6153rheinmainairportpc.jpg (99626 bytes) Rhein Main airport, Frankfurter Verkehrsflughafen postcard. Showing and arriving Pan American jet. 4 x 5 3/4 inches. Postally unused. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $5.50 item #


5859dullesairportpc.jpg (74900 bytes) Washington's Dulles International Airport postcard. Unsent. Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $4.00 item #5859


5895piedmontbadgea.jpg (79064 bytes) A. 5895piedmontbadgeb.jpg (63852 bytes) B. 5895piedmontbadgeback.jpg (87797 bytes) (Back). Two Piedmont Airlines badges. Both good shape, 2 1/4 inches. A. California Here We Come, Again. San Francisco, Nov. 1. B. All the Way to LA Piedmont. Your choice, $7.50 item #5895

5861cessnaplantpc.jpg (101213 bytes) Cessna Aircraft Plant, Wichita, Kansas postcard. Linen, Unsent. Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $7.00 item #5861



5980bourgetairportpca.jpg (82796 bytes) 5980bourgetairportpcb.jpg (81819 bytes) Port Aerien Du Bourget-Dugny Partie Centrale sur Piste. Paris Airport. Notice all the people standing on top of the main terminal. I do not know the reason for that. Could not identify the type of airplane, my guess would be a French made plane, since it has Air France markings. Prior to WW II. Real Photo postcard, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally unused. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $12.50 item #5980


5981bourgetairportairmessengerpca.jpg (98445 bytes) 5981bourgetairportairmessengerpcb.jpg (73429 bytes) 5981bourgetairportairmessengerpcc.jpg (78034 bytes) Le Bourget Dugny Aerodrome Civil Hangar des Messageries airiennes. Air mail hanger for the Paris airport. Three huge multiengine planes. Probably French made, resemble some of the WW I bombers I have seen, probably war surplus now used for airmail. Early postcard, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally unused. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $9.00 item #5981


6156airspacewrightflyermedala.jpg (136216 bytes) 6156airspacewrightflyermedalb.jpg (175233 bytes) Smithsonian Institution Air and Space Collector's Series token or coin. First in the series, it shows, appropriately, the Wright Flyer. Not sure just what type of metal. 1 1/2 inches. Good condition. I think these went with a series of DVDs on flight. $6.50 item #6156


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