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You will find military aviation items,  as well as some aviation toys and etc, on other pages. 

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4384twapc.jpg (22685 bytes) TWA DC-3 Airliner postcard. Some postal ink on the front, Sent from California July 3, 1946. edge and corner wear, light soiling. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.00 item #4384


5387piedmontairlineswingsa.jpg (136928 bytes) Plastic Piedmont Airlines wings. These were given to children when they flew on Piedmont.2 1/2 inches. Good condition. I have two of these. $6.50 each. item #5387


3070twapc.jpg (33414 bytes) TWA Super Constellation Skyliner. Description printed on back is in French. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Some soiling, slight corner and edge wear. Unsent. You can see on the corners where it was in a scrapbook. $4.50 item #3070


Single TWA drink stirrer. Spinner. $4.00 item #4974


4299airlinehanky.jpg (31642 bytes) Wonderful airline hanky. The jets in the middle are all small executive jets, so probably a connection service or business jet service. I can't find the logo around the perimeter online. Good condition, 8 1/4 inches. $14.00 item #4299


6351twajrhostessa.JPG (178833 bytes) 6351twajrhostessb.JPG (226038 bytes) TWA Junior Hostess pin. Enamel on metal. Given to girls when they flew. 1950s-1960s. 2 inches. Great condition. $24.50 item #6351


3073panampc.jpg (25360 bytes) pan American World Airways Lockheed Constellation. Pan American Flying Clippers carried over 1,000,000 passengers last year. Writing on back, but unsent. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, slight corner and edge wear. $6.00 item #3073


5388westernairlineswingsa.jpg (155667 bytes) Western Airlines Junior Pilot wings. Given to kids when they flew on the airline. All metal. Notice the Indian head symbol. This airline ceased to be in the 1980s, but I think these wings were probably from the 1950s-1960s. 2 1/4 inches. Good condition. $24.50 item #5388


4301deltaairbpa.jpg (40240 bytes) 4301deltaairbpb.jpg (11993 bytes) Delta Airlines Butter Pat, small butter plate. 3 1/2 inches. Blue and gold intertwined border. Marked on the back "Designed Exclusively For Delta Air Lines Abco". Very, very, light scratches. Hardly noticable. Bone china. $26.50 item #4301


4603deltaglass.jpg (18624 bytes) Delta Airlines Glass. 4 5/8 inches. Excellent condition. $12.50 item #4603


4604deltabowla.jpg (14294 bytes) 4604deltabowlb.jpg (6906 bytes) Delta Airlines cereal or soup bowl. 4 3/4 across, 1 3/4 deep. Excellent condition. $16.50 item #4604


4605deltasmallplatea.jpg (14209 bytes) 4605deltasmallplateb.jpg (6632 bytes) Delta Airlines bread plate. 5 1/8 inches. Light use, very light scratches. $14.50 item #4605


4606deltaplatea.jpg (13740 bytes) 4606deltaplateb.jpg (4649 bytes) Delta Airlines plate. 8 inches. Light use, very light scratches. $19.50 item #4606



4592douglas10yeara.jpg (8321 bytes) 4592douglas10yearb.jpg (5422 bytes) Douglas Aircraft 10 year employee pin. Globe with aircraft on it, enamel 10K Gold Filled. Screwback. 3/4 inch. $24.50 item #4592


3074washnationalpc.jpg (32893 bytes) "Night View From Terrace Dining Room Washington National Airport" 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Unsent. The planes I see are all prop planes, with the outside seating, I doubt jets were around yet. Light soiling, slight corner and edge wear. $5.00 item #3074


4330moonplatea.jpg (58639 bytes) 4330moonplateb.jpg (19236 bytes) Crown Ducal, England. 1st Moon Landing Plate. Apollo 11, July 1969 A.D. Neil Armstong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr., Michael Collins were the astronauts. Excellent condition, 7 1/8 inches. I have several of these plates. $20.50 each,  item #4330


Medallion, Mohawk airlines. Bronze. About 2" across. $27.50 item #31


Sky roads contest badge. Says on back "Watch the number on Comics for Valuable Cash Prizes daily in Buffalo Evening News" 1 1/4" Excellent condition. $29.00 item #254


4309aa707.jpg (23448 bytes) American Airlines 707 postcard. Late 1950s. Unsent, Light soiling, edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.00 item #4309


1650.jpg (24562 bytes) American Airlines, DC 6 postcard. Unsent. Light soiling, slight corner and edge wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.00 item #1650


5457eaa1992flyinpina.jpg (77272 bytes) 5457eaa1992flyinpinb.jpg (58226 bytes) 1992 EAA Sun n' Fun Fly-In lapel pin. The  Lakeland Florida chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association holds an annual fly in meeting at the Lakeland Municipal airport. Aircraft enthusiasts from across the country attend. Tie clasp type back. Enamel on medal, good condition 3/4 inch. $9.50 item #5457


6391aaringa.JPG (201034 bytes) 6391aaringb.JPG (183595 bytes)  American Airlines Junior Pilot ring. Probably given to kids early in the airline's history. Brass. 5/8 across on front. Light wear. $35.00 item #6391


6393bactokena1.JPG (212204 bytes) 6393bactokena2.JPG (181515 bytes) A. 6393bactokenb1.JPG (184672 bytes) B. BOE Aerospace Company BAC Manufacturing Open House Family Day Special Guest tokens. Brass or Bronze. A. is from 1978. B. is from 1979. Both show light wear. 1 1/2 inches. Your choice. $12.50 each item #6393


6394captainmidnighb.JPG (212056 bytes) Captain Midnight spinner token. Cobralhofa, Remember the Password, Captain Midnight, Patsy Donovan, Chuck Ramsay, are all shown on the face. On the back, code symbols, Skelly, Captain Midnight 1940 Flight Patrol. Medal of Membership. Captain Midnight was a radio superhero 1938-1949 sponsored by Skelly Oil. Some wear, tarnish, but still neat. Would polish if you wanted to do so. Brass or bronze. 1 1/4 inch.  $32.50 item #6394


6395planepina.JPG (127602 bytes) Nice aircraft pin. Depicts a 4 engine plane, but I do not think it is an accurate depiction of any one plane. Jewely, maybe made for a flight attendant, or such. No maker name. Nice shape. 2 1/2 inches. White metal. $15.00 item #6395


6396allisonemployeepina.JPG (85865 bytes) 6396allisonemployeepinb.JPG (82727 bytes) WW II era Allison Employee badges. Allison made aircraft engines and other aircraft parts, especially during WW II. The woman's name was C.S. Booher. Badge made by Whitehead and Hoag in Newark, NJ. Some wear and soiling. $29.50 item #6396


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