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To Will Or Not To Will Joseph E. Bright. 1939 book on the need for wills, and how to write a will. signed by the author. 7" Very Good condition. 72 pages $16.50 item #212


Caesar's Army. A study of the military arts of the Romans. very interesting reading. The only date I can find is 1888, but I think the book is later than that. 127 pages. Excellent condition. $29.50 item #213


1956 hardbound military report on the German campaign in Poland (1939) Robert M. Kennedy Good condition, some damage to cover. 141 pages $22.50 item #214


1946 Compilation of letters sent home from David Brown, a marine corps. officer killed on Okinawa. Compiled by his mother. Very good condition. Present from Barbara Brown to friends, inscribed.$29.50 item #217


1913 International correspondence schools Westinghouse Airbrake Handbook. 1st edition. Very Good condition. Small book, only 5 inches tall. 429 pages $22.50 item #219


Naval landing manual 1920 revision. Very instructional, compare to the more practical WWII manuals. 760 pages. Very Good condition $32.50 item #220


1917 Drill Regulations for Signal Troops U.S. Army manual. Owned by Captain H. Griest American Expeditionary Force 1918. Fair condition. 462 pages. $24.50 item #221


Practical Spelling, A Text Book. 1902 Upper School speller. Good condition. Hardbound120 pages. 7" $29.50 item #222


0992antiquebooka.jpg (15258 bytes) 0992antiquebookb.jpg (7602 bytes) 0992antiquebookc.jpg (7603 bytes) A Handbook of Popular Antiques by Katherine Morrison McClinton A wonderful book covering many categories about Antiques. China, glass, metals, and many other different items. Bonanza Books, 1946 edition. Dust Jacket is present, but has many chips and small tears. Book itself is good, tight binding. Some yellowing of page edges as can be expected. 246 pages, 7 1/4 x 10 inches. $14.50 item #992


01010englishbook.jpg (11622 bytes) First Lessons In English For Foreigners In Evening Schools, Frederick Houghton. Wonderful English primer. 1911, 150 pages, 5 x 7 1/2 inches. Some fading and yellowing of pages, slight corner and edge wear. $13.50 item #1010


01047hoytbooka.jpg (33044 bytes) 01047hoytbookb.jpg (13076 bytes) 01047hoytbookc.jpg (6341 bytes) Wonderful book giving recollections of the golden years of American Gaslight Theatre. Pictures, playbills, lyrics, descriptions. Very entertainingly laid out. Town Hall Tonight, Harlowe R. Hoyt, Copyright 1955 by Prentice Hall, Inc. Large format hardback with dust jacket. Dust jacket has a few tears and chips and shows wear. Binding of the book is good, with the top and bottom of the spine having slight impressions. Minor chip to the bottom back board. 292 pages. 8 1/4 x 10 1/8 inches. $15.00 item #1047

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