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Buttons and sewing collectibles:

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6425swallowthinga.jpg (67463 bytes) 6425swallowthingb.jpg (49609 bytes) 6425swallowthingc.jpg (59129 bytes) A clothing clasp (see patent) Brass, on the top is what looks like a swallow flying over a pond with cattails and lilypads. It hinges open, and you can see the little stop. Says Patented inside. 1 1/4 inches. Patented in 1891. $42.50 item #6425


Six buttons, ranging from the 2" imitation tortoiseshell, two Mother of pearl, one Queen Elizabeth metal. One metal embossed 5/8" $12.50 item #613


Coats thread advertising trade card. Advertising message on back, but has been pasted in a scrapbook, and some of the scrapbook paper has adhered to the back late 1800s.2 3/4" X 4" $7.50 item #609


Needle Book. Some folding, creases. About 1/3 of the needles are present. Made in Western Germany. 4" x 6 1/2" $7.50 item #598


Lot of Misc. buttons, and a buckle, Largest are 1 3/4" smallest, less than 1/2" Small orange &white are porcelain, three smallest are iridized glass, two metal, the rest are plastic. $12.50 item #616


White Sewing Machine advertising trade card. 3" X 5" Very Good condition. $7.50 item #610


One celluloid buckle, and lot of buttons. Four orange and whites in center are porcelain, Range from Just over 1" to less than 1/2" $12.50 item #614


Advertising Trade card for Sewing machine. 2 1/2" X 4 1/4" $6.50 item #612


Card of 1/2" mother of pearl buttons. $8.50 item #604


Scissor sharpener. Advertising. Excellent condition, with glassine envelope it came in. 3" $8.50 item #605


Lot of buttons, From two 1 1/4' cracked ice, to two pink buttons with children on them. All plastic. $10.00 item #617


Small book of needles. 7 needles present. 2 1/4" $6.50 item #607


lot of natural buttons. Highlighted by a beautiful 1 1/2" dark mother of pearl geometric. Smallest is a 1/2" diamond. $15.00 item #615


Needle Book. Only 6 needles remain. Beautiful graphics. 3 1/2" X 6 1/2" $9.50 item #601


Six nautical buttons. Three 1" metal, that could be naval Superior Button Co. and three Hard Rubber with a nautical theme. $14.50 item #618


White Sewing Machines advertising trade card. 3" X 4 1/4" Very Good condition. $7.50 item #611


Lot of unusual buttons. Center is 1 1/2 inch mother of pearl, 4 sew on rhinestones, one large rhinestone button, 1 bar shaped mother of pearl, one unusual plastic. $15.00 item #680


Left corner 1 7/8 inch celluloid, buckle, center top glass. Right top corner two celluloid. Three glass bottom right. $15.00 item #681


Lot of buttons. Bottom right three glass, two black glass above. Three orange and white porcelain buttons. Others Plastic. Buckle in center is 1 1/2 inch for size reference. $12.50 item #0682


4997singerpina.jpg (8519 bytes)   4997singerpinb.jpg (17416 bytes) Singer Sewing Machine Company 10 year employee pin. 10K gold filled and enamel Light scratches. 5/8 inch. $19.50 item #4997


sa1035zippertietacka.jpg (95875 bytes) CC Zipper tie tack. Only marked with a CC on top of the zipper pull. Turned into a neat tie tack. Gold Plated. Good condition. $7.00 item #sa1035

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