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Beautiful 9" Bavarian plate. Hutchensreuther Co. Selb, Bavaria 1950s Excellent condition. Vernon pattern. $24.50 item #124


Royal Copenhagen Butter pat/wall plaque. Pierced on back for hanging. Picture is of Kronborg Slot. Denmark 3 1/4" $15.00 item #500


English Minton Co. Demitasse Cup and Saucer. 1930s Excellent condition. $49.50 item #122


OP Co. Zanesville, Ohio 3" decorative dish or wall hanging.$15.00 item #123


Sascha Brastoff vase. made under his supervision. Excellent condition. 8 " tall. $65.00 item #415


Lenox Harvest pattern demitasse cup & saucer. Excellent condition. Saucer is 4 3/4 inches across, cup is 2 1/4 inches high.$29.00 item #476


01032lefton5a.jpg (10582 bytes) 01032lefton5b.jpg (3790 bytes) 01032lefton5c.jpg (5115 bytes) Lefton China, fifth birthday figurine. The Christopher Collection 1982. W/label. 3 1/4 inches, good condition, no chips, no cracks. $16.50 item #1032


German Stick Spatter ware marked "Persian Ware Made in Germany" Excellent condition 8 1/2" 1920s-1930s $53.50 item #178


Japanese rice bowl, top will serve as either a cover, separate bowl, or as an under plate for larger bowl. Hand painted. Marked "Made In Japan". 4 1/2 inches tall, 6 1/4 inches wide. $35.00 item #739


English Hand painted plate. Ridgways Bedford Ware Everglades Pattern. Made for G.F, Bassett & Co. USA Copyright 1928 8 1/2" $39.50 item # 179


Noritake nappy (small server) Japan. 6" very good condition. slight wear to the gold edge. $22.50 item #377


0966westcoasta.jpg (17949 bytes) 0966westcoastb.jpg (14732 bytes) Elegant double vase with a deep green glaze. West Coast pottery, Burbank, California. West Coast pottery began production in 1941 and continued in production until sometime in the late 1940s, or early 1950s. No chips or cracks. Good condition. Marked "West Coat Pottery Calif. 854" on the bottom. 8 inches tall, 6 inches wide. $49.50 item #966


0989polyplatea.jpg (38379 bytes) 0989polyplateb.jpg (12673 bytes) Beautiful, early polychrome plate. probably late 1800s. Not marked, but from the style, and type, I think it probably was made in Germany, Holland, or England. 8 3/4 inches. While the plate is beautiful, it does have a few scratches and small chips, mostly in the glaze. Two are shown in the second photo. They really are minor, and the plate looks beautiful hanging. $29.50 item #989


gg33a.jpg (17736 bytes) gg33b.jpg (19963 bytes) gg33c.jpg (7122 bytes) 1976 Goebel Hummel Collectors' Club member medallion. Porcelain, bisque. Excellent condition, no chips or cracks. 4 x 1/2 inches. Has it's original box, the box is a bit shopworn. $19.50 item #gg33


4281hummelpina.jpg (34566 bytes) 4281hummelpinb.jpg (24893 bytes) 15 year member, M.L. Hummel Club pin. Made in China. Enamel on metal. 1 inch. $12.50 item #4281


Noritake "Minaret" pattern gravy boat. Beautiful pattern. Excellent condition, attached underplate. 9 X 6 inches. $49.50 item #735


Hand painted plate, lovely crazed/crackled glaze (shown in detail photo. I think the crackling is deliberate as I purchased two of these, and the crazing is uniform front and back on both). Unmarked. 7 1/4 inches. $30.50 item #660


Pair of West Coast Pottery Cornucopias. Each 7 inches tall. West Coast Pottery opened in 1940, closed some time before 1955. Located in Burbank, California-Home of the Tonight Show. $39.50 item #736 


Wonderful Japanese rice bowl set, the lid doubles as either an underplate for the large bowl or as a separate small bowl. Great hand painting. Has a couple of small chips on bottom of lid that hardly show (shown in one of the photographs). Otherwise good condition. 4 1/4 X 6 inches. $29.50 item #762


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