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6327zebco5yearpina.jpg (166363 bytes) 6327zebco5yearpinb.jpg (166287 bytes) Zebco Fishing Tackle Company employee pin. 5 years of service. Plated metal. 3/4 of an inch. Good condition. I think this pin has a bit of age to it, probably 1970s? $32.50 item #6327


5475tinyfishpina.jpg (30570 bytes) 5475tinyfishpinb.jpg (24495 bytes) Everyone needs one of these detailed, tiny little metal bass pins. Only 5/8 of an inch long. Wear it on your hat, lapel, shirt, or etc. Great little pins. Very well made. These pins are new old stock from a World War Two era dealer who traveled around to arcades, fairs, and amusement parks. . I have several for sale. $6.50 each item #5475


1974 Winchester Arms Catalog. $17.50 Item #71


5217winchestercatalog1966.jpg (174870 bytes) 1966 Winchester Gun catalog. 100th anniversary edition. Norman Rockwell cover. 29 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Good condition with light wear to the spine and edges. Stamped Grove Bros.  Claire, Mich. at the top right of the front. $22.50 item #5217


5681heddontiebara.jpg (74804 bytes) 5681heddontiebarb.jpg (150262 bytes) 5681heddontiebarc.jpg (61504 bytes) 5681heddontiebard.jpg (59526 bytes) This is a Heddon employee tie bar. Heddon gave lapel pins to employees based on years of service, they also had other items with the Heddon leaping bass on them, including women's compacts, tie bars, and etc. Not sure if this particular piece signified numbers of years of service. the bass is sterling silver, so marked, stamped Heddon on the back. The collector I bought it from told me he had bought it at the Daytona Florida Antique Tackle Collector's show in 2000. He said he purchased it from the owners of the Heddon Museum, who I also consulted about some of the Heddon pins in my collection. I am not sure if this was the original box. It is the right size, age, but any markings are worn off of it. The sterling bass is about 3/4 of a inch. Also bears the maker's mark on the tail. Good condition, light wear, and a bit of tarnish. Notice the River Runt hanging from the bass's lip? $225.00 item #5681



5713helinmedala.jpg (112848 bytes) 5713helinmedalb.jpg (107307 bytes) Helin Tackle Company Twenty Fifth Anniversary medal 1937-1962. Shows a portrait of the founder, Charles Helin, on the front. On the back, "Always Good Luck Helin Lures Detroit, Mich." with three of their most famous lures shown. The Swimmerspoon, Flatfish, and Fishcake. Good condition. Given away as advertising premiums in 1962. 1 1/4 inches. $35.00 I have a couple of these, all in good shape.  item #5713


5230tinliza.jpg (68350 bytes) 5230tinlizb.jpg (60164 bytes) 5230tinlizc.jpg (52085 bytes) 5230tinlizd.jpg (47791 bytes) 5230tinlize.jpg (32789 bytes) Fred Arbogast Weedless Tin Liz 75th Anniversary limited edition lures. Set of 2. One Perch color, one red head & silver. 5/8 oz. Arbogast made 5000 of these in 2005 celebrating the 75th year since the company was founded in 1930. Each kit has the lure, a reproduction of the original box marked anniversary edition with limited edition number, a certificate of  authenticity, a brochure on the lure and a plastic display box. The outer paper box is covered with fishing photographs.  I have several sets. The first two photos show the two lures boxed. The third photo shows the plastic display box that comes with each lure, and the red and silver lure. The fourth photo is a close-up of the perch lure. The last photo is a close-up of the lure box.  There are really nice, quality, items and would make wonderful gifts for the fisherman or the fishing collector. Sure to be a collectible in the future.  Arbogast originally sold these at $29.99 for each lure. I am selling a set of two lures, one in each color, for $45.00. If you wanted just one lure, let me know the color, $25.00 each. If you want multiple sets, or lures, contact me and I may be able to discount.  item #5230


5636hirulera.jpg (1061573 bytes) 5636hirulerb.jpg (980464 bytes) Wooden Advertising ruler. Horrocks - Ibbotson Tackle Company H-I. 7 inch. Says "Stay on the H-I Road to good Fishing Tackle" on the ruler side, and "Ask your dealer about the Horrocks - Ibbotson Tackle contest - You may win $500 in prizes." on the back. Darkened slightly with age, red stain on the front probably from a magic marker, between 4 and 5 inches. $12.50 item #5636


Four Granger Select Tobacco. Advertising. Wildlife Pins 1986. 3/4" . $12.50 item #94


1726a.jpg (20505 bytes) 1726b.jpg (24557 bytes) Unknown Salmon ? lure. It has a name stamped on the belly, but it's unreadable. Some wear to the paint, mainly on the edge of the face, and bottom of the diving lip, and a few hook pointers, but overall good. Pressed painted eyes. Wood. 5 1/2 inches.  $32.50 item #1726


5243hiplaquea.jpg (56069 bytes) 5243hiplaqueb.jpg (55986 bytes) 5243hiplaquec.jpg (30748 bytes) Horrocks - Ibbotson Award plaque. Plated metal on walnut plaque. 8 3/4 x 12 inches, 1 inch thick. Very well made. I think these were sold by H-I so that fishing clubs and tournaments could award them to anglers. This one was never engraved. 1940s-1950s. Has a bass, trout, salmon, pike, and sailfish on it, along with "Old Hi" the fisherman. Metal hanger on back. Very good condition with just a few light scratches in the wood, and a small dent in the metal below the pike. An excellent piece of advertising memorabilia for the Horrocks and Ibbotson company, perfect for any fishing collection. This was in my collection for years until I replaced it with the same plaque given as an award for a Tuna tournament in 1954 $62.50 item #5243


5613shakespearebulletoilera.jpg (64160 bytes) 5613shakespearebulletoilerb.jpg (72108 bytes) 5613shakespearebulletoilerc.jpg (23253 bytes) Shakespeare Fishing Reel Oiler. Bullet shaped. Has the body of a .30-06 cartridge, the bullet unscrews to allow you to use the probe to oil fishing reel parts. I have only had a couple of these. My best guess is that Shakespeare made bullets/cases during WW II. Either toward the end of the war these oilers were made as give away Victory items by Shakespeare. Or after the war they still had the machines for making cartridges and made some of these for give away items. Marked on the bottom Shakespeare, Kalamazoo U.S.A. 3 1/8 long. Nickel plated. Some light wear to the plating, a few small scratches. Hard to find item. I have two of these, both in same condition. $79.50 each item #5613


0477fishcharma.jpg (35687 bytes) Fish Charm, Tin can of fish bait that you hung from your boat to attract the big ones! Using the tool in the 2nd photo, you punched holes in the can at designated spots, then tied a string to it and threw it overboard. Fish charm (powder/flakes/fish food?) would then attract fish right to your boat! (Wonder if it worked?) 4 1/2 inch tin can. Good condition, a few rust spots on top & bottom rims. 1950s $24.50 item #477


0166minorenoa.jpg (119024 bytes) 0166minorenob.jpg (81082 bytes) 0166minorenoc.jpg (103906 bytes) 0166minorenod.jpg (85635 bytes) South Bend Min Oreno small worm burn on side shown, otherwise shows light wear, and some of the glitter is gone. White with red head, and glitter to the white portion of the body. 4 inches long not counting the diving lip. $45.00 item #166


NRA National Rifle Association Endowment member tie pin. 5/8 inch. $7.50 item #3010


1680.jpg (21829 bytes) Zebco Junior Caster fold over tin pinback. round part itself is 1 1/2 inches. Good condition, $17.50 item #1680


6385zebcopin.JPG (75922 bytes) Zebco Junior Outdoorsman Red Head fold over tin pinback. A few light scratches. Round part is 1 1/2 inches. I have three of these. $15.00 each,  item #6385



4620bassorenoa.jpg (25311 bytes) 4620bassorenob.jpg (9026 bytes) South Bend Bass Oreno. Model 973 RW. My guess would be 1950s. Correct box. Box shows some wear, especially on corners and edges, but I do not think the lure has been fished with. It does have some cracks in the paint as can be seen in the second photo. Wooden, impressed eyes. Surface rig hook hardware. $45.00 item #4620


4668redeye.jpg (29601 bytes) Hofschneider Red Eye spoon. New in box. Box shows some light shopwear, and has residue from the price sticker at bottom. 1/4 ounce size. Box is 4 inches long. $24.50 item #4668.


Remington Cutlery advertising keychain fob. Used to open your pocketknife. Plated metal, shaped like a bullet. I think Remington put these out as advertising when they reintroduced Remington knives in the 1980s. It is stamped only on one side. The other side is flat. 3 1/8 inches. A few light scratches. $29.50 item #5225


4980southbendtokena.jpg (26276 bytes) 4980southbendtokenb.jpg (24858 bytes) South Bend Bait Company "Fish and feel fit" token. 1 3/8 inches. A few nicks from wear around the edges, but overall a nice token. Given out by South Bend representatives at tackle shows, and through other promotions from the 1930s-1950s. $49.50 item #4980


5321fishingpostcards1a.jpg (106709 bytes)  5321fishingpostcards1c.jpg (91805 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1d.jpg (117632 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1e.jpg (114969 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1f.jpg (107792 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1g.jpg (125554 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1h.jpg (99744 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1i.jpg (83553 bytes) 5321fishingpostcards1b.jpg (79915 bytes) 24 fishing post cards from various places, Wood River Idaho, Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida, many other places. . All 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, corner and edge wear, a few may have creases, but overall good. Some have writing and have been sent through the mail, some are unused.  $50 for all 25 item #5321


5322fishingpostcards2a.jpg (21162 bytes) Lady fishing postcard. Early, circa 1910, undivided back. Due to that the only place to write a message was on the front, so this has some light writing. Has been addressed, but no stamp, and no postmark. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, corner and edge wear, a few creases $9.50 item #5322


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