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4594doaribbona.jpg (66785 bytes) 4594doaribbonb.jpg (15785 bytes) D of A (Daughters of America?), beautiful ribbon with eagle, shield and bible. Great flag ribbon. 4 inches. T.A. Gerbig maker, patented 1896. $42.50 item #4594


4894masonicashtray.jpg (46548 bytes) Composition Masonic Ashtray. Early. Some wear, couple of small chips, but still a very attractive piece for a collection. 4 inches across, 1 inch tall. $12.50 item #4894



5614shrinerprintblock.jpg (72887 bytes) Shriner Print block. On his fez it says Crescent Potentate and it has a Scimitar and Crescent. Someone has written the name Lee A, Wiley on a piece of paper on the back of the block. Copper on wood. 1 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches. Good condition, a few minor scratches. Should print well if you know how to print copper print blocks. $12.50 item #5614


4327swordflowerpina.jpg (15408 bytes) 4327swordflowerpinab.jpg (9609 bytes) 4327swordflowerpinb.jpg (17090 bytes) 4327swordflowerpinbb.jpg (10943 bytes) Two pins, sword through flower, looks like letters on the middle, maybe AOA. Not marked as to type of metal, but they look like gold to me, possibly 10K. But I haven't tested them. Enamel. Each pin is around 3/4 inch. Someone was helpful enough to let me know one of the pins was a Past Regents pin from the Nomads of Avrudaka which is a part of the Pythians Sisters which is the auxiliary of the Knights of Pythias $18.50 item #4327


3045lionspc.jpg (22329 bytes) Lion's Club Truck, Daytona Beach. Notice the Calliope in the back. Postcard. Unsent, a few light scratches, slight corner and edge wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.00 item #3045


Odd Fellows ribbon. Good condition. Early. 2 1/2" X 7 1/4" $19.50 item #530


3003shrinera.jpg (16915 bytes) Early Shriner pin. Screwback. Tiny, 5/8 of an inch. It actually has a little stone face, ad a stone set in the star. There is a bit of discoloration on each side of the crescent. $12.50 item #3003


Court Lucas 7399 A.O.F. Ancient Order of Foresters Pewter?, Nice ribbon and medal. 4 1/4" $24.50 item #531


2080oddfellowsfoba.jpg (11274 bytes) 2080oddfellowsfobb.jpg (8483 bytes) Very ornate, gold filled Odd Fellows fob or charm. Scene of a house and bridge on back. 1 3/8 inch. $32.50 item #2080 


4018masonkeya.jpg (11625 bytes) 4018masonkeyb.jpg (14258 bytes) Masonic Key Fob 100 year Fraternal Lodge 625 1867-1967. Key fob. 1 1/4 inch. Good condition. $9.50 item #4018


2082elkstie.jpg (8748 bytes) Elks 25 year tie pin. BPOE. enamel on metal, with a stone set on the elk's forehead. Probably a rhinestone. 5/8 inch. $12.50 item #2082


1919 Edition. Hardbound Very Good condition 861 pages. Morals and Dogma: Freemasonry. $42.50 item #206


4646orientalhill1947a.jpg (51623 bytes) 4646orientalhill1947b.jpg (7154 bytes) 1947 Lodge No. 432 Philadelphia. Bound copies of the program for each monthly meeting. As you can see it is in worn condition, with some staining on the cover, pages, and yellowing. about 40 pages. Loose at the spine. 5 1/2 x 7 inches. $12.50 item #4646


Masonic Veteran's Medal. Grand Lodge of Ohio. Marked on back "Presented to Brother Edward Rieger In recognition of Fifty Years of Faithful Service. 2 3/4 inches. White Metal $26.50 item #540


4251doea.jpg (63913 bytes) Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. Canadian women's organization Established to honor the memory of men and women who gave their lives for Canada in World Wars I and II. Enamel on gold plated metal. 1 1/8 inch. Good condition. $14.50 item #4251


01014dunkirka.jpg (18946 bytes) 01014dunkirkb.jpg (20351 bytes) Dunkirk No. 40 Lodge? Some type of white metal and Enamel Belt Buckle. Heavy, very well done. 3 x 2 1/2 inches. I think this probably was for a Fraternal Lodge. $29.00 item #1014


3091grangea.jpg (30311 bytes) 3091grangeb.jpg (24584 bytes) National Grange Safety Essay Contest. Engraved on back "First State Prize Helen L. Bailey 1937 Awarded by the Automotive Industry . Sterling medal. Ribbon shows some wear and fading, 2 7/8 inches. $15.50 item #3091


5522indianlapelbuttona.jpg (17043 bytes) 5522indianlapelbuttonb.jpg (13706 bytes) Little metal Indian lapel button. Stub you see would slip through a buttonhole on the lapel. I do not know the purpose of this button but know there were Indian themed fraternal organizations like the order of redmen. I think this might be what it was for. 3/4 of an inch tall. White metal. $9.00 item # 5528


Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan Knights of Pythias. Fex. Lodge Ziza 248, which i think is Cumberland, Virginia. Very colorful embroidered symbol. Nice felt. In good shape. 7 1/4 size.  made by Keezer mfg. in New Hampshire. $19.50 item #5647


sa1043oddfellowsolivebranchlodgetokena.jpg (93678 bytes) sa1043oddfellowsolivebranchlodgetokenb.jpg (96490 bytes) "New Home of Olive Branch Lodge -  No 38 - I-O-O-F Detroit, Michigan" on front, with a depiction of the lodge building. On the back - "I purchased a (depiction of brick) in the Olive Branch New Temple". Has a brick with the Odd Fellows symbol, and an olive branch. 1 3/8 light wear, some scratches, and tarnish. Bronze. $10.50 item #sa1043


sa1044lionsclubkeypinb.jpg (70690 bytes) Lions Club International pin. In the shape of a fraternity key, or watch key. Ornate, possibly something a woman would have worn. Thin metal. Some tarnish. Possibly silver plated. 3 inches tall. $15.00 item #sa1044


sa1045templarshielda.jpg (88769 bytes) sa1045templarshieldb.jpg (48499 bytes) Knights Templar Lexington Kentucky Badge. Donald H. Smith Grand Master 1988 57th Triennial Conclave Grand Encampment, U.S.A. Not sure if this is a hat badge, or breast badge. Has two tie pin type fasteners on the back. Purple enamel for the cross. Good condition. $9.50 item #sa1045


6022easternstar50yra.jpg (45099 bytes) 6022easternstar50yrb.jpg (42906 bytes) Eastern Star 50 year pin. Gold filled, light wear. 5/8 inch. $12.50 item #6022


6023easternstar50yrindianab.jpg (45446 bytes) Eastern Star 50 year award Grand Chapter of Indiana. 3/4 inch. Light wear. $12.50 item #6023


Tiny Eastern Star and Masonic pin, joined by a chain. Enamel on metal. Each less than 3/8 inch. $12.50 item #6024



6026shrinerfexpinb.jpg (80973 bytes) Shrine Fez pin. Rhinestones set in pot metal. 2 inches. Light wear. $10.00 item #6026



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