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6180elksfobb.jpg (54968 bytes) Early Elk's Club watch fob or charm. Enamel on metal, probably Sterling or Coin silver, but unmarked. Shows a good bit of wear, discoloration, and cracking of the enamel. 1 inch. $12.50 item #6180


5775oddfellowshomendpc.jpg (102403 bytes) Odd Fellows Home, Devils Lake, N.D. postcard. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #5775


sa1050londonshrinefoba.jpg (79716 bytes) sa1050londonshrinefobb.jpg (92969 bytes) sa1050londonshrinefobc.jpg (55118 bytes)  London Shrine club watch fob on a beautiful, old silk watch fob hanger, with short chain and clip. On the back of the fob it says "Annual Outing - C.E. Snyder Pres. - R.J. Singman V. Pres. - Reed Chrisman Secy-Teas. - Aug 7, 1930". marked as made by S.D. Childs & co. Chicago. Good condition, very little wear. $35.50 item #sa1050


5776elksbuildingiowapc.jpg (125689 bytes) Elks' Building, Dubuque, Iowa. Postcard. Light edge and corner wear, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #5776


3023foepinsb.jpg (6430 bytes) Fraternal Order of Eagles. Whoops, just noticed the second pin is upside down, sorry. For Home, For Country, and For God. Larger pin, 5/8 inch. Both old, both with a few small scratches. $16.50 item #3023


5869masonictemplehattiesburgpc.jpg (130576 bytes) Masonic Temple, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Linen postcard. Sent from there in 1943.  Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $5.50 item #5869



6235www1940tokena.jpg (143649 bytes) 6235www1940tokenb.jpg (144914 bytes) 1940 Woodmen of the World Golden Anniversary 1890-1940 Token. Joseph Gullen Root, De Emmett Bradshaw, and William Alexander Fraser, on the back. Couple of light scratches, but overall very nice. 1 3/8 inches. $24.50 item #6235


Three Eastern Star pins. One 25 year, one 50 year, one from a convention. $19.50 item #22


4013ewellpina.jpg (10559 bytes) 4013ewellpinb.jpg (10278 bytes) For Department Commander Joseph E. Ewell 1919. Mr. Ewell was elected as Department Commander for New York in 1919 , he served in the civil was from Illinois, 52nd regiment. He was an attorney, and also served in several political offices. Died in 1924. Some of the paper is gone on the back, rust on the back. Small spots of foxing on the edges, and on the bottom beside the two LLs. 1 1/4 inch. $15.50 item #4013


St. Margaret's Holy Name Society ribbon. Marked on back Patented June 09, 1909. 5 inches. $23.50 item #533


4268pythiasbucklea.jpg (42720 bytes) Knights of Pythias belt buckle. Plated brass. A few scratches, light wear. 3 x 2 1/2 inches. Heavy. $26.50 item #4268


25 Years Shriner tie tack. Single inset stone, between the crescents. 5/8 inch. Good condition. $15.50 item #4020


4948masontiepina.jpg (31712 bytes) "Grand Lodge of Ohio - A Mason 50 Years" tie pin. Gold Filled. 3/4 inch. Good condition. $12.50 item #4948


Small Eastern Star pendant. 1/2 inch. Enamel on metal. I think it is just gold plated, but unmarked. $12.50 item #4950


5036easternstarearrings.jpg (62850 bytes) Pair of clip on earrings, eastern star emblem surrounded by rhinestones. Good condition, could stand cleaning. 1 inch. $19.50 item  #5036


5114easternstarrinestonepina.jpg (47751 bytes) 5114easternstarrinestonepinb.jpg (29856 bytes) Rhinestone Eastern Star brooch pin, marked "Schurin", good condition 2 inches. $32.50 item #5114


5078oddfellowshomepc.jpg (57083 bytes) Odd Fellows Home, Claksville, Tennessee postcard. Printed in Germany, divided back. Early card, 1910 era. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. Tiny bit of top right corner missing. $5.00 item #5078


5083gengordonlodgeb.jpg (38295 bytes) 1911 pinback "25th Annual Picnic, Gen. Gordon Lodge No. 211, S.S.G August 24, '11 Island Park " Knights Templar? Made by Bastian Brothers. 1 1/4 inches not counting ribbon. Ribbon is a bit tattered, but the button is in good shape with only minor wear. $12.50 item #5083


5120stmaryselkslodgephotoa.jpg (66840 bytes) 5120stmaryselkslodgephotob.jpg (56170 bytes) "A Band of Elks belonging to St. Marys Lodge No 437 B.P.O.E.", St. Marys Pennsylvania. Late 1800s-early 1900s photograph. Photo is 6 3/4 x 9 inches, picture and mat 10 x 12 inches. Light soiling, some fading of the mat, edge and corner wear. I have two of these photos, both original, same type of mat. $12.50 each, item #5120



sa1046grangetoken1973a.jpg (79244 bytes) sa1046grangetoken1973b.jpg (86028 bytes) Pennsylvania State Grange Reading , PA 1873-1973 token. On the back 100 years Past Achievements Challenge the Future. Gold plated, some tarnish spots, light scratches. 1 1/4 inches. $7.50 item #sa1046


sa1047woodmenworldpina.jpg (38987 bytes) sa1047woodmenworldpinb.jpg (53996 bytes) Woodmen of the World Lapel pin. Screwback, Enamel on metal. Light wear. Old.5/8 inch. $7.50 item #sa1047


6012maccabeestokenb.jpg (117028 bytes) Knights of the Maccabees token. Tent No. 479 N.Y. Has the logo "Astra Castra Numen Lumen" on the back. Fraternal protective (insurance) organization Defunct by the 1960s, this token is much older than that. Some wear from being carried in a pocket. 1 1/4 inches. $15.50 item #6012


6013oddfellowsmedalb.jpg (78718 bytes) Odd Fellows Past Grandmaster Albany medal. 3 1/4 inches. Light wear, a little verdigris on front. Plated white metal. $17.50 item #6013


10 Masonic 32nd Degree eagle cards. Small, stamp sized. Just the symbol stamped on heavy card stock. 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches. Very light soiling. No idea of the purpose of these. $5.00 item #6014


6015catsymboltiebara.jpg (95371 bytes) 6015catsymboltiebarb.jpg (67338 bytes) Cat with a two crescent moons. Tie bar. Shrine? Some other fraternal organization? Some wear. $12.50 item #6015


6016knightdemolavpina.jpg (60909 bytes) 6016knightdemolavpinb.jpg (43511 bytes) DE MO LAV is what it says on the sword blade of this tiny set of joined pins. The other pin has two swords, crossed, a knight's helmet, D, M, a crescent moon, star, and cross. 5/8 inch each. Small seed pearls set in front, enamel on white metal. $10.50 item #6016


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