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Fishing & Hunting Pins, Badges, and etc.

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Below are a few badge, pins, medals, and etc. from my collection. I am always looking for similar items. The items on this page are not for sale, but there are some hunting & fishing items and badges on my sales pages.

Cabo Blanco Fishing Club Pins

Black Marlin

caboblancoblackmarlina.jpg (142184 bytes)


Striped Marlin

caboblancostripedmarlina.jpg (132374 bytes)



caboblancotuna.jpg (43028 bytes)



caboblancodolphina.jpg (137964 bytes)



caboblancoroosterfisha.jpg (123632 bytes)



caboblancosnooka.jpg (126915 bytes)


Made very similar to the Field & Stream pins. The Cabo Blanco club was a very famous big game fishing club in Peru. These pins once belonged to Harry T. Rayner who worked at the Club from the 1950s up into the 1970s, at some point he was manager of the club.1 1/4 inches.


Massachusetts Sport Fishing Awards

Largemouth Bass

masslargemouth.jpg (140606 bytes)


Smallmouth Bass

masssmallmouth.jpg (39614 bytes)



masssunfish.jpg (140764 bytes)



masswalleye.jpg (135233 bytes)


Pike or Pickerel

masspike.jpg (132769 bytes)

10lbs. 1968


Pike or Pickerel 

masspikegold.jpg (148047 bytes)




masscatfish.jpg (134359 bytes)

6lbs 3oz 1991



massshad2.jpg (121181 bytes)

6lbs 3oz. 1968



massshadgold.jpg (105165 bytes)

Gold Filled, 7lbs. 10oz 1968



masstrout.jpg (127181 bytes)



mafishingaward.JPG (271746 bytes)

I can't identify this species. Looks like a type of bass, but different than the largemouth and smallmouth I have, unless I have misidentified one of those. 


Box and Lure

massawardboxlure.JPG (131724 bytes)

This is the type of box the awards came in. Fish & Game Department - Westboro, Mass.Probably the lure used to catch the 10 lb. Pickerel whose award is above. 


1 1/8 inch, Wall-Bank Co. Brookline, the gold one is marked gold filled. 1960s-1990s

R.J. Schaefer Beer Salt Water Fishing Contest Pins

50 Lb. Award 1960

schaeffer50lb1960.jpg (87596 bytes)

Bronze Merit award pin, no Date

schaefferbronzemerit.jpg (129914 bytes)

Silver Merit award pin, no Date

schaeffer1.jpg (80397 bytes)

Gold Merit award pin, no Date

schaeffergoldmerit.jpg (117470 bytes)

1964 Merit? 

schaefer1964.JPG (169276 bytes)

1965 Merit Award

schaeffer1965merit.jpg (227236 bytes)


1965 Individual High Scorer

schaeffer1965ihs.jpg (96965 bytes)


1966 Merit

schaeffer1966merit.jpg (322212 bytes)


1966 Individual High Scorer

schaefer1966highscorer.jpg (109145 bytes)



 1967 Merit 

schaeffer1967meritg.jpg (112446 bytes)



1967 High Scorer

schaeffer1967highscore.jpg (128842 bytes)


1968 Merit

schaeffer1968merit.jpg (203276 bytes)


1968 High Scorer

schaeffer1968ihs.jpg (187160 bytes)


1969 Merit

schaeffer1969meritb.jpg (221215 bytes)


1970 Merit

schaeffer1970meritb.jpg (140263 bytes)


1971 Merit

schaeffer1971merit.jpg (270092 bytes)


1972 Individual High Scorer

schaefer1972ihs.JPG (252675 bytes)

1973 Individual High Scorer

schaefer1973ihs.JPG (247062 bytes)

1974 Merit

schaeffer1974merit.jpg (333032 bytes)

All around 2 inches, pot metal


Schaefer Fishing Contest Lighter

schaeferlightera.JPG (760690 bytes) schaeferlighterb.JPG (110343 bytes)

Given to a guest on the Silver Anniversary America Cruise 5/17/71. Zippo. 1 1/8 x 2 1/4 inches. 

1959 Schaefer Cup Pin

schaffercuppina.jpg (67791 bytes) schaffercuppinb.jpg (71275 bytes)

Schaefer Brewing Puerto Rican Gamefish Tournament
1 3/4 inch.


I am trying to find out more information on the Schaefer Fishing Contests. If you have other info, please contact me. 


Military Rod & Gun Club Items from Europe

rodgunclubfa.jpg (117790 bytes)

rodgunclubba.jpg (134180 bytes)

rodgunclubfb.jpg (120181 bytes)

rodgunclubbb.jpg (120700 bytes)

Association of American Rod and Gun Clubs Europe. The first was a Conservation Award, second a Trophy Show Award. 1 1/2 inches, not counting chain. Enamel on metal. From the same man as the Ram medal 

europefishingmilitary.jpg (211476 bytes)  

Europe with a fish motif, 1 1/2 inches. 







usforcesfishinginstructorpina.jpg (72059 bytes) usforcesfishinginstructorpinb.jpg (67532 bytes) 

Europe - Fishing Instructor - US Force, 7/8 inch. 







crailsheimeuropefishing.jpg (172889 bytes)

Crailsheim Rod and Gun Club, but also has a similar center section with the fish and US shield, 1 1/8 inch.






Crailsheim Rod & Gun Lighter

crailsheimlighter.jpg (120914 bytes)

Germany, Vulcan, designed in California, made in Japan. After WW II.  



Rod Gun Club Medal

rammedala.jpg (154711 bytes) rammedalb.jpg (180775 bytes)

Bester Bock (Best Ram) from the Rod & Gun Club Sembach Air Force Base 1969. 2 1/2 inches. 


Giebelstadt Rod & Gun Club

giebelstadtrodgun.jpg (92214 bytes)

Pin given to members. The Rod & Gun Club was on an Army/Air Force base in Bavaria Germany. The base was a former WW II Luftwaffe base. During the cold war radar intercepts, the U-2 spy plane, and etc were based there. The base was closed in 1968. Pin is 1 3/4 inch, made in Duisburg, Germany. 

My thinking is these pins are from just after WW II for US forces in Germany when we were in occupation. I also have a few other European US military themed fishing and hunting pins.  



Garcia Fishing Awards  

Northern Pike or Musky?

garciapike.jpg (29130 bytes)


Striped Bass

garciastripedbassa.jpg (25439 bytes)



garciawalleye.jpg (109375 bytes)



garciacatfishpin.jpg (99371 bytes)


Largemouth Bass

garcialargemouthbassa.jpg (19090 bytes)


Smallmouth Bass

garciasmallmouthbass.jpg (31850 bytes)



garciatroutpin.jpg (62192 bytes)

Awarded for 6lb. Brook Trout 1977



garciatunapin.jpg (79000 bytes)


Given out by the Garcia Tackle Company. Probably 1960s-70s. So far I have 7 different species of fish. The medals are about 3/4 inch.


Orvis Pins

Record Catch Club

orvispin.jpg (47745 bytes)


Record Catch Club

orvisrelease.jpg (126690 bytes)


Catch & Release Club

orvisreleasepin3a.JPG (230991 bytes) orvisreleasepin3b.JPG (213738 bytes)

Newer pin than the other two. 

Big Ten Club

orvisbigtencluba.jpg (146800 bytes)


Doubles Club

orviswoodcockdouble.jpg (122024 bytes)



Doubles Club

orvisgrousedouble.jpg (124870 bytes)

Ruffled Grouse. 


The first is Sterling 1 1/4 inches, and is the older of the two pins record catch club pins.. The second is a newer release pin that I earned for a trout I caught in North Carolina 15 or so years ago. It is slightly smaller than the older pin, has no mark as to metal, and has a different type of pin on back. The third is a Catch & Release Club pin, and newer than the other two. These pins were given when you sent in a picture, and entry form to Orvis. There is a later Catch & Release version. The third pin is a Big 10 Club pin. Orvis says this was a travel club for international fishing destinations from the 1960s.  Sterling silver, 1 1/16 inch. The next two pins I just found, apparently these were awarded for someone taking two birds with two shots from a double barrel shotgun. I do not know how many species, 1 1/8 inch, not marked as to metal. 

NRA Hunting Awards

Whitetail Deer

nrawhitetaildeer.jpg (19167 bytes)

Mule Deer

nramuledeer.jpg (26262 bytes)


nraelk.jpg (46345 bytes)

Mountain Goat

nramountaingoat.jpg (38035 bytes)

Mountain Sheep

nramountainsheep.jpg (27417 bytes)

Brown Bear

nrabrownbear.jpg (42014 bytes)

I am still learning about these. I think they were given to NRA member hunters who had taken each species. Each around 3/4 inch, screw back, gold plated. 

Atlantic City Fishing Tournaments 

Tuna Tournament

atlanticcitytunapina.jpg (88399 bytes) atlanticcitytunapinb.jpg (96904 bytes)

Tuna Tournament pin. 1 5/8 inches. Plated pot metal. 

atlanticcitytunatoura.JPG (187019 bytes) atlanticcitytunatourb.JPG (100152 bytes)

Another pin. 2 1/2 inches.

atlanticcitytunalighter.jpg (260590 bytes) atlanticcitytunapatch.jpg (81492 bytes)

Lighter and Patch. 

Surf Fishing Tournament

atlanticcitysuffishinglighter.jpg (297193 bytes) atlanticcitysuffishingpatch.jpg (91282 bytes)

1958 Surf Fishing Tournament lighter, and a non dated Patch. 





Marlin Tournament

atlanticcitymarlinlighter.jpg (217749 bytes) atlanticmarlintour1964a.JPG (122160 bytes) atlanticmarlintour1964b.JPG (122819 bytes)

Marlin Tournament Lighters. The first no year, the second 1964. 





If you have more information on this series of tournaments, please let me know. 

Avalon Tuna Club Items

Green Swordfish pin

tunaclubavalonswordfishpina.jpg (30886 bytes) tunaclubavalonswordfishpinb.jpg (55779 bytes)

10Kgold Swordfish award pin.3/4 inch. Awarded for catching a swordfish of a certain size. The color should indicate the line class or tackle class.  

White Swordfish Pin

avalongtunaswordfish2.JPG (144452 bytes)

Gold plate, tie pin clasp. Probably later than the green pin. 

Tuna Club Pin

avalontunapina.JPG (221357 bytes)

5/8 inch, tie pin back. Gold plate. 

Tuna Club Patch

avalontunapatch.JPG (271904 bytes)

Bullion on felt. Three pins, butterfly clasps on back. Nice patch. 2 1/2 inches. 

Tuna Club Medal

avalontunamedal.JPG (171549 bytes)

2 1/2 inches, enamel, plated. Black ribbon. 

The Tuna Club was founded in 1898. Many famous anglers were members including Zane Grey and Stan Laurel (Laurel & Hardy comedy team). Stan had a swordfish  pin he wore on his lapel. Located at Avalon on Catalina Island, California. The place where modern big game fishing was founded. 

International Tuna Cup Items

1951 International Tuna Cup Match

tuna1951itcma.jpg (44353 bytes)

tuna1951itcmb.jpg (37187 bytes)

Sterling Silver, Cocley or Cooley Bros. stamped. 2 inches. 


1954 International Tuna Cup Badge

inttunacup1954a.jpg (83273 bytes) inttunacup1954b.jpg (84175 bytes)

1 3/4 inches, chrome plated. Sponsored by Ashaway Fishing Line Company. 





1957 International Tuna Cup Match

inttunacup1957a.jpg (95612 bytes)

Sterling Silver, 2 inches.






1958 ITCM Invitation

inttunacupinvite.jpg (48737 bytes)

Sent to a UPI photographer, 1954, 1957 badges, car sticker, and tag came from same person. 

Tuna Match Luggage (?) Tag

inttunacuptag.jpg (62117 bytes)



Tuna Cup Match Sticker

inttunacupcarsticker.jpg (42450 bytes)



International Tuna Cup Match Pins

absharpitcmpins.jpg (110861 bytes)

Sterling silver, 1952, 54,55,58. belonged to A.B. Sharp. See below.



Tuna Pin

absharptunapin.jpg (66979 bytes)

Sterling, made by Cooley Bros. Identical to the ITCM pins, except no markings. 2 inches.Belonged to A.B. Sharp


Tuna Cup USTT Lighter

absharpitcmusttlighter52a.jpg (71605 bytes) absharpitcmusttlighter52b.jpg (72199 bytes)

1952 International Tuna Cup on one side, United States Tuna Team symbol on other Zippo. A.B. Sharp

International Tuna Cup Match Pin 1953

intertunacup1953a.jpg (92469 bytes) intertunacup1953b.jpg (93434 bytes)

Sterling silver, 2 inches. I also have a 1951, 1957, and an engraved 1976  versions of this pin, in addition to the A.B. Sharp pins above. .

International Tuna Cup Match Pins 1970 and 1971

kipfarringtonitcmpins.JPG (155738 bytes)

Sterling silver, 2 inches. These pins came from the collection of Shelly Spindel, an insider at the IGFA and a former Field & Stream Magazine Editor. He said they came from a tackle box donated to the IGFA by famous fisherman S. Kip Farrington Jr. and deaccessioned to Shelly Spindel. 

United States Tuna Team Items

US Tuna Team Money clip?

absharpustt55clip.jpg (60388 bytes)

Might be a money clip. 1955, medallion swivels. Belonged to A.B. Sharp

US & Venezuela Tuna Team Pins

absharpusttpinvttpin.jpg (60834 bytes)

USTT pin, sterling. Made by Haltors. VTT pin stamped metal 3/4 inch. Belonged to A.B. Sharp. Probably traded for the VTT pin. 

A.B. Sharp Pass

absharppass.jpg (45971 bytes)

Alton B. Sharp was the president of The Eastern Steamship Line, Inc. during the period circa. 1935-1955. This was a pass for him on their steamships. Apparently he was a member of the US Tuna Team. and fished in the International Tuna Cup Matches. over several years. 

Alton B. Sharp donated the trophy for the International Tuna Cup Match, which was later known as the Sharp Cup


US Atlantic Tuna Tournament Pin

usattpin1973a.JPG (137493 bytes) usattpin1973b.JPG (205762 bytes)

Enamel on metal 1 1/4 inch. I have other years. 

US Tuna Team Cufflinks

usttcufflinks1966.JPG (142513 bytes)

1966. Vermel Sterling. 3/4 inch. 

US Tuna Team Lighter

usttlightera.JPG (123777 bytes) usttlighterb.JPG (131535 bytes)

Aluminum case, Wind Master brand. Enamel 1960s?


Heddon Employee Items

heddonemployeeamber.jpg (75943 bytes) heddonemployeesapphirea.jpg (83643 bytes) heddonemployeesapphireb.jpg (65324 bytes)

 Sterling silver, notice the River Runt hanging out of the bass's mouth. Amber eye for the first one, sapphire eye for the second. 3/4 inch. From a paint department employee who worked at Heddon 1940s-1960s.I was told the color of the eye signified how many years I think the amber is 5 years, the blue 10 years.


heddoncompacta.jpg (50891 bytes) heddoncompactb.jpg (39695 bytes) heddoncompactc.jpg (77761 bytes)

Heddon Employee's compact. Heddon gave choices of various items given to commemorate service. This one was for 10 years. 3 inches, made in New York. 






heddon5yrpina.jpg (38934 bytes) heddon5yrpinb.jpg (39325 bytes) heddonemployeepin15yr.jpg (42246 bytes)

The two round pins came from the estate of a bamboo rod maker at Heddon. Gold filled, silver, and enamel. 5/8 inch.  I was told these are later than the fish shaped pins. 




heddonemployeetiebara.jpg (402485 bytes) heddonemployeetiebarb.jpg (76368 bytes)

Sterling Tiebar, I think men were given this instead of the pins. Possibly by choice. No stone in eye. 


Casting Tournament & Club Items

The sport of tournament casting, and casting for distance, and accuracy, have been around for many years. Here are a few items from my collection:

Official 1959 NAACC National Casting Weights

castinweights1959national.jpg (88362 bytes)

These are official casting weights used at the tournament in 1959 in Columbus, Ohio. Plastic? and metal. 3/8 ounce and 5/8 ounce, made b the Varmac company. National Association of Accuracy Casting Competition.

NASAC Official Casting Weights

nasaccastingweights.jpg (61435 bytes)

Turned aluminum, NASAC in raised letters on each. 




naacccastingpatch.jpg (130140 bytes)

To earn this patch a caster had to score 90% in all 4 accuracy events. A very had goal to make. This angler managed 91%



NAACC Casting Medals

naacccastingmedalb.jpg (98819 bytes)

B Sterling. 1 1/16 inch


naacccastingmedal2.jpg (131641 bytes)

7/8 inch, WS Co. 10k Gold 

International Casting Federation Pins

icfpins.jpg (94365 bytes)

1962 Rotterdam, 1967 Oslo, 1975 South Africa. Each about 1 inch. 

St. Paul Fly and Bait Casting Club

 stpaulcastingmedala.jpg (408255 bytes) stpaulcastingmedalb.jpg (122453 bytes)

2nd place all around champion 37 season points 1949. Josten, Sterling Silver. 3 inches.

Fish-O Pin

fishopin.jpg (12852 bytes)

Fish-O was a skill game, or sport, where fishermen cast at floating rings. Fish O was the earlier name for Skish, and it was only used one year at the 31st annual N.A.S.C.A. event in 1939 in San Francisco. It may be very rare. 10k Gold Filled. Screw Back. 5/8 inch. 

Skish Pin

skishsilvera.jpg (24568 bytes)

Skish is a casting accuracy game involving floating rings at various distances. 1930s-1960s, I think. Silver pin, 5/8 inch. 


Skish Expert Patch

skishpatch.jpg (74967 bytes)

Skish is a casting accuracy game involving floating rings at various distances. 1930s-1960s, I think.3 1/4 x 4 inches. 


Casting Medal

castingmedal58a.jpg (67607 bytes)

5/8 Ounce Accuracy. Sterling. 2 3/4 inches.

Detroit Bait and Fly Casting Club

detroitbaitflycastingcard.jpg (53623 bytes)

Membership card. 1973.



ACA Casting Medals

acacastingmedal.jpg (174141 bytes) acaindoorcastingmedal.jpg (128344 bytes)

On the left is from the National Championships, for 1964 Spincast accuracy. Medal is 2 1/4 inches. On the right was from a tournament in 1964 indoor spincast accuracy. It is 1 3/4 across. Both plated white metal.  

Pflueger Casting Weights

pfluegercastingweights.jpg (123413 bytes)

Plastic. 5/8, 3/8, 1/4 ounces respectively. 

ABU-Garcia Casting Weight

abucastingweight.jpg (70941 bytes)

Plastic, 3/8 ounce. 

Long Island Railroad Fishing Contest Pins

1937 2nd Prize

lirrfishinprize1937.jpg (70504 bytes)

Sterling, 3/4 inch


1938 First Prize

lirrfishinprizegold.jpg (44716 bytes)

10K Gold, 3/4 inch


Prize Award

lirrfishinprizester.jpg (45290 bytes)

Undated, 1930s. Sterling.

Poggie Club Seattle Chapter Pins

seattlepoggiea.jpg (61059 bytes)

Older, screwback, 5/8 inch. 

seattlepoggieb.jpg (129131 bytes)

Newer pins, clasp backs. 1 inch. 

seattlepoggiec.jpg (70008 bytes)

Three Past President pins, 3/4 inches, diamond inset. 

Salmon fishing club, 

Commercial Oyster, Shrimp, Fishing, and Packing Company Tokens

Often used to pay workers or fishermen. 

Alaska Packing tokens

Icy Straits Salmon Co. Token

icystraitsa.jpg (59323 bytes) icystraitsb.jpg (56860 bytes)

Given to employees at the canning company last used, and minted, in 1952. Before Alaska was a state such was common as currency was hard to get. 




Hoonah Packing Co.

hoonahpackingtokena.jpg (144078 bytes)

hoonahpackingtokenb.jpg (110759 bytes)

hoonahpackingtoken2a.jpg (168532 bytes)

hoonahpackingtoken2b.jpg (164020 bytes)

The first is Good for 5˘. Aluminum 5/8 inch. The second is for 50˘, Aluminum 1 1/4 inch, or 30mm. Hoonah Packing was in business from 1912-1933 in Hoonah Alaska. 


Old Dominion Crab Co. Token

olddominioncrabtokena.jpg (45824 bytes) olddominioncrabtokenb.jpg (33152 bytes)

Probably from Virginia. 3/4 inch. Probably for 1lb. of picked blue crab meat. Given to fishermen, or workers at the company to turn in for payment. 







Pinckney Oyster Co. Token

pinckneyoystertokena.jpg (72485 bytes) pinckneyoystertokenb.jpg (71188 bytes)

Good for 10˘ at the Oyster Company Store. Ridgeland, SC. 








Anthony Poli Shrimp Company Token

anthonypolishrimptokena.jpg (95537 bytes) anthonypolishrimptokenb.jpg (85567 bytes)

Anthony Poli Good for 16QTS. Shrimp. 7/8 inch, or 21 mm. Bronze. In 1912 Anthony Poli came from Sicily to  Florida, along with a partner, and started a shrimp company.  Some time in the 1920s Poli bought his partner's shares and moved to St. Augustine, Florida. This token was given to employees to help keep track of what they were owed. 

Jumbo Shrimp Company Token

jumboshrimp10centtokena.jpg (51946 bytes) jumboshrimp10centtokenb.jpg (46138 bytes)

Morgan City, LA. Aluminum, 3/4 of an inch. 1940-1948. Pay for workers. 



Palmer Shrimp Token

palmershrimptokena.jpg (84548 bytes) palmershrimptokenb.jpg (83479 bytes)

Possibly Alaska. Good for 10˘. Aluminum. 5/8 inch. 



Ralph L. Mason Token

masontokena.jpg (86569 bytes) masontokenb.jpg (102421 bytes)

Newark, MD. One Bucket. Four leaf clover. Oysters? Shrimp? 3/4 inch. 

 Atlantic Seafood Packers Token

atlanticpackingtokena.jpg (106762 bytes) atlanticpackingtokenb.jpg (100690 bytes)

Peeler's Check token. Darien, Georgia. Given to workers for peeling a certain amount of shrimp. Aluminum, early. 1 1/8 inch.

The Ploeger Abbott Co. Token

ploegerabbotttokena.jpg (109041 bytes) ploegerabbotttokenb.jpg (107775 bytes)

Darien Georgia. Peeler's Check token. Given to workers for peeling a certain amount of shrimp. 1 1/8 inch.

I collect Field & Stream Award and Honor Badge Pins

fieldstreamstripera.jpg (9708 bytes)  

Striped Bass Award 27 lbs. 8 ounces.

More information on the Field & Stream Badges can be found in the link below:

Field & Stream Award Badge Information

Stripers Unlimited Pin

stripersunlimitedpin.jpg (56820 bytes)

Stripers Unlimited was started in 1965 by Bob Pond, founder of the Atom Lure Company. Bronze, 1 1/4 inches. 



Bermuda International Light Tackle Tournament 1973

bermudalltpina.jpg (8513 bytes)

bermudalltpinb.jpg (7846 bytes)

Sterling Silver 2 1/8 inch.  I also have 1967, 1970, 1972, and 1974 versions of this pin. 

Buckeye Fishing Club

buckeyea.jpg (37498 bytes) buckeyeb.jpg (33315 bytes) 

buckeyec.jpg (28430 bytes)

1914, 1915 New Year Reception pinbacks 6 inches. 


Elks Lodge Medals

Astoria Lodge

bpoesalmon.jpg (21657 bytes)

 180 BPOE Grand Lodge
Reunion Portland 1912 Salmon 5 1/2"

Oregon City

elksoregoncitypin.jpg (181416 bytes)

Lodge 1189. 3 inches. Early.





Ludington Master Fisher's Club Token

ludingtonfishingtokena.jpg (11380 bytes) ludingtonfishingtokenb.jpg (11527 bytes)

"Always have this charm with you when fishing." on the front, along with a bass. Same bass appears on the South Bend "Fish and Feel Fit" tokens, but with a different lure and slogan. On the back : "The owner of this good luck fishing charm has qualified as a member of the Master Fishers' Club of Ludington, Michigan". 1 3/8 inches.


Buffalo, NY Lone Fishermen

buffalolonefisherman.jpg (64125 bytes)

Medal, 3 inches. Early, no idea what this was presented for. Buffalo, New York.



Early Niagara Fishing Club Ribbon

niagarafishingclubmedal.jpg (42331 bytes)

3 1/4 inch including tassels. Marked on back " _ Gentner Jr, Buffalo, NY" Late 1800s - early 1900s. 


ABC Muskie or Pike Pin

abcpikemuskiea.jpg (29411 bytes) abcpikemuskieb.jpg (21337 bytes)

10K gold. No idea what this was awarded for, or what the ABC letters stand for. 5/8 inch. If you have any info, please let me know. 

Tuna Club Pins

tunapina.jpg (4638 bytes) tunapinb.jpg (4131 bytes) unknowntunapin.JPG (220423 bytes)

Three early small Tuna Club Pins. Enamel on metal, screwback, 5/8 inch each. I have not been able to identify the clubs. If you have any information please contact me. Not sure if the last one is a tuna club pin, might just be a yacht club pin. But the other two have tuna on them. 



IGFA World's Record Medal

igfarecordmedala.jpg (13711 bytes) igfarecordmedalb.jpg (12289 bytes)

International Game Fish Association World's Record 17 1/4 lb. Pollock on 30 lb. line. 5-15-1952 Frank Tallman. Sterling Silver, 1 1/2 inc. I do not know what the symbol is on the front, appears to be a sailfish and a winged foot. Possibly the New York Athletic Club. 

Sportsman's League Cigarettes

sportsmansleaguea.jpg (21697 bytes) sportsmansleagueb.jpg (14915 bytes)

Promotional Button 1 1/4 inch.




International Tarpon Tournament Harbour Heights

 harbourheightstarponpina.jpg (10592 bytes)

1961-62 Tournament sponsored by Developers of the Harbour Heights, Florida after the destruction of Hurricane Donna. Only around 100 of these pins were made for contestants and officials. 1 1/8 inch, copper plated bronze. 

Winchester Junior Rifle Corps Sharpshooter

winchesterbadge.jpg (21373 bytes)

I also collect some gun company related pins, advertising, and other memorabilia, such as the Winchester medal above. 


1964Cottrell Company Fishing Derby Pin

cottrellbuttona.jpg (22515 bytes)

Plastic, 1/3/4 inches. Raised design. 




Ontario Federation of Anglers

ontarioanglerspin.jpg (24943 bytes)

Membership pin, 1 1/8 inches long, nicely enameled. Rvrie Birke company.

National Hunting & Fishing Day Medal

nationalhfdayfishinga.jpg (41871 bytes) nationalhfdayfishingb.jpg (35671 bytes)

Fishing, September 23, 1972
2 1/2 inches, Bronze.

National Hunting & Fishing Day Medal

nationalhfdayhuntinga.jpg (43884 bytes) nationalhfdayhuntingb.jpg (42056 bytes)

Hunting, September 23, 1972
2 1/2 inches, Bronze.

Mo S G & F P L Pin

mosgfplpin.jpg (39937 bytes)

Missouri State Game & Fish Protective League. Screwback, early 7/8 of an inch. St. Louis Button Co. 


Kingfish Club Pin

kingfishpina.jpg (60451 bytes) kingfishpinb.jpg (53268 bytes)

Sterling silver, screwback, 7/8 inch. 


African Angling Badges

rhodesiananglingbadges.jpg (243012 bytes) southafricaanglingbadges.jpg (190491 bytes)

The first 4 are Rhodesian from the 1950s-1960s, the second 4 are South African. 1 3/4 inches or less. Most made in England. 


Yankee's Paradise Tie Bar & Pin

yankeesparadise1.jpg (146007 bytes) yankeesparadise2.jpg (56516 bytes)

Tie Bar 2 1/4 inches, pin 3/4 inch. Hunting lodge?  


Western Wildlife League

westernwildlifeleaguepina.jpg (26660 bytes)

Screwback, gold and enamel, 1/2 inch. 




Flyfishing International Pin

flyfishinginternationala.jpg (31938 bytes)

flyfishinginternationalb.jpg (36838 bytes)

Bronze pin, -salmo trutta f. fario. 8504 Stein Germany. 1 3/8 inches. 

Riverview Lodge Pin

riverviewlodgepin.jpg (49152 bytes)

Antioch Cal., 40 lbs. or over club, striped bass.
1 1/8  x 1 1/2 inches

Tribune Anglers Pin

tribuneanglerspin.jpg (56908 bytes)

Newspaper? 1 inch. Screwback.
Copper plated.

Detroit Sportsmen's Congress

detroitsportsmanmedal.jpg (56791 bytes)

Merit award, with 1957 & 1958 bars added. 2 inches, heavy, well made. 

Santa Monica Rod & Reel Club

santamonicapina.jpg (34967 bytes)

10K Gold, with add on color bar on bottom. 5/8 inch, screwback. 

San Diego Marlin Club Pin

sandiegomarlinclub.jpg (28867 bytes)

5/8 inch, 10K gold and enamel. 

Addieville East Fly Fishing Club Pin

addievilleeflyfishing.jpg (62639 bytes)

Private fishing club and shooting preserve in Rhode Island. Tie tack, silver, 1 1/4 inches.


King Queen Rod Gun

kingqueenrodguna.jpg (114304 bytes) kingqueenrodgunb.jpg (110180 bytes)

Sterling silver, 7/8 inch. Almost folk art in style on the front. 

I.S.T. Cuttyhunk Tournament Pins

fistswordfishpin.jpg (65876 bytes)

First International Swordfish Tournament held at Cuttyhunk, MA from 1959-1973. This pin is from 1970 and was given to a participant. 1 1/4 inch, enamel on plated white metal. 


ist1961a.JPG (217949 bytes) ist1961b.JPG (210474 bytes)

1961 International Swordfish Tournament Pin. 1 1/4 inch. Made by Balfour.






Rolling Rock Club Pin

rollingrockfishingpin.jpg (113715 bytes)

 Exclusive golf course and hunting preserve in Ligonier, Pa.Sterling silver club pin. 1 1/8 inch.

Centinela Angler's Club Pins

centiinelaanglersa.jpg (37386 bytes) centiinelaanglersb.jpg (34639 bytes)

The first is a large plated white metal pin, has two screw posts on the back. 3 3/4 inches, heaby. Maybe a hat pin? Or some other purpose. The second is gold plated, with small stones set in the fish. It is a lapel pin, screw back, 5/8 inch. Marina del Rey, California. 



Martha's Vineyard Derby Pins

marthasvineyardderby.jpg (120051 bytes)

False Albacore and Weakfish

marthasvineyardderbyjra.jpg (127470 bytes)

Jr. False Albecore,, Jr. Weakfish, Jr. Bonito

marthasvineyardderbyjrb.jpg (93388 bytes)

Jr. Bonito, all around 2 inches. White (pot) metal. No idea of year.

Riviera Fishing Club Pin

rivierafishingclubpin.jpg (46507 bytes)

"Gateway to Gulf Stream -Riviera Florida". Small gold pin, 5/8 inch. 








Ernest Hemingway Billfish Tournament Cuba 2000

cubabillfishmedal2000a.jpg (514795 bytes) cubabillfishmedal2000b.jpg (531279 bytes)

Medal, 2 1/2 inches. International billfish tournament is held annually, not sure if the picture on the front is supposed to look like Hemingway or Castro. Not sure what the star and key on the right means, either. I think this was for the 5oth anniversary. 


Zebco Employee Items

Employee Year Pins

zebcopins.jpg (27987 bytes)

2, 5 and 10 years. Metal 3/4 inch each. 


Year Pendant

zebco30yearpendant.jpg (85309 bytes)

I think this is a 30 year pendant, 3/4 inch. 14K gold. 



Golden Perch  Trade Token

goldenpercha.jpg (19036 bytes) goldenperchb.jpg (20371 bytes)

The Golden Perch - John Cheek Fishing Rod & Tackle Manufacturer 152 Oxford St. London. Advertising token, This company was in business from 1833-1860 and at this address from 1843 till the company closed. 1 inch. 

Forest Turkey Pin

forestturkeypina.jpg (96760 bytes) forestturkeypinb.jpg (82960 bytes)

Sterling silver Forest Turkey pin.The Forest was owned by Norfolk & Southern railroad. Executives, and folks invited to hunt and fish there were given this pin. The Forest was located on the Charleston Hamburg railroad line in South Carolina, the oldest railroad line in America. 


FFA Fish & Wildlife Management Medal. 

ffamedala.jpg (96523 bytes) ffamedalb.jpg (334054 bytes)

FFA - Future Farmers of America award medal. Fish & Wildlife management. Sponsored by Phillip Morris Inc. 3.4 inch with original card. 


Shakespeare 5 Year Employee Pin

shakespeare5yra.jpg (37641 bytes) shakespeare5yrb.jpg (29842 bytes)

14 karat gold top, 5/8 inch. 

Shakespeare 1 Year Employee Pin

shakespeare1yr.jpg (99889 bytes)

Newer than badge above, gold filled. 5/8 inch. 

Haust Pheasant Pin

haustpheasant.jpg (134879 bytes)

Sterling silver, 1 1/4 inches, very well made. I think Haust must have been a game farm or preserve. Engraved on the back, "ALBERT L. NICKERSON, DEC. 1959"

Valley Farm Pin

valleyfarmpin.jpg (105525 bytes)

Sterling, 1 1/8 inch. Probably a hunting lodge, or preserve. Shows two pheasants.  Richard E. Bishop was the artist whose design was used, marked. 

Bright Hour Ranch Pin

brighthourranch.jpg (216117 bytes)

Nice plated pin, 1 3/4 inches. Has a turkey in the center. Bright Hour opened in 1964 in Florida. It is a working farm, very limited hunting allowed. 

Kanowa Farm Game Club Pin

kanowagamefarm.jpg (140887 bytes)

1 1/8 inch, enamel on metal. Hunting club on a farm? 

Izaak Walton League Watch Fob

iwfafoba.jpg (316018 bytes)

Founded in 1922 the Izaak Walton League of America is a conservation organization, dedicated to the preservation our land and waters. . Sterling silver, 2 inches. 


RRGC Stickpin

rrgcpina.jpg (98130 bytes)

The person I bought this from thought it was from the Richmond Rod & Gun club, but that may be just a guess. Not counting the pin,1 inch. Early. Duck in flight.  

Blessing Of the Fleet Pinback

blessingfleetbadge.JPG (175249 bytes)

Provincetown, Mass. My guess would be circa. 1910-1930. 1 1/4 inch. Celluloid on metal. 






HFFC 1932

hffcfishingpina.jpg (23864 bytes) hffcfishingpinb.jpg (15577 bytes)

1 inch. Any information on what HFFC could stand for? Gold filled. D& C Co. Someone e-mailed and said it might be "Heddon Fly Fishing Champion". 






New Brunswick Guide Badges

 nbguidebadgesb.jpb.jpg (15707 bytes) nbguidebadgesc.jpb.jpg (16603 bytes)

  nbguidebadgesa.jpb.jpg (88806 bytes)

Issued to licensed hunting & fishing guides in New Brunswick Canada.
The badges shown go from 1969-1992. Metal, screwback, 1 1/4 inch.


American Fisheries Meeting Medal

allentownfisheriesmedalb.jpg (532523 bytes)

"51st Annual Meeting American Fisheries Society Sept. 5-6-7 Int. Assoc. of Game Fish & Conservation Commissioners Sept. 8-9, 1921 .. Compliments L.F. Grammes & Sons Allentown, PA.On the front it has a heart on a keystone, Allentown 1867. Made in the form of a watch fob. White metal. 

Portuguese Medal

clubecacaepescamedala.jpg (104584 bytes) clubecacaepescamedalb.jpg (106299 bytes)

Has a Clube Caca E Pesca, a fishing club in Portugal, a Campo De Tiro which was a shooting and hunting club. A deer, and a fish. Along with someone named Dr. Domingos Pereira. Inaugurado Em 30-V-1992, but the medal seems to have been made by Fundado Em 1979. 2 3/4 x 3 3/4 heavy bronze. 


Nilo Pin and 1959 Duck Stamp

nilopina.jpg (62081 bytes) nilopinb.jpg (58008 bytes) 1959duckstampkingbucka.jpg (59054 bytes)

Nilo Farms was a hunting preserve started by Olin Winchester as a place to breed dogs, and test Winchester guns. Pins like this one were given to folks invited to hunt there. The dog on the pin was named King Buck, he was a national champion field trial dog owned by Nilo Kennels. Maynard Reese did his portrait which was used for the 1959 Federal Duck Stamp. The same painting was used for this pin. 1 1/2 inches, bronze. 



Ocean City Fishing Club

oceancityfishingclubmedal.jpg (100437 bytes)

1957 O.C. Cup, Second Place. Sterling silver. Nice medal. 2 1/2 inches. 

Berkley Fishing Tackle  Employee rings. 

berkley10yrring.jpg (39608 bytes) berkleyring2.jpg (32800 bytes)


First ring is10K gold. 10 year Service Award. Woman's ring, last name Peck.  Made by Jostens. Face is 3/4 inches tall. Second ring is 10K white gold, does not say the years, but probably 10.


Toronto Star Award Pin

torontostarpin.jpg (64205 bytes)

3/4 inches, Birk, Sterling. The Toronto Star was a newspaper  founded in 1892. They sponsored a fishing contest. Someone was nice enough to send me the following info:

"This was awarded along with $50 for catching a tagged Black Bass in High Park's Grenadere' Pond in the 1940's, 50's and 60's. You won't find many of those pins around, the Star was cheap, they only tagged one or two fish per year. Us kids used to go down there fishing for that $50 and fishing medal all the time until we found out how few fish were tagged."


Southern California Tuna Club Pins

socaliforniatunaclubpin.jpg (23193 bytes)

1/2 inch, enamel on Sterling, screwback.

socaltunapin4.JPG (205565 bytes)

1/2 inch, enamel on copper, screwback.

socaltunapin2.JPG (248632 bytes)

1/2 inch, enamel on plated metal, tie pin clasp

socaltunapin3.JPG (221139 bytes)

1/2 inch, enamel on plated metal, tie pin clasp


Rod & Reel Club Award Pins

 rodreelclubawardgs.jpg (123775 bytes) rodreelclubawardgolder.jpg (84455 bytes)

Miami Beach, Florida. Organized in 1929. Members are awarded badges based on demonstrated skills. The gold badge denotes the Master Angler. the first picture has a screw back, the second a jewelry clasp back. Not sure which is older.  1 1/8 inch. 

Escuela De Pesca Pin

cubaschooloffishingpin.jpg (47321 bytes)

Habano (Havana), Cuba. School of Fishing. For training commercial fishing captains and fishermen. Enamel on metal 1 inch. Not sure if this is pre-revolution, or post. 



Seattle Sporting Goods

seattlesteelhead.jpg (37310 bytes)

Steelhead Club. Presented for a 10 lb. steelhead. 5/8 inch, screwback.

Pontiac Lunker Club Pin

pontiaclunkerclub.jpg (86153 bytes)

7 lb. 7 Ozs. 1 1/8 inch. Tie clasp back. 



Anglers Club of Absecon Island Pin

abseconislandpin.jpg (126762 bytes)

New Jersey. Over 85 years old this club has shore, and pier fishing. This pin is right at 2 inches, marked D&C Sterling. 


1936 Salmon Badge

salmon1936badge.jpg (72587 bytes)

1 inch. Not sure where from. 

German Pins

germanpins.jpg (115428 bytes)

Two neat little game pins. One marked Garmisch which is a city in Germany. 

Fishing Club Button

sfcbuttona.jpg (61438 bytes) sfcbuttonb.jpg (86302 bytes)

SFC fishing club. Made by C.F. Bullivant Birmingham. English I think. Either Sea Fishing Club or ____ Fishing Club. 3/4 inch, brass. 

Santos Fishing Club Medal

pescadesantosa.jpg (125680 bytes) pescadesantosb.jpg (97121 bytes)

XXV Aniverário Do Clube De Pesca De Santos - 1934-59. 25th Anniversary of the Santos Fishing Club. Santos, Portugal. Medallion. 2 1/8 inch, white metal. 

Chinook Club Pin

chinookclubpin.jpg (61264 bytes)

Victoria, B.C. Canada, copper 5/8 inch, screwback. 


Pepsi Fishing Pin

pepsitinytotspin.jpg (69350 bytes)

Member Pepsi-Cola Tiny Tot Fishing club. 1 1/4 inches, celluloid.St. Louis Button Co. 


Savage Arms Watch Fob

savagepistolfob.jpg (89805 bytes)

Advertising watch fob, metal, in the shape of a Savage model 1907 .32 caliber pistol that they made from 1907 up to the 1920s. Probably a give away at shows or etc. Marked Savage and has the Indian Head logo on the grips. 


Illinois Big Fish Certificate & Pin

illrecordfisha.jpg (92856 bytes) illrecordfishb.jpg (75792 bytes)

Given out by the Illinois Department of Conservation. For an 11 lb. Bass in 1971. Pin is plated white metal, 1 3/4 inch pin. 



Maryland Award Tie Bar & Cuff Links

mdfishingcitationtieset.jpg (84226 bytes)

Fishing in Maryland Award Citation. emblems are about 1 inch. Metal. 




Australian Fishing Club Pins

austrailianpins.jpg (126686 bytes)

Enamel on metal, 1 - 1 1/4inches. 

Flin Flon Trout Festival Pin

flinflontroutpin.jpg (64926 bytes)

1 1/4 inches, sterling silver screwback pin. Older. It says the town of Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada. 2009 was the 59th annual trout festival. 


French Fishing Medal

frenchmedala.jpg (80966 bytes) frenchmedalb.jpg (107969 bytes)

Bronze, 1921. 1 1/2 inches. 


Koon Kreek Klub Pin

koonkreekklubpina.jpg (79850 bytes) koonkreekklubpinb.jpg (77388 bytes)

Sterling silver, 1 1/8 inch. This famous club was located east of Dallas near Athens, TX. Many famous celebrities, politicians, and wealthy cattle ranchers and oilmen have hunted and fished there.



Schlitz Beer Fishing Contest Keychain 

schlitzfishinga.jpg (120486 bytes) schlitzfishingb.jpg (91159 bytes)

1961 Florida $500,000 Contest. White metal. 2 inches. 

Pennsylvania Fish Commission Token

pennfishcommissiontokena.jpg (139967 bytes) pennfishcommissiontokenb.jpg (144503 bytes)

Given out for good luck. Early. Bronze. I also have one in aluminum. 1 1/4 inch. 


Deadshot Powder

Smokeless Powder Pinback

deadshotpina.jpg (82652 bytes) deadshotpinb.jpg (62856 bytes)

a giveaway from the company, celluloid over metal, 7/8 of an inch. Made by J.B. Carroll, Chicago. 


Watch Fob

deadshotfoba.jpg (108725 bytes) deadshotfobb.jpg (97358 bytes)

White metal, enamel insert. Says on Back "Dead Shot Powder - Manufactured by American Powder Mills - Boston - Chicago



Stuart Florida Pins

stuartsailfishpin.jpg (47110 bytes) 

Florida's Finest fishing. Enamel on metal. 5/8 in. 

stuartsailfishclubpin.jpg (36747 bytes)

Stuart Sailfish Club, screwback, enamel on 10K gold. 3/4 in. 







The Bahamas Fishing Tournament Medals

bahamasmedalallisonstuna.jpg (138130 bytes) bahamasmedalwahooa.jpg (138141 bytes) bahamasmedalwahoob.jpg (147576 bytes) bahamasbonefish.jpg (137905 bytes)

Allison Tuna . Wahoo, and Bonefish . Copper 1 1/4 inches. Medalwith hanging loop, and two tokens. 


Lion's Club Pin

lionsclubpinbellingham.jpg (137789 bytes)

Enamel on metal, 1 3/4 inch, Bellingham Washington. 

Ruffed Grouse Society

ruffedgrouse2yr.jpg (88193 bytes) ruffedgrouse4yr.jpg (91290 bytes)

Sponsor pins, 2 yrs and 4yrs. plated white metal. 1 inch. 

Manasquan Fish & Gun Club Medal

manasquanfishguncluba.jpg (109596 bytes) manasquanfishgunclubb.jpg (80426 bytes)

Sterling silver and enamel, 1 1/2 inches, made by C.D. Reese, New York. On the Manasquan River in New Jersey. Possibly founded about 1900. Folks from New York often went there to fish and hunt, the club buildings were destroyed by a storm in 1933 and not rebuilt. 




South American Fishing Club Medals & Pins

safishingpinsa.JPG (139699 bytes) safishingpinsb.JPG (140396 bytes)

safishingpinsc.JPG (190023 bytes)

Argentina, Peru, and others. Some sterling. 



















National Sportsman Magazine Watch Fob

nationalsportsmanfob1a.jpg (109700 bytes) nationalsportsmanfob1b.jpg (91330 bytes)

Brass or bronze, Not sure if this was a giveaway advertising piece, was given for subscribing, or was for selling subscriptions. 1 3/4 inches. This is one of six different variations I own. Others have the magazine's various addresses on the back. This one just has the maker, Robbins Co. in Attleboro, MA. 


















DuPont Advertising Items. 


dupontquailpinbacka.jpg (88325 bytes) dupontquailpinbackb.jpg (59816 bytes)

1 1/4 inch, advertising for DuPont Gunpowder. Made by Whitehead & Hoag. Be wary of reproductions. This one is an original, old, badge. 


dupontquailpin2a.JPG (159537 bytes) dupontquailpin2b.JPG (143718 bytes)

1 inch, Paper in the back says "DUPONT POWDERS - The Result of 107 years' experience." ca. 1909.


Retriever Stickpin

dupontdogstickpina.jpg (85781 bytes) dupontdogstickpinb.jpg (46724 bytes) dupontdogstickpinc.jpg (43565 bytes)

2 inches, dog is 3/4 inch long. Bronze. DUPONT on collar, DUPONT POWDERS on back. Rare. 

Retriever Stickpin

dupontdogsilver.JPG (224726 bytes)

2 1/2 inches, silver, dog is right around 3/4 inch long. DuPont on banner, rather than collar.  









ABU Record Fisken Pins

aburecordfiskenpins.jpg (103791 bytes)

So far I can confirm these were given out in the 1970s and early 1980s. ABU is a Swedish Fishing Tackle manufacturer. 2 1/2 inch stick pins. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 

Super Midget Tie Bar

supermidgetluretiebara.jpg (88828 bytes) supermidgetluretiebarb.jpg (40442 bytes)

Lure is right at 2 inches. Plastic. Advertising or employee piece? 

West Philadelphia Surf Angler's Association

westphillysurfclubmedal.jpg (128499 bytes)

Medal. Gold filled. Says "Tight Lines" enamel on metal, 2 1/2 inches. 


Makinen Wonderlure Pin

makinenwonderlurepina.jpg (88927 bytes) makinenwonderlurepinb.jpg (73926 bytes)

Makinen Guide to Better Fishing pinback. 1 5/8 inches. Litho on metal. Made in U.S.A. Advertising giveaway. 


Brevard Button Buster Pin

brevardbuttonbusterpina.jpg (103357 bytes) brevardbuttonbusterpinb.jpg (100756 bytes)

Cocoa, Florida. Canaveral Fishing Contest given out as part of a fishing contest for weakfish (spotted sea trout), black bass, maybe others. 1 inch. pin back, either a tie pin clasp, or butterfly clasp.  


Oneida Lake Tip Up Association Tag

oneidalaketipuptag.jpg (60446 bytes)

1 inch, "This tip-up is North Oneida Lake Assoc. Inc. 1 inch, aluminum. Back is blank, maybe a place for a tip up number, or member number. 


Camp Allagash Casting Medal

campallagashmedala.jpg (104485 bytes) campallagashmedalb.jpg (108056 bytes)

Junior Fly Casting. 1 1/2 inches, copper. I found a Camp Allagash that is a current hunting and fishing outfitter's camp in Maine. Not sure if that is the same outfit or not. 


Connecticut DEP Fish Award Pin

conndepawardpin.jpg (134402 bytes)

1 inch. Copper. tie pin type back. Given if you caught a fish of a certain size by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. 


Fishing Award Pin

snyfgaaward.jpg (75210 bytes)

S.N.Y.F.G.A. fishing award, 1957. Copper plated, screwback. 3/4 inch. (A guess: Southern New York Fish Game Association?) 


Shad Derby Medal

shadmedal.jpg (119572 bytes)

Windsor, Connecticut 1973 First Place. 3 inches.


M. L. Marshall Trade Token

mlmarshalltokena.jpg (66267 bytes) mlmarshalltokenb.jpg (63808 bytes)

Oswego, NY. 1863. Toys, Fancy Goods, Fishing Tackle, and Rare Coins. Copper 3/4 inch, 19 mm. 


Johnson Outboards Token

johnsonmilliontokena.jpg (148980 bytes) johnsonmilliontokenb.jpg (151003 bytes)

1950s? One million outboard motors sold. 1 1/4 inches. 


Massachusetts Bay Colony Centenary Token

massbaycolonya.jpg (151066 bytes) massbaycolonyb.jpg (164566 bytes)

1 1/4 inch, fob. Brass 1630-1930. I bought it for the great cod fish. 


Valley Angler's Club Token

valleyanglersclubtokena.jpg (53552 bytes) valleyanglersclubtokenb.jpg (64124 bytes)

Good for 10˘ in trade. Early. 3/4 inch. 


 Nene Angling Club

neneanglingcluba.JPG (255433 bytes) neneanglingclubb.JPG (220187 bytes)

1 inch, lapel pin, slips through Buttonhole. Enamel on metal. Course Angling Club on the Nene River in Great Britain. 

Federation of Fly Fishers

fff1976pina.jpg (215278 bytes) fff1976pinb.jpg (189538 bytes)

7/8 inch gold plated pin. From 1976, which was the Bicentennial year, hence the Liberty Bell. Might also have been from the Philadelphia chapter? 

Camp Triangular Medal

camptriangulara.jpg (265096 bytes) camptriangularb.jpg (186851 bytes)

On Front C. Piriapolis, on back C. Rernandez, 1959. 1 1/2 inch. Seems to be made of some silver alloy. Uruguay? My guess is a fishing contest between camps. 

Peters Cartridge Buckle & Bolo

pettersbuckleboloa.JPG (138969 bytes) petersbucklebolob.JPG (82281 bytes) petersbuckleboloc.JPG (47153 bytes)

1975. Owned by Remington Arms at the time. I thought this was a nice belt Buckle and Bolo tie set.

 Rising Sun Hunt Club

risingsunhuntcluba.JPG (304154 bytes) risingsunhuntclubb.JPG (276233 bytes)

1 1/2 inch, Pewter.  Not sure where the club is located. 

Hawn Tuna Packers

hawnpackersa.JPG (153186 bytes) hawnpackersb.JPG (204930 bytes)

Fisherman Employee ID badge. The seller I bought this from said he thought it was from Massachusetts, but I think it is from Hawaii. Celluloid front, in metal frame. The picture has a seal stamped into it, but I can't read it. 2 inches, Whitehead Hoag, maker. 

Medal of Honor

tscamedala.JPG (90409 bytes) tscamedalb.JPG (163118 bytes) tscamedalc.JPG (155590 bytes)

The Fishing and Hunting Hall of Fame - For Distinguished Service - The Sportsman's Club of America. Presented to J.D. McMillan 1949-1950. Heavy, bronze, 3 1/3 x 1 3/4 inches. 

WSCC Fishing Permit

wsccfishing permit.JPG (149189 bytes)

Please Return this badge. Celluloid on metal back. 2 1/4 inches. Was this a county badge, Wes Sussex? or from a radio station? 

Linesiders Membership Pin

linesidersa.JPG (211045 bytes) linesidersb.JPG (139798 bytes)

Massachusetts Striped Bass fishing club. Participated in the Schaefer Beer fishing tournament, and I think they also participated in Surf Fishing tournaments in North Carolina. 1 3/4 inch. Metal. 

Rhode Island Tuna Tournament

ritunatourney.JPG (154167 bytes)

5/8 inch, tie tack. Gold plated.

Tip Up Town Badges

tipuptownpinbacksa.jpg (114235 bytes) tipuptownpinbacksb.jpg (100939 bytes)

1985-1994 2 1/4 inches. Ice fishing festival and contest Held each year on Houghton Lake, MI. Started in 1951. 

Gudebrod Bros. Silk Co. Employee Badge

gudebrodemployeepina.JPG (168011 bytes) gudebrodemployeepinb.JPG (195898 bytes)

This company made many types of fishing line, fly tying thread, rod wrapping thread, and etc. 1 3/4 inch, paper inside a metal badge, with a clear celluloid front. Temporary employee. The company was in Pottstown, PA. Badge made by Robbins Co. Attleboro, MA. 

Long Island Swordfish Tournament Medal

longislandswordfisha.JPG (134734 bytes) longislandswordfishb.JPG (204090 bytes)

2 1/2 inches. I also have a pin. 

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