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Unusual Fishing & Hunting Memorabilia

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Below are a few Hunting, Fishing, and etc. from my collection. I am always looking for similar items. The items on this page are not for sale, but there are some similar hunting & fishing items and badges on my sales pages.

Penn Fishing Reels Items

Penn Advertising Ashtrays

New York Sportsmen's Show

pennashtraya.jpg (80953 bytes)

  pennashtrayb.jpg (57927 bytes)

Given at the New York Sportsmens Show. Made out of the same material as Penn sideplates. Has Sailfish in middle. 3 inches. Marked on back "Compliments and Good Luck Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. Phila. PA."


San Francisco Sportsmans Show

pennashtraysfa.jpg (100814 bytes)

pennashtraysfb.jpg (47697 bytes)

Given away at the San Francisco Sportsmans show. No fish in center. 3 inches. Marked on back "Compliments and Good Luck Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg. Co. Phila. PA."



Penn Advertising

pennashtray3a.jpg (65704 bytes)

pennashtray3b.jpg (75456 bytes)

"Depend on Penn" with Sailfish, same back marking as the other ashtrays. 




Other Penn Items to Follow.

Abercrombie & Fitch Split Shot Tin

afsplitshottina.jpg (23520 bytes) afsplitshottinb.jpg (25311 bytes)

Celluloid pinback style front, 1 1/2 inches. Early.

Annual Fishing Contest Plaque

jackawayplaque.jpg (49513 bytes)

Silver, copper, and Bakelite. 2 3/4 x 3 3/4. Easel back. It has engraved on it "Annual Contest S, Jackaway Sept. 9, 1951"


1960 Ohio Fishing Champion Lighter

ohiolighter.jpg (21840 bytes)

Presented by the Cleveland Press newspaper to Jack Alego. Zippo Lighter. 1 5/8 x 2 1/4 inches. 


  Early Tintype Photograph

casedfishphotoa.jpg (40901 bytes)

casedfishphotod.jpg (96631 bytes)

casedfishphotob.jpg (82577 bytes)

casedfishphotoc.jpg (18836 bytes)

I think this is a photo of a Giant Sea Bass. Based on the type of reel, photo, and etc. I think it was 1880-1900. Notice the pier in the background. California? 2 1/2 x 3 inches.

Fishing Themed Cigarette Case

fishcigarettecasea.jpg (34489 bytes) fishcigarettecaseb.jpg (34643 bytes)

Thin, plated metal, probably 1930s-1950s.  


Horrocks Ibbotson Company Award Plaque

hiplaque.jpg (56069 bytes) hiplaqueb.jpg (55986 bytes)

I think these were sold by H-I so that hunting and fishing clubs could award them for tournaments, and etc. Metal  on a walnut plaque. Really well made, I think from the 1940s-1950s. 8 3/2 x 12 inches. This one was never engraved. 


Gladding 150th Anniversary Knife

gladdingknifea.jpg (55485 bytes) gladdingknifeb.jpg (23186 bytes) gladdingknifec.jpg (32892 bytes)

South Bend - Quick - magic Snell Gladding - 150th Anniversary 1816-1966 - Line Up with gladding. No maker's mark, but does have a Made in USA mark, and serial number. Knife blade, file and match striker, money clip, or belt clip, on back. Stainless steel with plastic insert. 


Progressive Angling Game Piece Patented August 10, 1886

fish1886a.jpg (47572 bytes) fish1886b.jpg (46712 bytes) fish1886c.jpg (43299 bytes)

This is from a children's fishing game where you used a toy rod and line to hook the pieces. Patented by Marie D. Bullock. Going 2 5/8 inches. Thin plated metal. Patent #346,892


Point Pleasant 1964 Tournament Lighter

mtpleasanttunalighter.jpg (72691 bytes)

New Jersey, Tuna? tournament. 1 3/4 inch, made in Japan, bronze medallion. 



Huntley & Palmers Biscuit Tin Creel

biscuittina.jpg (83021 bytes) biscuittinb.jpg (202167 bytes)

A biscuit tin shaped like a fishing creel. Shown in the second photo is an advertisement for their figural tins from 1909. London, England. Tin plated brass or brass and some tin. 7 1/2 inches long, 6 inches tall. A really neat item. 


Salmon Matchsafe

salmonmatchsafea.jpg (112737 bytes)

salmonmatchsafeb.jpg (91035 bytes)

Aluminum, 3 inches. Salmon in a net. 


Key Colony Beach Sailfish Tournament

keycolonysailfisha.jpg (135275 bytes) keycolonysailfishb.jpg (144086 bytes)

1971. Aluminum Park brand Lighter. 2 1/4 inches. 


Gar Wood Tuna Hook/Jig

garwoodtunahooka.jpg (18300 bytes) garwoodtunahookb.jpg (19055 bytes) garwoodtunahookc.jpg (220896 bytes)

I think this is a developmental prototype for a tuna jig or hook. Gar Wood was a tackle designer, designing reels for Fin Nor among other tackle he designed. Here is what it says on the hang tag that was attached to the hook. "Gar wood Tuna Hook - Stainless steel hook - BRASS will be Chromed - or could be of stainless steel. - Product of Hong Kong - Nov. 1973  - TCL"  The hook is larger in diameter than the eye. The head is lead filled brass, shaped back to a lead collar where I guess a skirt could be tied. The front is beveled at an angle. Notice the dimple in the side. I think that probably was to secure the brass in place to the hook, also might indicate where an eye would go. 3 1/2 inches. Strongly made. This came from the estate of Trig Lund, which explains the TCL, and was part of the Heddon archives. Now the question is was this a Heddon prototype?


Shakespeare Huffman Saddle Attachment

huffmanattachmenta.jpg (66716 bytes) huffmanattachmentb.jpg (72045 bytes)

huffmanattachmentd.jpg (42738 bytes) huffmanattachmentc.jpg (25773 bytes) 

Adds a trigger to the rod, and a palm rest, kind of an early palming feature for baitcasting rods and reels. Patented 1909. 



Orvis 1874 Reel

orvis1874a.jpg (61085 bytes) orvis1874b.jpg (126095 bytes) orvis1874c.jpg (99916 bytes) orvis1874d.jpg (110806 bytes)

Ok, so it isn't a badge or medal! I still thought it was pretty nice, especially to find it with its original wooden box. Patented in 1874, Charles F. Orvis, Maker. 


Brown Robertson Lock Joint Tool

brownrobertsonlockjointa.jpg (112228 bytes) brownrobertsonlockjointb.jpg (118470 bytes)

Wm. Robertson, Fishing Tackle, Glasgow: C.2. a type of wrench used to lock, and open, ferrules on a fishing rod. Aluminum alloy. 5 inches. 







Farlow's Universal Landing  Net Carrier

farlownetringa.jpg (128256 bytes) farlownetringb.jpg (27055 bytes) farlownetringc.jpg (16526 bytes)

G. Farlow & Co. London, Reg. No. 500646 which is 1907. A simple pin on ring to hold your net, gaff, or tailer. ring 1 5/8 inch, Nickel plated brass. 

Farlow Advertising Flybox

farlownetringflyboxa.jpg (75155 bytes) farlownetringflyboxb.jpg (76564 bytes)

Farlow used boxes it shipped, and sold flies in, to advertise other products, including the net carrier. 

Hank's Fly Clip

hanksflyclipa.jpg (109312 bytes) 

hanksflyclipc.jpg (124560 bytes)

Link To Mark

1936 Patent. Brass, nice strong pin, spring loaded for pinning to your fly vest to hold flies. One of my favorite fly fishing gadgets. 3/4 x 2 1/2 inches. 

Case's Fly Fishing Knife

caseflyfishingknifea.jpg (90685 bytes) caseflyfishingknifeb.jpg (86308 bytes) caseflyfishingknifec.jpg (95257 bytes)

Case XX stainless. Knife, hook disgorger/file, Scissors, line pick/awl. With reel screwdriver on one end, measure on the back. 4 inches. 










Harpoon or Flying Gaff? 

harpoonpointa.jpg (63622 bytes) harpoonpointb.jpg (96705 bytes)  

Iron harpoon point. Possibly hand forged and hand made. Notice the way it works, designed well so that the pivoting barbs would not let it pull out easily, but would allow it to penetrate well. Strong point. Now the question is what was it made for? Way too small for whales, a bit large for spearing fish through the ice, unless they were big fish. Smaller than most swordfish darts I have seen. 6 3/4 inches. I think this went into the end of a wood shaft. The hole in the iron was where you attached a line so that when the harpoon head pulled loose from the wooden shaft, you could pull in the fish. If anyone has more information it would be appreciated. Someone e-mailed and said this may have been used as a bolt in a crossbow, possibly for sea otters, that he thought he had seen something similar in Alaska? 


Duck Decoy Towel Holder

duckhead1a.jpg (24001 bytes)  duckhead1b.jpg (19060 bytes) duckhead1c.jpg (30363 bytes)

 Made as a Plaque. It says "Put me in your galley and I will hold your dish towels - Captain James" Old Oak back, well carved duck heads. I hope someone out there might have some idea who Captain James might be, where he was from, and if he was a decoy carver. Bought at an auction in Southport, North Carolina.


Dry as a Fish or Trout Flask.

dryasafishflaska.jpg (129932 bytes)  dryasafishflaskb.jpg (136673 bytes) dryasafishflaskc.jpg (59562 bytes)

1895 pewter, or silverplate on pewter. 5 1/2 inches across. 

Tiny Handmade fishing Rod & Reel

tinyrodreel.jpg (54569 bytes)  

Wonderful tiny, old, rod and reel. Reel is about the size of a quarter, rod is 23 inches assembled. Fittings made of aluminum, rod of some kind of wood. The little thing to the left of the reel I am no sure what it is. A fishing float? Any idea of the age or maker? Bought from England through eBay. 


Grampus salesman's sample Rod?

grampusrod.jpg (18656 bytes)  

 miniature fishing rod. A miniature of a saltwater split bamboo boat rod. Perfectly made, labeled "GRAMPUS". Aluminum tube is 8 1/4 inches, brass end cap. Cloth rod bag. Rod is right at 15 inches assembled. Metal reel seat, ferrules, wooden handle. When made? Purpose? Value? 


Hardy Dri-Fly Dresser

hardydryfkydressera.jpg (103122 bytes) hardydryfkydresserb.jpg (44314 bytes)

 hardydryfkydresserc.jpg (46097 bytes) hardydryfkydresserd.jpg (112923 bytes)

Neat accessory from Hardy of England used to dry and dress with oil dry flies for fly fishing. The inside held a felt pad for the oil or dressing, and a pad made of a type of mushroom used for drying the flies. Between two pieces of plated metal, with a neat little latch. 2 1/2 inches. Early. 

Hunting Scene Matchcase

huntingmatchcase.JPG (129174 bytes)

Pat. Jan 12, 1904. Nice small brass matchcase. Once nickel plated. 2 3/8 inch. Striker on bottom. 

Zelner Grease Pencil

zelnergreasepencila.JPG (126045 bytes) zelnergreasepencilb.JPG (49823 bytes)

Lysle Zelner Company - 410 Pennsylvania Ave., Dowagiac, Mich.  - Piscatorial Paraphernalia - (Fishing Tackle, That Is). Plastic 4 1/2 inches. Lysle Zelner, 1904-1952, he ran a tackle wholesale business in Dowagiac, had a van painted like a tackle box, even had a handle on top. President of the Dowagiac Sports Council. 

Lysle Zelner Co.jpg (106945 bytes)

The picture above is Lysle Zelner's storefront. 

Deer-Coy for JON-E Handwarmer

deercoya.JPG (178799 bytes) deercoyb.JPG (169194 bytes)

Fitted onto your JON-E hand warmer. It held a patch of felt that you would soak with Deer-Coy deer scent (or other deer scent). The warmer would warm up the scent, and make is spread further, and be more attractive. Aluminum 2 3/4 x 2 inches. First one I have seen. Thought it was cute, and a neat hunting item. 


Old Dominion Lures

Sneaky Bird Lure

olddominionsneakybirdlure.jpg (75442 bytes)

Wood, natural bark, whistle at the back. 5 1/2 inches. In original plastic top box. Glass taxidermy eyes. Patent 251673

Mr. Whiskers Lure

olddominionmrwhiskerslure.jpg (54145 bytes)

Wood, nice paint, 2 1/2 inches. In original plastic top box. Glass taxidermy eyes.  With original paperwork. patent Pending. 

Doc Shelton, Old Dominion Fishing Lures, P.O. Box 1 Crewe, VA 23930 marked on papers. . 


Bardon Abercrombie & Fitch Prototype Fly Reels

bardonflyreela.jpg (63173 bytes) bardonflyreelb.jpg (50283 bytes) bardonflyreelc.jpg (53760 bytes) bardonflyreeld.jpg (71135 bytes) bardonflyreele.jpg (48413 bytes) bardonflyreelf.jpg (108573 bytes) bardonflyreelg.jpg (90328 bytes) bardonflyreelh.jpg (103532 bytes) bardonflyreeli.jpg (94979 bytes) Machined aluminum fly reel. Very well made. Probably a prototype. Marked on the backplate: By BarDon . M.A. Marked inside the spool: by bardon m.a. CONN. (I take this to be Connecticut.). M.A. apparently stands for Model A.  On the foot: model A 2/4 1970 serial A-0001. I take 2/4 to be the line weights it is made for, or it could mean 2/4/1970.. Set up for right hand wind. Frame, foot, line guard, handle, all aluminum. Screws plated brass or steel Central spindal that the spool mounts on steel. Brass or copper bushing. Click looks to be steel with a copper or brass spring. Click gear on spool steel. Spool latch copper of brass. Sideplates are 2 3/4 inches. across. Spool is 2 1/2 inches. Width of spool 3/4 inch. Foot is 2 1/2 inches.  The person that sold it to me said it had a green label (similar to the ones shown below) that said "Housing - A" on it when he got it, before cleaning. I have been told this was part of a set of prototype reels made for the Abercrombie & Fitch Sporting Goods line and that they later given as a gift to a retiring executive, then sold in his estate auction. I have since purchased four other reels from the set, and obtained a photo of the case. I think this reel is the top right in the case. 

bardonflyreel2a.jpg (96598 bytes) bardonflyreel2b.jpg (79495 bytes) bardonflyreel2c.jpg (77000 bytes) bardonflyreel2d.jpg (58250 bytes) bardonflyreel2e.jpg (67640 bytes) bardonflyreel2f.jpg (75460 bytes) This is the second reel I purchased from another seller. No click or drag fitted. Notice the Abercrombie & Fitch sticker in the third photos. Marked on the foot "Model -B- 2/4/1970 Serial A-0001"  inside the spool k "By Bardon MB Conn and on the back By Bardon MB. MB is Model B. Written inside in magic marker "3 3/4 oz". Spool is 2 3/4 x 3/4 inch, overall reel is 3 inches. Aluminum with steel spindle. I think this reel is the one on the bottom left of the case. 

bardonflyreel3a.jpg (81683 bytes) bardonflyreel3b.jpg (51678 bytes) bardonflyreel3c.jpg (95634 bytes) I think this is closer to the finished product. Gold and black anodized aluminum frame. No markings. Spool is 2 1/2 inches x 3/4 inch. Reel is 2 3/4 inches overall. Notice this one not only has a click, but also a drag as part of the click. Very unusual cam to adjust the drag, or turn it to where it is just a click. I think this is the reel in the top middle of the case. 


bardonflyreel4a.jpg (77573 bytes) bardonflyreel4b.jpg (72064 bytes) bardonflyreel4c.jpg (74978 bytes) Gold anodized version, with the drag. 2 3/4 inches. This one has a different spool latch cover than the one below, but the same drag. Beautiful reel. Last reel in the case, bottom row. 


bardonflyreel5a.jpg (78895 bytes) bardonflyreel5b.jpg (58579 bytes) bardonflyreel5c.jpg (98899 bytes) Brown/bronze and black anodizing. Notice the different spool latch cover2 3/4 inches. This is the fifth reel. This reel is in the bottom row of the case, the second reel. 


bardonflyreels.jpg (114763 bytes) This is supposed to be a picture of the 7 prototype reels in a fitted case. I think I have the top three reels in the case, and two of the others. 5 of the 7 reels in the case. 

Any information on this maker? Or the history of these reels with A&F? Anything you could tell me would be appreciated. I am interested in purchasing the other 2 reels from this case. 

Paul E. McNeal Ice Spearing Decoy

paulemcnealdecoya.jpg (67811 bytes) paulemcnealdecoyb.jpg (102441 bytes) paulemcnealdecoyc.jpg (116952 bytes) paulemcnealdecoyd.jpg (16855 bytes) paulemcnealdecoye.jpg (81600 bytes) paulemcnealdecoyf.jpg (81299 bytes) Fourth Place Winning Minnow Decoy at the National Fish Decoy Association show in 2004. Carved, Painted and signed by Paul E. McNeal. 6 inches in length. 

Duck Decoy Heads

duckhead2a.jpg (29661 bytes) 2a. duckhead2b.jpg (20143 bytes)2b.  duckhead2c.jpg (29141 bytes) 2c. duckhead3a.jpg (28034 bytes) 3aduckhead3b.jpg (25838 bytes) 3b.  duckhead4.jpg (25873 bytes) 4. duckhead5a.jpg (20042 bytes)  5a. duckhead5b.jpg (16176 bytes) 5b.  duckhead6.jpg (23434 bytes) 6. duckhead7a.jpg (22079 bytes)  7a. duckhead7b.jpg (26516 bytes) 7b. duckhead8a.jpg (32337 bytes) 8. duckhead9.jpg (21004 bytes) 9.

My father bought this lot of duck decoy heads from an auction , they came from Southport, North Carolina. 

 A kind soul was willing to provide me with some help, and he said he really needed to have them in his hand to be sure, but that tentatively identified the following:

2. -  Looks like Wildfowler Decoy Co., Old Saybrook, CT  C-1930's.
3. - Capt. Jess Urie, Rock Hall, MD  C-1940's (if the bill is the same width as the head - if not, I don't know)
4. - A pintail head - looks very much like the Ward Bros, Crisfield, MD C-1930's
5. - Ward Bros.
6. - Perhaps Wildfowler w/broken beak tip.
7. - Looks like Blanton Saunders, Currituck, NC  C-1940's - not sure.
8. - Definitely Wildfowler
9. - Ward Bros.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the items from my collection! 

I enjoy finding odd, and unusual, fishing and hunting memorabilia, and enjoy showing them here. Collectors preserve many items, and much information, that would otherwise be lost. It is fun to research the items and see what you can find out about them. 

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