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There will also be some jewelry listed on topical pages: Religious Jewelry, military sweetheart pins, advertising jewelry pins, fraternal pins, etc. Please check our other pages.

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5476scottytinya.jpg (46745 bytes) 5476scottytinyb.jpg (38629 bytes) Tiny little Scotty dog pin. These were from the 1940s from a salesman who used to set up at carnivals, shows, amusement parks and etc. Less than 1/2 an inch long. New old stock excellent condition. Very good detail for such a tiny little pin. Just the thing for folks who collect, train, or love Scotty dogs. I have several of these. $6.50 each Item #5476


6236violinspainpina.jpg (109142 bytes) 6236violinspainpinb.jpg (95773 bytes) Glass and metal violin pin, made in Spain. The glass is colored to look like mother of pear. Well made. 2 1/16 inches. $12.50 item #6236


Two feathers brooch pin. Gold plated. 3 1/2 inches. $12.50 item #832


Rhinestone Bracelet. Excellent condition. !940s. $29.50 item #101


5325statuelibertypearla.jpg (19886 bytes) 5325statuelibertypearlb.jpg (15291 bytes) Older Statue of Liberty pin. Glass and mother of pearl. Slightly over 1 inch. Good condition with  light tarnish to the brass frame of the picture. $19.00 item #5325


4967ringsiizetool.jpg (73277 bytes) Ring sizing set, used to find out someone's ring size. From size 1 to size 13. Includes half sizes from 1 1/2-12 1/2 missing size 10. The main ring splits to remove individual sizers. . Twenty four sizers in all. Stamped US Standard. $26.50 item #4967


Sterling Rose Pin Marked Dane Craft. 2" tall, excellent condition. $22.50 item #272


Carved shell cameo. Carved from a sea shell probably in Italy. Has both a pin to wear as a brooch, and a loop to wear as a pendant. Early 1900s. 1 1/2" $102.50 item #128


Women's Lapel Pin, marked Coro About 2" across $12.00 item #62


Carved Aluminum Indian pin, about 3" tall. Name on back probably the carver. Well Done. $39.50 item #74


Sterling leaves brooch pin. Marked "Beau Sterling" on back. 2 1/2 inches. $20.50 item #708


Pair of earrings and a matching brooch pin. Sterling silver, not sure what type of stone. The brooch is 1 1/2 inch. $32.50 item #710


Filigree Pin 3 1/2" Long, older. $19.50 item #64


Wedgwood China Company pendant and chain. The central portion of this pendant is made out of Wedgwood (marked on back) porcelain. Three muses? Small, 3/4 of an inch. Gold plated chain and mounting. $32.50 item #129


0131pina.jpg (16913 bytes) 0131pinb.jpg (16101 bytes) Brass brooch pin, glass berries. Very well made. 3" $29.00 item #131


0132swirlbroocha.jpg (22643 bytes) 0132swirlbroochb.jpg (19659 bytes) Brooch Pin set with green and clear glass stones. 2 1/2" $16.50 item #132


Swift's Silver Leaf Lard advertising stick pin. 1920s $32.50 item #145


Three sets of cufflinks. Two have glass stones, one blue, one red. One set of plated. all good condition. $14.50 item #186


Old Gold Filled brooch pin. Three blue stones (glass?) Well done, finished much like the old watch cases of the turn of the century. $22.50 item #250


Unusual gold filled watch chain. Each arm of the chain is 7 1/2". Notice the unusual fob in the center. not sure if something was mounted there. $32.50 item #631


Gold filled watch chain with key. $19.00 item #632


Beautiful pin, glass stones. Colorful and cheerful! 1 1/2 inches. $13.50 item #0912


Very nice brooch pin with four roses. Gold plated brass? C-clasp on back. 2 inches across. Older. $14.50 item #924


0939compacta.jpg (13353 bytes) 0939compactb.jpg (11175 bytes)  Wonderful small silver & gold tone basket weave compact. plated over brass? Mirror has some silver loss, the puff is present, but worn. 2 1/4 inches. Great small compact! $17.50 item #939


0958rhinestonepin.jpg (22812 bytes) Beautiful Rhinestone brooch. 1 3/4 inches. $12.50 item #958


0986lamenecklace.jpg (26335 bytes) Wonderful Goldtone Lamé necklace. made similar to some of the older fashion purses you see. 15 inch length. C clasp. lame is 2 1/2 inches. $17.50 item #986


01002acapolcopin.jpg (11489 bytes) Very unusual souvenir brooch pin from Acapulco Mexico. Mother of Pearl, and what I think is gold plated wire. Older. 3 inches from wing tip to wing tip. Good condition. $14.50 item #1002

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