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There will also be some jewelry listed on topical pages: Religious Jewelry, military sweetheart pins, advertising jewelry pins, fraternal pins, etc. Please check our other pages.

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3 inch enamel brooch pin. $9.50 item #748


Weiss Co. Brooch pin. Iridized glass stones. excellent condition. 1 1/2" $26.50 item #302


01013jewelarta.jpg (9775 bytes) 01013jewelartb.jpg (6761 bytes) Beautiful Sterling Silver brooch pin by the Jewel Art Company. 2 5/8 inches. marked on the back. Good condition. $19.50 item #1013


Quail Pin Back showing mark Oriental Quail pin. Very well made. Marked in characters on back. Heavy for its size. Age? 1 5/8 inches. $12.50 item #504


Mexican Sterling Pin. Can also be worn as a pendant. Marked with makers name on back. Front looks to be a Aztec or Mayan design of the sun god. Very good workmanship and condition. 1 1/2" $29.00 item #288


Beautiful carved shell cameo brooch pin. Actually carved from a sea shell. Probably Italian, but unmarked. Gold filled mount, has a loop at top so it could be worn as a pendant. Very good condition. 1 3/8 inches. $102.50 item #666


Nice starburst glass stone pin. Bluer than it looks. 2" $16.50 item #289


Unusual pin. The Pin has an unusual clasp, it acts like the sheath for a sword. Lexan (plastic) pendant, with cameo. 2 1/2" $14.50 item #291


Gold plated pin w/ red, white & blue glass stones. Excellent condition. 1 5/8" $15.00 item #405


Gold plated brooch, Green glass stones. 2" $12.50 item #292


Beautiful rhinestone necklace. sparkles much more than is shown in the photograph. Box clasp. 14 1/2 inches. $29.50 item #711


Nice cuff studs. Marked patent. Gold filled face, pretty enamel flower. $15.50 item #303


Gold Plated brooch pin with Green glass stones. 1 3/4 inches. $15.50 item #833


Filigree brooch pin. Looks like some type of silver, but unmarked. Good workmanship. 2" $22.50 item #293


Gold plated brooch, large glass stone in the center. 2 1/2" $14.50 item #294


Beautiful workmanship in this small brooch pin. copper, silver, and bronze. 1 1/4" A good polish will really bring out the shine. $20.50 item #295


Beautiful tiny stick pin. 2 1/4" $20.50 item #296


Oriental fan brooch pin and earrings. marked Sterling. Brooch 2 1/2". Earrings 1". clip on. $29.50 item #347


Large Monet brooch pin. 2 3/4" $17.50 item #297


Sterling ribbon brooch. Made in Germany. $25.00 item #300


Sara Coventry brooch pin. gold plated. 2 3/4" $12.00 item # 301


Beautiful Thistle Kilt Pin. Jewelry type clasp on back. Purple glass stone. 2 7/8 inches. $14.50 item #662


Five wooden pins. They range from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches. Hand made, hand painted. The little Chickadee is particularly cute. some marked. $24.00 item #690


0947compacta.jpg (23591 bytes) 0947compactb.jpg (7884 bytes) Wonderful plated brass Basket weave design compact. Mirror & Puff in good shape. 3 1/2 inches. 1950s? $19.00 item #947


0949cotycompacta.jpg (25687 bytes) 0949cotycompactb.jpg (13072 bytes) Goldtone Coty French Flair Powder Compact. Marked with the Coty Crest. Gold plate over brass? Coty, New York. No Puff, as shown in second photograph. 2 5/8 inches. $15.50 item #949


0990redleathercompacta.jpg (22883 bytes) 0990redleathercompactb.jpg (9381 bytes) Neat red leather topped plated brass compact. marked made in U.S.A. 2 3/4 inches. Good condition. $13.50 item #990


01007dorseta.jpg (18168 bytes) 01007dorsetb.jpg (10719 bytes) Wonderful, early, Dorset Compact. The mark says 5th Avenue New York. The powder compartment has it's own door. Good condition, Puff good, Mirror good. 3 1/8 inches. Plated brass? $19.50 item #1007



01152kangarooa.jpg (17458 bytes) 01152kangaroob.jpg (28155 bytes) It's marked on the back, but I can't make out the letters. Cute as a button. Gold plated kangaroo pin, good condition. 2 1/4 inches. $9.00 item #1152


Beautiful flower pin, gold plate. Made in Austria. Excellent condition, 2 1/2 inches. $20.50 item #707


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