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6357nc3334cha.JPG (191696 bytes) 6357nc3334chb.JPG (216733 bytes) North Carolina 1933-34 County Resident Hunting License badge. Has pocket in back for paper license, but no paper present. Light scratches, light rust on back. 1 3/4 inches. A nice badge overall. All North Carolina badges are hard to find. $175.00 item #6357


6358nc39sfa.JPG (171103 bytes) 6358nc39sfb.JPG (141663 bytes) North Carolina 1939 State Resident fishing License badge. Plated brass. Light scratches, 2 inches. A nice badge overall. All North Carolina badges are hard to find. $300.00 item #6358


5467orvispina.jpg (168016 bytes) 5467orvispinb.jpg (162451 bytes) Orvis Record Catch Club Pin, sterling silver. If you caught a qualifying fish and sent in a picture and an affidavit to Orvis they would send you one of these pins. I have a later version of this pin I earned in the 1980s it was not sterling, and was slightly different, this is an earlier version. Beautiful jumping trout which is part of the Orvis logo. Good condition, light tarnish. 1 1/8 inch. Marked Sterling on the back. $125.00 item #5467


6438orvisbigtena.JPG (186189 bytes) 6438orvisbigtenb.JPG (227117 bytes) Orvis Big Ten Club pin. Orvis says this was a travel club for international fishing destinations from the 1960s, you had to fish 10 of them to get this pin. Sterling silver. Excellent condition.  Harder to find than the Record Catch Club pin. 1 inch. $150.00 item #6438


1969 badge given to participants in the Quincy, Michigan Marble lake ice fishing contest/festival. Each badge is individually numbered. A few stains on edge, otherwise good. 2 1/4" $12.50 item #233 (I have more of these. If the one shown is sold. I will pick the best badge left to ship, all are at least as good) Satisfaction guaranteed.


5696hatteras1971a.jpg (90220 bytes) 5696hatteras1971b.jpg (90938 bytes)A. 5697hatteras1973a.jpg (95402 bytes) 5697hatteras1973b.jpg (93708 bytes) B. Badge A is for 1971, The Back of A has oxidized more than B and has a few light rust spots, possibly due to B being plated. B. is  1973 Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Surf Fishing Tournament badge. The club holds an annual surf fishing contest every year in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. These badges are given to participants each year.  The face of each is in good shape, with just light scratches, few spots of rust on back. .  $22.50 each, your choice. Item #5696


1601.jpg (28194 bytes)  1970 Pennsylvania Adult Resident Hunter paper back tag. Has attached big game tag, turkey tag, and Bear and deer report card. Licensee information filled out on back. Slight fading, very light soiling. $8.00 item #1601


6316pa1959a.jpg (125794 bytes) 6316pa1959b.jpg (163135 bytes) 1959 Pennsylvania Resident Fishing License badge. 1 3/4 inches. Celluloid front, metal back. Has a few spots of foxing, and a couple of tiny pinpricks, and some scratches on the face. Fair to Good condition. Some wear on the back. $19.50 item #6316


6318pa1947a.jpg (129752 bytes) 6318pa1947b.jpg (129614 bytes) 1947 Pennsylvania Resident Fishing License Badge. Very Good-Excellent condition. These post war badges are harder to find than ones from the 1950s, and it would be hard to find one in better shape. 1 3/4 inch. The badge backs differ from most license badges on this and the 1946 badge, in that they are painted gray. Celluloid front, metal back. Only the lightest scratches and wear. $35.00 item #6318 


0998pa1960.jpg (16942 bytes) Pennsylvania State Resident Hunter 1960 Back Tag. Hunter's had to wear these on the back of their shirt or coat when hunting. 3 5/8 x 4 1/2 inches. Some soiling. fiberboard/paper.$10.00 item #998


  6047palicensesb.jpg (96548 bytes) B. 6047palicensesc.jpg (97817 bytes) C. 6047palicensese.jpg (122973 bytes) E. Pennsylvania hunting license backtags. Heavy paper stock. All show some soiling, light wear 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches. Your choice, $10.00 each. Let me know what letter, or letters, you want. item #6047



6132washingtonsteelheadpina.jpg (60310 bytes)  Steelhead Trout Club of Washington.  5 /8 inch screwback pin, light wear, and scratches. engraved on it 15 lbs. and it is not marked as to material.  $32.50  item #6132



5475tinyfishpina.jpg (30570 bytes) 5475tinyfishpinb.jpg (24495 bytes) Everyone needs one of these detailed, tiny little metal bass pins. Only 5/8 of an inch long. Wear it on your hat, lapel, shirt, or etc. Great little pins. Very well made. These pins are new old stock from a World War Two era dealer who traveled around to arcades, fairs, and amusement parks. . I have several for sale. $6.50 each item #5475


4377minnwardenpatch.jpg (47103 bytes) Minnesota Conservation Officer's Patch. Natural resources. Good condition. 4 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches. I have more than one of these. $7.50 item #4377


5698jolietparkjrarchera.jpg (83297 bytes) 5698jolietparkjrarcherb.jpg (81880 bytes) Joliet Park District Junior Archer badge. I assume from a club in Joliet, Illinois. 1 3/4 inches. Few small spots of rust on back. $9.00 item #5698


5686seattlepoggiea.jpg (26698 bytes) A. 5686seattlepoggieb.jpg (29537 bytes) B. 5686seattlepoggiec.jpg (29409 bytes) C. 5686seattlepoggied.jpg (34116 bytes) Poggie Club Seattle chapter pins. Older, screwback, 5/8 of an inch. I am not sure what the colors signify, size, or years. A is blue, B is white, and C is Green. Made by PaceMB in Seattle. A Poggie is a local name for a Salmon. The Poggie club is to promote sport fishing for salmon, and to help in salmon conservation. I have several of each of these pins. All good condition. $15.00 each, or a set of three for $40.00. Let me know which one, or ones, you want.  item #5686


5687seattlepoggiea.jpg (66778 bytes) 5687seattlepoggieb.jpg (43082 bytes) Poggie Club of Seattle. Salmon fishing. A little newer than the pins above, but does have a screwback, so has a little age to it, older than the pins below. I only have one of these. Oval 3/4 inch. Good condition. $12.50 item #5687


5688seattlepoggiea.jpg (70013 bytes) A. 5688seattlepoggieb.jpg (70875 bytes) B. 5688seattlepoggiec.jpg (67532 bytes) Poggie Club Seattle Chapter. Salmon fishing. Newer pins, probably 1980s-1990s. 1 inch. I only have one of A. I have several of B. Clasp back. Good condition except the one shown for B has the C in club hidden under the enamel, but only one is like that, it will be the last one I ship. $7.50 each. Let me know which one, or ones, you want. item #5688


4378illwardenpatch.jpg (47633 bytes) Illinois Conservation Police, Department of Natural Resources, Patch. I have several of these. Good condition. 5 x 3 1/4 inches. $7.50 item #4378



1600a.jpg (29784 bytes) A. 1600b.jpg (27332 bytes) B . . 2 Maryland Hunter's Guides, These were synopsis of the game rules. 19 pages each. Some soiling, the staples on the spines of each are rusty, edge & corner wear. 3 1/2 x 6 inches. Your choice, $7.00 each. #1600 a or b.. 


4332izaakpina.jpg (18388 bytes) 4332izaakpinb.jpg (17189 bytes) 4332izaakpinc.jpg (33127 bytes) Izaak Walton League of America, screwback lapel pin with original box. This is a bit later than the pin above. One of the plastic hinges is broken on the box. Otherwise excellent. Pin is 1/2 inch. $24.50 item #4332


1605.jpg (28632 bytes) 1953 PA Resident Hunter Back Tag, fiberboard (paper). Light soiling, 3 5/8 x 5 inches. $15.50 item #1605


5466igfapina.jpg (146919 bytes) 5466igfapinb.jpg (141184 bytes) IGFA pin on badge. International Game Fish Association , the IGFA was founded in 1939 and today is the international governing body for World Records as well as an important voice in fishing ethics, rules, and etc. Enamel on Metal, 1 inch. Possibly 1960s? Good condition, $24.50 item #5466


5404misssnaglinetag.jpg (354920 bytes) Mississippi Game & Fish Commission Snag Line tag. Expired June 30, 1972. Fishermen in Mississippi had to attach such tags to the snag lines, nets, and etc. Aluminum, good condition, 1 x 3 inches. $16.50 item #5404


5450harborheightstarponpina.jpg (183381 bytes) 5450harborheightstarponpinb.jpg (27180 bytes) International Tarpon Tournament Harbour Heights pin. 1961-62 Tournament sponsored by Developers of the Harbour Heights, Florida after the destruction of Hurricane Donna. Only around 100 of these pins were made for contestants and officials. 1 1/8 inch, copper plated bronze. Some tarnish and light scratches on the back. 1 1/8 inch. $75.00 item #5450


5501NCwildlifehuntersafetypatch.jpg (78853 bytes) North Carolina Wildlife Hunter Safety patch. Given to hunters who complete a hunter safety course sponsored by the Wildlife department. Light soiling. 3 x 3 inches. $7.50 item #5501


6349ny1936htfa.JPG (176073 bytes) 6349ny1936htfb.JPG (201564 bytes) 1936 New York Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing License Badge. 1 3/4 inch, Celluloid on metal. Very light tarnish on back tiny spots of rust usual to most badges of this age, to small spots of foxing on edge. A nice badge overall. $37.50 item #6349


5876nathuntfishdaypina.jpg (73940 bytes) 5876nathuntfishdaypinb.jpg (65389 bytes) National Hunting & Fishing Day pin. Voted on by Congress in 1971, I think this was from the first such day September 23, 1972.  Has a small chip top left, couple of scratches on bottom, 1 inch. $12.50 item #5876


North Carolina Wildlife  State Fair pinback buttons. 


6427ncwstfr1986a.JPG (188627 bytes)

Black Bear. I have several of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1987b.JPG (220015 bytes)

Trout.  I have several of these.$10.00



6427ncwstfr1989d.JPG (200403 bytes)

Black Capped Chickadee. I have several of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1990e.JPG (211254 bytes)

Rabbit. I have several of these.  $10.00


6427ncwstfr1991f.JPG (246773 bytes)

River Otter. I have several of these.  $10.00. 


6427ncwstfr1992g.JPG (199432 bytes)

Loggerhead Sea Turtle. Mistakenly dated 1993. I have several of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1993h.JPG (222374 bytes)

Dove. I have several of these.  $10.00


6427ncwstfr1994i.JPG (230378 bytes)

Wood Duck. I have several of these. $10.00



6427ncwstfr1995j.JPG (190618 bytes)

Wild Turkey. I have several of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1996k.JPG (218469 bytes)

Raccoon. I have several of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1997l.JPG (219430 bytes)

Owl. 50th anniversary of the NCWD. I have several of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1998m.JPG (208543 bytes)

Musky. I have 3 of these. $10.00


6427ncwstfr1999n.JPG (297856 bytes)

Salamander (Neuse River Waterdog). I have several of these. $6.00



6427ncwstfr2000o.JPG (229775 bytes)

Quail. I have several of these $7.50



6427ncwstfr2001p.JPG (245568 bytes)

Indigo Bunting. I have several of these. $7.50



6427ncwstfr2003r.JPG (247621 bytes)

Box Turtle. I have several of these. $7.50


6427ncwstfr2004s.JPG (238666 bytes)

Striped Bass. I have several of these. $7.50


6427ncwstfr2005t.JPG (196264 bytes)

Beaver. I have several of these. $6.00


6427ncwstfr2006u.JPG (231709 bytes)

Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat. I have several of these. $6.00


6427ncwstfr2007v.JPG (249464 bytes)

Robust Redhorse. I have several of these. $6.00


6427ncwstfr2008w.JPG (263263 bytes)

Timber Rattlesnake. I have several of these. $6.00


North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission State Fair buttons. These pins were given out in the Wildlife booth at the NC State Fair in Raleigh, NC. The first buttons were in 1981, and continue to the present day. Some of the early pins are hard to find. Some pins I have more than one. All in good shape, 1 1/2 inches. Please tell me what Year, or years, you are interested in.  If you want just a few of these pins, the price is as stated above. If you buy a good many of these at one time, I will work with you on the price. item #6427 


6428ncwstfrckw.JPG (146278 bytes) A. 6428ncwtkhab.JPG (208816 bytes) B. ncbadge2002.jpg (16843 bytes) C. Three additional pins from the North Carolina Wildlife Department. The first button, A, was to encourage NC citizens to check the box on their state tax form so $1 would be donated to the Wildlife Department to help conservation efforts. The second pin, B, was to encourage farmers to preserve wildlife habitat, and add wildlife margins to their fields. Button C. Was given out at the Wildlife Commission booth at the State Fair in 2002. I have several of each. $10.00 each, your choice. item #6428


Every badge I sell is an authentic, old, badge, unless noted otherwise. I guarantee such, and if you have doubts, you are welcome to return the item for a refund. Make sure any dealer will stand behind what he sells.

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