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6398hornet20mma.JPG (80906 bytes) 6398hornet20mmb.JPG (131550 bytes) 6398hornet20mmc.JPG (100166 bytes) 6398hornet20mmd.JPG (90695 bytes) U.S.S. Hornet 20mm shell casing. Inscribed and flared out as a souvenir. The card that came with it, third and fourth photos, seems to say it is from the Hornet CV-8, and the story rings true due to the date on the shell. But I personally think it might be a combination of the records of the first Hornet Aircraft Carrier (CV-8) and the ship commissioned in 1943 CV-12, named to honor the sunk Hornet.  Either way it is a great WW II souvenir, and a wonderful piece of trench art.  2 1/4 tall. $39.00 item #6398


5850evansvillengarmorypc.jpg (101605 bytes) Evansville National Guard Armory, Evansville, Indiana postcard. Postally unused, light soiling, light edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #5850


Civil War era Union infantry button. Found on private land near the Chancellors Ville, Va. battlefield 3/4" across $32.50 item #72


5851fortknoxmainepc.jpg (121460 bytes) Interior Court Showing Dungeons, Fort Knox, Bucksport, Maine postcard. The fort was built in 1844-1869 and was manned during the Civil War and Spanish American War. Now a state park. Postally used, sent from Bangor Maine in 1929. Some postmark ink on the front, writing on back some soiling, light edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #5851


6397kielarsenala.JPG (122145 bytes) 6397kielarsenalb.JPG (147540 bytes) Metal and Wood plaque from the German Marine Arsenal in Kiel, Germany.  I think this arsenal has outfitted ships since the 1700s, outfitted U-boats in WWI and WW II. This plaque is probably post WW II. My thinking is this belonged to someone who worked there, and retired. 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches. Well made. $29.00 item #6397


5412trainerpanationalguardphoto.jpg (504510 bytes) I wish he had shown a bit more of the plane, but it is a nice photo showing a soldier standing beside what I think is a North American Aviation Harvard or Texan training plane. The soldier has a red keystone on his helmet for the 28th Infantry Division that formed in Pennsylvania. 3 1/2 inches. Good condition. $5.50 item #5412


4676soldiershandbook1941.jpg (32389 bytes) Basic Field Manual Soldier's Handbook, July 23,1941, with additions from May and December 1942. Some soiling to cover and pages, edge, spine, and corner wear. This covers many aspects of operating in the field from setting ambushes to cleaning rifles, much more. 4 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches, 264 pages. $19.50 item #4676


Navy Medal. "Hervorragender Ausbilder" translates to, "Outstanding Instructor" in German.  Looks like some type of naval infantry, marines, or special forces? Note the rifle, air propeller, and Anchor. Unusual. East German? 1 1/4" X 1 3/4" Metal and enamel $24.50 item #497


Pair cute patriotic postcards. Dated 1916, 1917. $8.00 item #6


GAR "Grand Army of the Republic" Civil War Veterans organization. Binghamton 1931 Convention delegate. Excellent condition. $45.00 item #50


6400pangbuttonsa.JPG (133071 bytes) 6400pangbuttonsb.JPG (181858 bytes) 6400pangbuttonsc.JPG (211494 bytes) Pennsylvania Army National Guard Buttons. Older buttons. My thinking is WW I era, but could be earlier.  I think the keystone represents the 28th division. Buttons are well made by the M.C. Lilley & Co. of Columbus, Ohio. In 1925 the company changed their name to The Lilley Company. So the buttons are from before then.  The 28th was formed, and given the Keystone in 1877.  5/8 of an inch, in good overall shape with some tarnish. I have 8 buttons.  $10 each, or take all 8 for $60.00 


Pin from the Springfield Armory Museum. 5/8 inch. Gold plated. $10.50 item #908



3057sailorspc.jpg (29281 bytes)  "U.S. Sailors Helping The Cook" Early navy postcard. Unsent, so undated, but probably pre WW I as it was printed in Germany. Some soiling in corners, possibly where it was in a scrapbook. Light edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $7.00 item #3057


3" hat Badge? German, "Elsdorf" This came mounted on a plaque with a Mauser 98 and its Bayonet. Nickel plated brass. $45.00 item #148


0988troapweight.jpg (10926 bytes) Military Retired officer's Association. Bronze and leather paperweight Life member.. Felt on the bottom. 3 3/4 inches, heavy, 1/4 inch thick. This came from a WW II Fighter Pilot's Estate. Good condition. $24.50 item #988


4775soldierphoto.jpg (34147 bytes) Soldier in Army fatigues and helmet. WW II era. 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches. $5.00 item #4775



Trench Art Lighter made out of .50 cal. Bullet WW II. Someone took a lighter mechanism and put it inside of a cut in half .50 caliber machine gun bullet to turn it into a desk lighter. It probably was done by some machinist at a military base, on a ship, or etc. The Bullet is WW II era. $35.00 item #175


01050hatcovera.jpg (43939 bytes) 01050hatcoverb.jpg (21665 bytes) 01050hatcoverc.jpg (36831 bytes) New in box. 10 size 7 1/2 Army Wool Cap covers. Tag on end of box "8405-082-23 67 Cover, Svc. Cap, Wool Serge Green Type II. 10 ea. DSA100-70-C-1041 Size 7 1/2." Stamped "Aug. 1970. Box is in good shape, the covers in excellent shape, each with it's own plastic bag. Each is satin lined. not only are these useful for Cap Covers, they can also be worn as unique berets. Ten covers in all. $24.50 item #1050


5005shippina.jpg (62535 bytes) 5005shippinb.jpg (53169 bytes) Brass Battleship Battle Cruiser or heavy cruiser pin. I think it is British, but no markings. 2 1/2 inches. $24.50 item #5005


6401spitfirefundbuttona.JPG (177234 bytes) 6401spitfirebuttonb.JPG (251494 bytes) Spitfire Fund Button. Probably a fund raiser to raise money to buy Spitfire fighter planes, or to help pilots, during the Battle of Britain. Not sure if the funds were being raised in Great Britain, or in the United States. Button is only in fair condition. Some stains and scratches on front, rust on back. Despite the condition, it still is a neat button. Has a serial number, probably given out for a donation. 1 inch. $12.50 item #6401


5234picturesfromhome.jpg (38576 bytes) Just a small photo album that a soldier's family could have used to send him pictures, About 10 pages. No pictures. light wear. Slightly over 4 x 6 inches. $6.50 item #5234


5409victorypin.jpg (145823 bytes)  Unit crest for US Army Garrison, Ft Riley, Kansas. Probably WW II era. Marked on the back P23 Made in the U.S.A. Enamel on white metal. Small chip in the enamel  near Winged Victory's right hand. 1 1/8 inches. $12.50 item #5409


5410armoredrecogcardsa.jpg (259916 bytes) 5410armoredrecogcardsb.jpg (224967 bytes) Armored Vehicle recognition training cards. Headquarters, Department of the Army, 1987. The size of a deck of playing cards.50 cards.  The deck inside is still sealed in plastic. The box shows wear and soiling. $12.50 item #5410


6426shabak1.JPG (175188 bytes) 6426shabak2.JPG (166075 bytes) Israel Security Agency Shabak or Shin Bet pins. I have been told these are very rare. I hope I photographed them right side up as I do not read Hebrew. Two celluloid pinbacks, small, around 5/8 inch. One enamel on metal pin 3/8 inch. Counter terrorism, intelligence, state security. $45.00 item #6426


5411timemagazinehalseya.jpg (297693 bytes) 5411timemagazinehalseyb.jpg (317983 bytes) Time Magazine Pacific Pony Edition. July 23, 1945. Admiral Halsey on the cover. Printed in Hawaii. This was a special format printing small, and light, enough to be distributed to Naval personnel in the Pacific during WW II. Only 34 pages, doesn't even have a pack cover to save weight, and only one staple to save weight and metal. 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches. Mostly war news, but also some books, music reviews, that my interest soldiers. Creasing and soiling, edge and corner wear. $9.50 item #5411


6402navyjrotcpatch.JPG (287049 bytes) Navy Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps patch. Colorful, good condition.  3 inches. $6.50 item #6402


Book of Victory Matches. 1 1/2" X 2" Excellent condition. $8.50 item #498


5527lockheedgalaxya.jpg (100690 bytes) 5527lockheedgalaxyb.jpg (52638 bytes) 5527lockheedgalaxyc.jpg (44874 bytes) Wooden souvenir of the roll out of the first US Air Force Lockheed C-5A Galaxy transport aircraft. March 2, 1968. Metal plaque attached. I think this was a desktop holder for a notepad. Few scratches to the wood, but good condition overall. 5 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches, and 1 1/2 inches deep. Could be used to hold jewelry, pens, or etc. in a desk, or find a notepad the right size and put in it. $32.50 item #5527


5530defensepina.jpg (23196 bytes) 5530defensepinb.jpg (20275 bytes) Wonderful, patriotic, enamel on gold plated metal screwback lapel button. The American Flag "For Defense", WW-II-Korean time frame, I think. Possibly given to someone who worked in a defense industry, who bought a liberty bond, or etc. Whitehead Hoag Co. Newark, NJ Good condition, 5/8 inch. I have more than one of these. $7.50 for one, take 5 or more $6.50 each. item #5530


5536newbattlegroundsusoa.jpg (120541 bytes) 5536newbattlegroundsusob.jpg (192418 bytes) New Battlegrounds by General George L. Carpenter from the Salvation Army apparently made for distribution through the USO. Words of encouragement, and advice on spreading the Christian faith. WW II. 61 pages. cloth soft cover, 3 1/4 x 5 inches, 61 pages. Some wear to cover, edges, and corner, light soiling, some fading and spots on the cover. $7.50 item #5536


5537countvonlucknerbooka.jpg (51882 bytes) 5537countvonlucknerbookb.jpg (80795 bytes) Count Von Luckner The Famous German Raider and other Stirring Stories by old Salts of Sailor's Snug Harbor by author Joseph Kaye. Short stories in a 10 booklet format. Not all the sea stories are military, but the lead one is, and several others. Copyright 1932 by Reed Publishing Co. Buffalo, NY. 47 pages, softbound, 4 x 6. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $7.50 item #5537



5835patrioticlocketa.jpg (54893 bytes) 5835patrioticlocketb.jpg (91868 bytes) 5835patrioticlocketc.jpg (54012 bytes) Patriotic Locket, WW II Vintage. Mother of pearl on front, with the American eagle and shield. One portrait of a soldier inside. Plated metal, mother of pearl on front. Light wear, but displays beautifully. 2 inches. $29.50 item #5835


6002civilwarbookleta.jpg (170854 bytes) A. 6002civilwarbookletb.jpg (88969 bytes) B. 6002civilwarbookletc.jpg (123034 bytes) C. 6002civilwarbookletd.jpg (117405 bytes) D. 6002civilwarbooklete.jpg (123196 bytes) E. 6002civilwarbookletf.jpg (113958 bytes) F. Booklets on various Civil War battlefields. All except for B. are official Department of the Interior, National Park Service historical handbooks reprinted in 1961.. F. is 1958. B. is 1942 by J.L. Roberts, published in Chattanooga. All are 6  x 9 inches. Range from 40-60 pages. Chock full of historical data on the units that fought there, the battle fields, maps, pictures, tour guides. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. Your choice $9.00 each. Take them all for $45.00. Please let me know which one, or ones, you want. item #6002


6003artilleryagesbooka.jpg (80354 bytes) 6003artilleryagesbookb.jpg (73737 bytes) 6003artilleryagesbookc.jpg (48665 bytes) Artillery Through the Ages - A short illustrated history of Cannon, Emphasizing types used in America by Albert Manucy Historian Southeastern National Monuments. National Park Service publication. 1962 reprint of the 1949 edition . 6 x 9 inches. 92 pages.  Chock full of historical data on cannons, their use on the various battlefields, history, and more.  Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $12.50 item #6003


6004armyinstitutecatalog.jpg (96378 bytes) Army Institute Catalog "What Would YOU Like to Learn". List of correspondence courses you could take in Military service that may count toward High School or College credit. 1942. 39 pages. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $8.50 item #6004


6147berchtesgardena.jpg (102853 bytes) 6147berchtesgardenb.jpg (142550 bytes) Berchtesgaden Chiemsee Activities Tuesday September 1 through 30th September 1964. Apparently the US  military took over Berchtesgaden after WW II to use it as a recreational area safe for our soldiers. Things to do, maps, cheap hotel rates, and etc. 24 pages,  6 x 8 1/2 inches. Good shape. $7.50 item #6147


6150corpsengineersfiretruckpca.jpg (107147 bytes) 6150corpsengineersfiretruckpcb.jpg (91525 bytes) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Fire Truck Real Photo postcard, probably in Germany post WW II due to it being made by AGFA. Has a crease, top right side that has cracked the photo finish. Unsent, no writing. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally unused. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear, slight yellowing. . $9.00 item #6150


6160ussconstellationmedala.jpg (145539 bytes) 6160ussconstellationmedalb.jpg (136763 bytes) U.S.S. Constellation Token. The Constellation was one of the first five ships authorized to be built for the US Navy, she was launched in 1997. She was the first ship in our navy to successfully take a foreign ship of near equal force. One the back it says 'This Coin struck from parts of the Frigate Constellation The First Ship of the U.S. Navy". the frigate was broken up in 1853, and a sloop of war (then a sloop was about the size of a frigate), was built with the same name. There is some debate about whether parts of the original ship was used in the construction of the new ship. I am not sure when this medal was minted.  Good condition, some tarnish, light scratches. 1 1/4 inches. $35.00 item #6160


6187cutterlocksseattlepc.jpg (110771 bytes) US Coast Guard Cutter going through Government locks, Seattle, Washington linen postcard postally unused. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $5.50 item #6187


6188yeomanguardtuckspc.jpg (105403 bytes) Yeoman of the Guard, otherwise known as a Beefeater. Tucks postcard. Printed in England. Postally unused. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $5.50 item #6188


6189schooneratlanticpc.jpg (74425 bytes) Cadet Training ship Atlantic. This is the famous Schooner that held all sorts of records including a transatlantic sailing record that was only broken in 1998. She was used as a training vessel during WW II which is when this postcard is from. Unsent,  3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $7.50 item #6189



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