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5874maillocka.jpg (103195 bytes) Mail RF.D lock. Rural Free Delivery. Brass, old. With two working keys, short brass chain. Not sure if this was used on a mailbox, or on a mail bag. . Keys are marked Lancaster. 2 inches. $29.50 item #5874



Coronation MedalBack Medal commemorating The 1937 Coronation of King George and Queen Elizabeth. Made out of pot metal or pewter. The medallion measures 1 1/2" I am not sure if the safety pin at the top of the ribbon is the original pin or not. $32.50 item #275


Molding ToolMaker's? Name Iron caster's tool. Made by Burr. Used to smooth the sand molds used in casting iron. Very unusual 7" $24.50 item #181


Wagon Wheel Token and Pass 50th anniversary of the Walla Walla Washington Wagon Wheelers in 1986. From the Southeastern Washington Fair. Token, pinback button, and the envelope they came in. Token 1 3/4". pin 3/4". Excellent condition. $14.50 item #258


Westinghouse Employee's items Westinghouse employee's award items. 10, 15, and 20 year gold filled pins each 5/8". Sterling silver Belt buckle given for thirty years service (w/jewelry style box) $49.50 item #316


Six Soviet Mayday pins. I understand these were given out at the annual parade celebrating the revolution. Cheap metal, enamel. $29.00 item #679


Beautiful carving of an Asian farmer with a hoe. Wonderful detail. Very heavy wood. !2 1/2 inches. $35.00 item #745 


Hand Carved Spoon and Fork Salad Set. Made in Kenya from Myuli and Mushangi wood. Each is 14 inches tall. Great example of native carving made to sell to tourists. With box and card. $29.50 item #741


Wonderful beaded collar, faux pearl beads. Silk backing. Few very light stains to the backing. 14 1/2 inches, hook and loop clasp. Could be worn like a necklace, or sewn to a garment. $12.50 item #935


0957indiandoorstopa.jpg (10658 bytes) 0957indiandoorstopb.jpg (7931 bytes) A very unusual doorstop. The figurine looks to me to be an Indian maid, but could be something else. Two piece cast iron. The figurine has been painted a bronze color, the bottom is black japanned. Light rust on foot. This is an old and unusual doorstop. 4 x 4 inches. Heavy. Used by putting the ramp shaped portion under the door. $55.00 item #957



01057eagletriveta.jpg (19187 bytes) 01057eagletrivetb.jpg (13454 bytes) 01057eagletrivetc.jpg (11562 bytes) Nickle plated heavy brass trivet. Wonderful patriotic eagle. Great detail. The only marking is "A6430" on the back. Some tarnish and patina on the plating, 6 1/4 x 7 inches. A little over 1/2 inch thick with the feet. $49.50 item #1057


Maple Syrup/sap spout. you would drive this into a hole drilled in a sugar maple tree, hang a bucket from the hook, and collect maple sap to make Maple Syrup. Marked "Warner Pat-D" Cast metal. 3 inches long. $12.50 item #501


5398smokeycoina.jpg (204800 bytes) 5398smokeycoinb.jpg (220421 bytes) Aluminum Smokey the bear pledge coin. 1 1/4 inches, few light scratches. $6.00 item #5398


5525roanokeislandkeychain.jpg (83738 bytes) Old metal keychain with Roanoke Island North Carolina charm. Has a little rust on the front, but I think that is superficial as the charm seems to be either silver or silver plate. Charm is right at 3/4 of an inch. Has the bust of an Indian warrior in the center. $6.50 item #5525


5661roycroftreprintcataloga.jpg (59941 bytes) Reprint Roycroft Furniture Catalog. 1981 reprint of an old catalog. 47 pages, some rust at the staples, and stains because of that, but otherwise good. Beautiful furniture, a must have for dealers and Roycroft collectors. 6 x 8 1/2 inches. $9.50 item #5661


A. sa1019ffastargreenhand.jpg (86410 bytes) B. These are two award medals or charms from the Future Farmers of America, the first, badge A. is for sheep production, and was sponsored by the American Sheep Producer's Council. The second, Badge B. is for a Star Greenhand, and was sponsored by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation. Gold plated. Each in excellent condition, on their original card. The cards do show light wear and soiling. $12.00 each, your choice.  item #sa1019


6009msaeardefendersb.jpg (43830 bytes) Pair of MSA Ear Defenders hearing protectors. !940s-1950s. I have seen these used by soldiers in WW II, primarily artillery, range officers, and similar. Used by shooters. Also used in noisy industrial applications including mines. My grandfather had several pairs and he was a machine shop foreman. Lightly used. I have several pairs of these. $15.00 each set. Celluloid case. item #6009


4968swingbandharmonica.jpg (60781 bytes) Swing Band Harmonica Köstler & Co. Made in US Zone German, just after WW II. Stamped steel box. Box has some scratches, Harmonica has some light scratches from being in the metal case. Double brass reeds. 4 inches. $26.50 item #4968 



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