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6001icelandleatherpennant.jpg (100186 bytes) Iceland Leather pennant Has a stamped map of the country. Older. 10 inches. Has several pinholes in each corner where it was thumb-tacked up somewhere, older. Light soiling. $9.50 item #6001


4999lippertsawa.jpg (32934 bytes) 4999lippertsawb.jpg (30333 bytes) 1.. 4999lippertsawc.jpg (18548 bytes) 4999lippertsawd.jpg (20091 bytes) 2. 4999lippertsawe.jpg (30741 bytes) 4999lippertsawf.jpg (18780 bytes) 3. 4999lippertsawg.jpg (11660 bytes) 4. 4999lippertsawh.jpg (31499 bytes) 5. Five items from the E.T, Lippert Saw Company, Millvale and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1. Is a badge from the company fire department2 inches across, pot metal with a silver plated medalion. 2. is an employee badge, #277, nickel plated brass 1 1/2 inches. 3. is a Celluloid visitor's badge, 1 1/2 inches. 4. is a small brass hang tag, 1 inch. 4. is a 2 7/8 brass tag they probably would have attached to a piece of equipment. All are in good shape, but show some wear and scratches, normal for their age. $52.50 item # 4999 (I have some other Lippert badges and tags like the ones above, but this is a complete set of what I have. If interested in some duplicates, please let me know.)


5000estwardfdbadgea.jpg (80276 bytes) 5000estwardfdbadgeb.jpg (28073 bytes) Westwood Volunteer Fire Department Hat badge. 2 1/2 inches. Screwback, with pin also to keep it in place. Plated white metal. Good condition. $29.00 item #5000


5026eriefirecards.jpg (93675 bytes) Deck of cards, Erie Volunteer Fireman's Old Timers Dinner, April 10, 1981. Box, and cards, show some wear. $6.50 item #5026


5027gecards.jpg (85781 bytes) General Electric Deck of playing cards. Quarter Century and Retired Employees Annual Outing July 9, 1988. Box shows some wear, cards show only light wear. $6.50 item #5027


sa1021handytwineknifea.jpg (69313 bytes) sa1021handytwineknifeb.jpg (33864 bytes) sa1021handytwineknifec.jpg (45286 bytes) Handy Twine Knife  made by the Handy Twine Knife Company of Sandusky, Ohio. Invented over 100 years ago by a railway postal clerk who used his invention to cut the twine that was used to bundle mail on the trains. Now used in agriculture, shipping, food prep, and in many other tasks. Steel and aluminum. $6.50 item #sa1021


6131telephonetiebar.jpg (60194 bytes) Neat candlestick telephone tie bar. Probably for a phone company employee. Marked on the bottom of the phone with the company that made it, RUGIN. Light wear, a few small scratches, but nice. 1 3/4 inches. $7.50 item #6131 


5125boystownpennant.jpg (61014 bytes) Boys Town Nebraska penant "He Ain't Heavy, Father..He's M' Brother" Some fading, some wear to the felt. 7 1/2 inches long. 1950s? $6.00 item #5125


5126tucsonpolicepatch.jpg (75188 bytes) Tucson Arizona Police shoulder patch, has a star with 1871 on it, which I assume is either when Tucson was founded, or when the police department was created. Good condition, unused. 5 inches.$7.00 item #5126


Buffalo Fire buttons Set of Buffalo Fire Department Buttons. Large are 1", small are 9/16". Marked Scovill Mfg., Waterbury on the back. $16.50 item #276


7 Milk Caps Seven assorted milk caps. The ones shown are just a representation. I have hundreds, so each lot will have  different caps in it. I will try , if possible, to make each cap different. $8.00 item #87


Iron Arrow English Iron arrowhead. Found in a drawer in a piece of furniture imported from England. Age ? Unusual. $29.50 item #106


 5 union Buttons Five union pins. 1958-62. Teamsters? Excellent condition. $10.50 item #117


Fire Hat Charm Small fire hat charm 2" Has fire symbol on back rim. $15.50 item #84


4 New York State Dog Tags 1940s-1970s. $8.50 item #651


6155ndjuniorrangerpatch.jpg (137328 bytes) North Dakota State Parks Junior Ranger Patch. Has a cute Raccoon in a Ranger Hat. 3 inches, good condition. Has not been sewn to anything. $4.50 item #6155


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