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Here is a fishing reel I purchased recently. I have heard that there were some fake Moscrop reels turning up at antique shops, shows, and in collections. This is one of the fakes. It is 2 7/8 inches across the side plates. The foot is also 2 7/8 inches.

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I have also been seeing a second reel show up at antique shops, malls, shows , the internet, and flea markets. I have just seen too many of them lately for them to be old, and it was just brought to my attention that some of them are also marked Moscrop. Characteristic of all the fakes of this reel I have seen have been a too skinny handle, like it is missing it's horn outer handle. I have seen pictures of the original of this reel in books, and most authors have attributed it to Germany. it is brass, with a raised fishing scene on the endcaps. 2 3/8 inches in diameter. 

moscropreel1.jpg (14615 bytes) moscropreel2.jpg (15104 bytes) moscropreel3.jpg (12530 bytes)

Where are these fakes being made? As a guess I would say Pakistan, India,  or one of the former Soviet Republics. Whoever is making them is doing a decent job of making them look old. The machining and etc. aren't up to typical English standards. A local antique shop that specializes in English antiques had several come in with it's last shipment. Both of these reels I intend to stamp Repro with a steel stamp. 

Regrettably look for more fakes in the future, as these seem to be selling well. I have seen fake lures, fake license badges, and I have seen some fake reels before, but they were always old unmarked reels that someone marked with a steel stamp. These are the first manufactured fakes I have seen, built from the ground up. I have heard of some other English reels being faked, mainly old platewind Bristol reels, but haven't seen them here yet. 

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