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 North Carolina Hunting & Fishing License Badges 

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 The items shown on this page are not for sale, but please contact me if you have any for sale or trade.  There are some NC badges, as well as other states on my sale pages. Fishing and Hunting License  Sales Pages

License Badges

All badges are resident, celluloid, and 1 3/4 inches  unless noted. 

1927 State Fishing

ncbadge1927srfa.jpg (23522 bytes)

The first badge issued,  celluloid over metal back. 

1927 County Hunting

ncbadge1927crha.jpg (29379 bytes)


1927 State Hunting

ncbadge1927srh1a.jpg (20703 bytes) ncbadge1927srh2a.jpg (20619 bytes)

Unusual to find consecutive number badges. 

1928 State Fishing

ncbadge1928srfa.jpg (20675 bytes)


1928 County Hunting

ncbadge1928crha.jpg (28261 bytes)

1928 State Hunting

ncbadge1928srha.jpg (25350 bytes)

1929 County Fishing

ncbadge1929crfa.jpg (27888 bytes)

1929 State Fishing

ncbadge1929srfa.jpg (17595 bytes)

1929-30 County Fishing

ncbadge192930crfa.jpg (25390 bytes)

1929-30 State Fishing

ncbadge192930srfa.jpg (20875 bytes)

1929-30 County Hunting

ncbadge192930crha.jpg (25400 bytes)

1929-30 State Hunting

ncbadge192930srha.jpg (20234 bytes)

1930-31 County Hunting

ncbadge193031crha.jpg (24405 bytes)

1930-31 State Hunting

ncbadge193031srha.jpg (23479 bytes)

1931 County Fishing

ncbadge1931crfa.jpg (21608 bytes)

1931 State Fishing

ncbadge1931srfa.jpg (21562 bytes)

1931-32 County Hunting

ncbadge193132crha.jpg (27446 bytes)

1931-32 State Hunting

ncbadge193132srha.jpg (25990 bytes)

1932 County Fishing

ncbadge1932crfa.jpg (31153 bytes)

1932 State Fishing

ncbadge1932srfa.jpg (30099 bytes)

1932-33 County Hunting

ncbadge193233crha.jpg (26048 bytes)

1932-33 State Hunting 

ncbadge193233srha.jpg (24198 bytes)

1933 State Fishing

ncbadge1933srfa.jpg (25521 bytes)

1933-34 County Hunting

ncbadge193334crha.jpg (30146 bytes)

1933-34 State Hunting

ncbadge193334srha.jpg (29468 bytes)


1934 County Fishing

ncbadge1934crfa.jpg (22567 bytes)


1934 State Fishing

ncbadge1934srfa.jpg (23853 bytes)


1934-35 County Hunting

ncbadge193435crha.jpg (27873 bytes)


1934-35 State Hunting

ncbadge193435srha.jpg (24796 bytes)


1934-35 State Fishing

ncbadge1935srfa.jpg (22396 bytes)


1935-36 County Hunting

ncbadge193536crha.jpg (22462 bytes)


1935-36 State Hunting

ncbadge193536srha.jpg (27290 bytes)


1935-36 State Hunting & Fishing

ncbadge193536srhfa.jpg (33748 bytes)

1936 County Fishing

ncbadge1936crfa.jpg (24836 bytes)

1936-37 County Hunting

ncbadge193637crha.jpg (25325 bytes)

1936-37 State Hunting

ncbadge193637srha.jpg (22563 bytes)

1936-37 State Hunting & Fishing

ncbadge193637srhfa.jpg (14958 bytes)

All metal 1 3/8 inches. 

1937 State Fishing

ncbadge1937srfa.jpg (14157 bytes)

Copper plated metal. 

1937-38 County Hunting

ncbadge193738crha.jpg (21820 bytes)


1937-38 State Hunting

ncbadge193738srha.jpg (28492 bytes)


1937-38 State Hunting & Fishing

ncbadge193738srhf2a.jpg (180244 bytes)

Enamel, nickel plate, brass metal, 1 1/2 in. . 

1937-38 State Trapping

 ncbadge193738srta.jpg (19312 bytes)


1938 County Fishing

ncbadge1938crfa.jpg (22670 bytes)


1938 State Fishing

ncbadge1938srfa.jpg (14027 bytes)

Enamel, nickel on brass 1 3/4 in.. 

1938-39 County Hunting

ncbadge193839crha.jpg (24687 bytes)


1938-39 State Hunting

ncbadge193839srha.jpg (22564 bytes)


1938-39 State Hunting & Fishing

ncbadge193839srhfa.jpg (15104 bytes)

Nickel plate on brass 13/8 in.

1939 County Fishing

ncbadge1939crfa.jpg (19176 bytes)


1939 State Fishing

ncbadge1939srfa.jpg (16801 bytes)

The last year that license badges were  issued by North Carolina.
Nickel and enamel on brass. 2 inches. 

From 1927 to 1939 the State of North Carolina issued badges that you had to wear when hunting or fishing.

All North Carolina Hunting & Fishing licenses badges are hard to find. There are many badges not shown here. There were  non-resident badges and a complimentary badge.  

The County badges would only allow you to hunt or fish in the county they were issued in. They were cheaper than the state badges. You were required to wear the badge when hunting or fishing. 

The six all metal badges are unique to North Carolina. No other state issued metal badges like these. Especially the Bluegill shaped badge, and the stylized Acorn shaped badge. While it is not the rarest badge, the bluegill is one of  the most unusual badges from any state. 

There also were North Carolina Licensed guide badges issued, I have seen them from 1939-1941, but I do not know the exact years they were issued yet. 

There also were both state and county North Carolina Migratory Waterfowl licenses issued. I have seen three different ones, one state, two county. None of them had a year listed on the badge itself, but my guess would be late 1930s to early 1940s. 

1935-36 License Fees

County fishing  $1.10 County hunting  $1.10
State fishing     $2.10 State hunting     $2.10

State hunting & fishing  $3.10

Paper Licenses that went with the badges. 

You also were required to have the paper license that went with the badge in your possession. This was to prevent multiple individuals from using a badge. Some badges had a pocket on the back to hold the folded license. 

1930-31 County Hunting

ncbadge193031crhb.jpg (51529 bytes)

1931 State Fishing

ncbadge1931srfb.jpg (48050 bytes)

1932-33 County Hunting

ncbadge193233crhb.jpg (49620 bytes)

Later Paper Licenses

1946 State One Day Fishing

 nclicense1946dailyf.jpg (44428 bytes)

1953 State Fishing

nclicense1953sf.jpg (74259 bytes)

1961-62 County Hunting

nclicense196162ch.jpg (66622 bytes)

North Carolina Hunting & Fishing Regulation Booklets

1953 Fishing

ncregulations1953f.jpg (62702 bytes)

1955 Fishing

ncregulations1955f.jpg (35867 bytes)

1963-64 Hunting & Trapping

ncregulations1963ht.jpg (31692 bytes)

 North Carolina Lifetime License Buttons

These were given to hunters or fishermen  when they bought a lifetime license from the state. These are not "official" license badges, required to be worn, they were just a thank you gift from the state for buying the license. 1 3/4 inch. 

Lifetime Fisherman

ncbadgelf.jpg (30243 bytes)

Lifetime Hunter

ncbadgelh.jpg (30781 bytes)

Lifetime Sportsman

ncbadgels.jpg (25734 bytes)

North Caroline Lifetime License Card

nclifetimecard.jpg (53611 bytes)

Plastic, 2 1/3 x 3 3/8 inches. This was the official license you are required to carry. 


North Carolina Fish Net Tags

Used on gill nets and etc. 


ncnettag1952.jpg (31373 bytes)

Brass, 3 1/2 inches


ncnettag1953.jpg (36764 bytes)

Aluminum, 2 1/2 inches. 


ncnettag1956.jpg (32638 bytes)

Aluminum, 3 1/2 inches.


ncnettag1957.jpg (52919 bytes)

Aluminum, 2 1/4 inches.


ncnettag1959.jpg (123859 bytes)

Aluminum, 2 1/4 inches. 


North Carolina Fish & Game Warden Badges

Badge #1921

ncbadgewarden1a.jpg (21066 bytes) ncbadgewarden1b.jpg (14863 bytes)

This was from when the Wildlife Department was under Department of Conservation and Development. Slightly larger than badge 2, by a different maker, also uses a bit different style of the letters. Less concave. Copper finish. 


Badge # 3035

ncbadgewarden2a.jpg (20559 bytes) ncbadgewarden2b.jpg (13299 bytes)

A bit later than the first badge. Smaller pin, badge is a bit shorter. More concave. There is also a version of this badge that says Protector on it. Heavy, bronze finish. 


Newer Badge

ncwildliferesourcesbadgea.JPG (178325 bytes) ncwildliferesourcesbadgeb.JPG (163374 bytes)

1970s-1980s? Was bought from the estate of a Game Warden. Heavy plated metal. 2 1/4 inches. 

Other North Carolina Wildlife Badges

2002 Wildlife Commission

 ncbadge2002.jpg (16843 bytes)

From the NC State Fair. 1 3/4 inches

Fish For Fun

ncbadgefishforfun.jpg (26116 bytes)

NC Wildlife Resources Commission 1980s? 2 inches. 

Think Habitat

ncbadgehabitat.jpg (15567 bytes)

From the Wildlife Commission, 1990s, 1 1/2 inch. 

Check For Wildlife

ncwstfrckw.JPG (146278 bytes)

To promote a $1.00 donation for wildlife on NC State tax forms. 1 1/2 inch. 

Certified Safe Hunter Pin

ncbadgesafehunter.jpg (11407 bytes)

1 inch, 1980s? 

Kinston, NC Safe Hunter Tournament 

ncbadgesafehunterkinston.jpg (5444 bytes)

Tie Tack 3/4 inch. 1970s?



Wildlife In North Carolina State Fair Buttons






Largemouth Bass


Peregrine Falcon


Pair of Ducks


ncwstfr1986a.JPG (188627 bytes)

Black Bear


ncwstfr1987b.JPG (220015 bytes)



ncwstfr1988c.JPG (211324 bytes)

Whitetail Deer


ncwstfr1989d.JPG (200403 bytes)

Black Capped Chickadee


ncwstfr1990e.JPG (211254 bytes)



ncwstfr1991f.JPG (246773 bytes)

River Otter


ncwstfr1992g.JPG (199432 bytes)

Loggerhead Sea Turtle *


ncwstfr1993h.JPG (222374 bytes)



ncwstfr1994i.JPG (230378 bytes)

Wood Duck


ncwstfr1995j.JPG (190618 bytes)

Wild Turkey


ncwstfr1996k.JPG (218469 bytes)



ncwstfr1997l.JPG (219430 bytes)

Owl **


ncwstfr1998m.JPG (208543 bytes)



ncwstfr1999n.JPG (297856 bytes)

Salamander (Neuse River Waterdog)


ncwstfr2000o.JPG (229775 bytes)



ncwstfr2001p.JPG (245568 bytes)

Indigo Bunting


ncwstfr2002q.JPG (217341 bytes)

Eastern Coral Snake


ncwstfr2003r.JPG (247621 bytes)

Box Turtle


ncwstfr2004s.JPG (238666 bytes)

Striped Bass


ncwstfr2005t.JPG (196264 bytes)

American Beaver


ncwstfr2006u.JPG (231709 bytes)

Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat


ncwstfr2007v.JPG (249464 bytes)

Robust Redhorse


ncwstfr2008w.JPG (263263 bytes)

Timber Rattlesnake


ncwstfr2009x.JPG (216126 bytes)

Brook Trout


Fox Squirrel (black phase)


ncwstfr2011.JPG (224911 bytes)

Gopher Frog


North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission State Fair pins This is a list of the pins, eventually a photo of all the pins. 

"The NC Wildlife Resources Commission State Fair pins feature a different species each year. The species correspond to the theme of the commission's State Fair exhibit. 

The oldest dated State Fair pin is 1983. There are two others, squirrel and heron, that don't show a date. The squirrel came first in 1981, the heron in 1982. 

* The pin for the 1992 State Fair had an incorrect year. It was dated 1993. The two 1993 pins feature a morning dove and a turtle. The species for 1992 was the turtle, the 1993 pin has a morning dove.

** The 1997 pin also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Its date is 1947-1997.

 In 2002 there were 2 pins given out at the exhibit. One was the Eastern Coral Snake as the species pin. The other was a larger pin featuring the commission's stationery logo.

 The 2002 pin was the first year the species was labeled on the pin. They have been labeled since then." (Information courtesy of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Department. )

I do have some of the State Fair pins, as well as North Carolina, and other Hunting & Fishing Licenses and pins for sale.  Click Here to visit that page.

North Carolina has a wonderful, award winning, wildlife and nature magazine called Wildlife in North Carolina, it is published by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources commission and features the wildlife of the state, fishing, hunting, and just observing nature. Beautiful nature  photography, and excellent writing. Click Here to Subscribe.

Other items from North Carolina State Wildlife

Common Fish Caught in North Carolina

ncfishcarda.jpg (100493 bytes) ncfishcardb.jpg (99210 bytes)

Nice Plastic laminated common fish card from the Wildlife Resources Commission. 

2005 North Carolina Sample Badges

The badges below were designed by an artist, and submitted in 2004 to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. They were not selected for use, but the designs are still under consideration for some use in the future. The artist had 100 sample sets made up, and the wildlife commission gave permission for him to sell them, as long as he waited till after 2005, and added a disclaimer that they were not official, nor were they endorsed by the Wildlife Commission. Who knows, maybe one day we will see badges again. These are wonderful designs. Well made, metal Around 2 inches. 


ncbadge2005fs.jpg (81464 bytes)




ncbadge2005hs.jpg (66532 bytes)



Hunting & Fishing

ncbadge2005hfsa.jpg (61871 bytes) ncbadge2005hfsb.jpg (48634 bytes)


ncbadge2005ts.jpg (70143 bytes)


Other North Carolina Hunting & Fishing Items 

Cape Hatteras Angler's Club

hatteras1971.jpg (82039 bytes)

1971 Contestant's badge for their annual surf fishing tournament

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club

hatteraspatch.jpg (51304 bytes)

Club Patch 4 inches.

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club

hatteras1974patch.jpg (51772 bytes) 

1974 Surf Fishing Tournament Patch 4 inches. 

 Cape Hatteras Anglers Club

hatterassterlingpina.jpg (23164 bytes)

1965 sterling silver 2nd place Surf Fishing Tournament pin. 1 inch.

Cape Hatteras Anglers Club

hatterasbronze1960.jpg (94594 bytes)

1960 Bronze or Copper Third place award. 


Nag's Head Surf Fishing Club

nagshead1962.jpg (76183 bytes)

1962 Contestant's badge for their annual surf fishing tournament. 



Nags Head Surf Fishing Club

nagsheadpatch.jpg (53500 bytes)

Club Patch 4 inches.




Nags Head Surf Fishing Club

nagsheadmedala.jpg (38676 bytes) nagsheadmedalb.jpg (30799 bytes)

1954 1st Award Team Angler 10k gold.
From the annual tournament they hold every year. 

Nags Head Surf Fishing Club

nagshead1955medala.jpg (61434 bytes) nagshead1955medalb.jpg (39459 bytes)

1955 3rd Place Team. Copper plated. 


Scotch Bonnet Fishing Pier

scotchbonnetpier1981.jpg (75864 bytes) scotchbonnetpier1981comp.jpg (108323 bytes)

Season Pass badge, and Complimentary Season pass badge, 1981. Topsail Island, NC


I am always interested in buying North Carolina badges both ones not shown here, or these same badges for sale or trade. 

I collect, sell, and trade fishing & hunting license badges. If you have any badges to sell or trade, please e-mail me at the address below. I am primarily interested in southern licenses, but will consider other badges. I also collect Field & Stream award and honor pins, and other fishing related pins. If you have any for sale or trade, please contact me below: 

 Click Here to e-mail

Telephone: (828)-448-5091

The badges on this page are not for sale, I do have some North Carolina badges, and other hunting and fishing badges for sale or trade on the following pages:

Old Fishing and Hunting License  Sales Pages 

Fake North Carolina Badge

ncbadge1937fakea.jpg (14124 bytes) ncbadge1937fakeb.jpg (19321 bytes)

Fake North Carolina Badge


ncbadge1938srfa.jpg (14027 bytes) ncbadge1938srfb.jpg (12039 bytes)

Real North Carolina Badge

The badge, above left, came from the Bob Timberlake Gallery in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Cost was $2.95. It isn't a full reproduction, as you can see it is a repro of the 1938 badge, but they changed the date to 1937 (someone told me Timberlake was born in 1937), and they reversed the colors of the black and silver, the pin on the back is different. The new badge is constructed out of cheaper metal, the old badge is nickel plate on brass. New badge is flat, the old badge is concave. . Even with these differences I will bet some folks will be selling the new badge as old, and probably some will be replacing the new style pin, and dirtying the badge up a bit to make it look old. The new badge is made in China.  I have seen  a reproduction  a 1939 County Hunting badge, that was a very poor fake done on a modern badge machine, with poor photocopying.  I saw seven North Carolina fakes being sold on eBay as reproductions. The seller listed the size as 2 1/4 inches. They looked pretty good, and if someone just had a picture to go by, and did not know the size, they could fool even a regular collector. 

The last few months I have been seeing many fake badges for sale on eBay. Some are 1 3/4 inch fakes, some  aged to look old and fool collectors. Some are 2 1/4 inch reproductions. I have seen New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, California, Mississippi, and others. Some sellers are selling them as old, some are selling them as reproductions. One of the problems is that even the sellers that are being honest are selling badges that are not plainly marked as reproductions. Unscrupulous sellers are buying these badges on eBay and then selling them as old, original badges. The quality of these fakes vary from good quality fakes that might fool a collector, to very poor fakes that are unlikely to fool anyone with a personal inspection of the badge. The problem is that all a person has to go by on eBay is a small picture, the description, and the experience and honesty of the seller. Know your seller. If you have any doubts ask questions, ask if they will guarantee the authenticity and age of the badge. .

I also collect other fishing and hunting items, rods, reels, lures, accessories and memorabilia, in addition to other fishing and hunting badges, pins, and medals, some of which will be shown if you click on the links below:

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Every badge I sell is an authentic, old, badge, unless noted otherwise. I guarantee such, and if you have doubts, you are welcome to return the item for a refund. Make sure any dealer will stand behind what he sells.

To visit one of our other pages, click on one of the links below:

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Happy Collecting!

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