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0232indenture.jpg (158427 bytes) 1862 Indenture document for a parcel of land.. Chataqua, New York.4 pages, some tears.  $8.50 item #232



April 1855 booklet, giving a "Path Master" his instructions for collecting road taxes, as well as a log for taxes collected. Orwell Township. 7 pages, handwritten. 4 X 6 inches. $15.50 item #885


Old Keen Kutter Business Card from a long time salesman. 1930s? $12.50 item #896


01059eriepressa.jpg (12249 bytes) 01059eriepressb.jpg (7476 bytes) 1907 Constitution Bylaws Erie Press Club. Lists the officers, objects of the club, and the bylaws "This association shall be known as the Erie press Club of Erie, Pennsylvania. It's objects shall be to cultivate literary taste, to promote social intercourse, and friendly feeling among the newspaper and ex-newspaper workers of Erie county, Pa., and to advance the interests of the profession of journalism." 15 pages. 3 x 5 inches. Good shape, other than light soiling, and a couple of water stains on the front. Soft bound. $9.00 item #1059


01110jokebooka.jpg (30070 bytes) 01110jokebookb.jpg (18203 bytes) 01110jokebookc.jpg (19950 bytes) 1920 You Tell 'em Joke Book Illustrated. 'You Tell 'em - The new Creation of fun - Chicago, HowellPublishing Company - 1920" Soft bound, 3 x 5 3/4 inches. 32 pages. One liner type jokes, I'm sure they were funnier then, than they are now. Funny quips though. Cost 15 when new. Some soiling and yellowing of pages. Small creases in cover, some corner and edge wear. Wonderful illustrations. $12.50 item #1110


 5943gooseburgticket.jpg (63281 bytes) Excursion Ticket. I think this was a joke, here is what it says "Keep this check in sight. Copenhagen to Gooseburg and Return. The person holding this ticket is entitled to one first class passage, on foot, or horse back, to Gooseburg, and return, provided he has shown our circulars to his friends. If you can't travel on this pass, buy a mule with our Confederate money. (Sample $500 bill 10 cents.)". No idea what they were given our for. I have two of these. 1 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches. $4.50 each item #5943


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