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You will find other pinbacks in categories they better fit such as fishing licenses, advertising, and etc. 

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6142wowredheadjazzpinsa.jpg (75196 bytes) 6142wowredheadjazzpinsb.jpg (119861 bytes) Three old comic pins. W.O.W., Jazz and get Fat, Red Head. Each 1 1/4 inch, all with light wear, light rust on back. This came with a collection of other pins all from the 1920s-1930s that I bought at an auction. $10.50 item #6142



6143lovenutsboysweekpinsa.jpg (117814 bytes) 6143lovenutsboysweekpinsb.jpg (100200 bytes) Three old celluloid pinbacks. 1928 Boy's Week, Love Nest, and Say, No Kiddin, I'm Nuts Enuff. Light wear, some foxing on the Boy's Week pin, original paper in the back of two. 3/4 inch pins. This came with a collection of other pins all from the 1920s-1930s that I bought at an auction. $12.50 item #6143



6145pickaninniestwinspina.jpg (80610 bytes) 6145pickaninniestwinspinb.jpg (95369 bytes) Early Pickaninnies Twins Pinback. Black Americana. This pin was actually advertising for a book that was part of a series of books on twins written by Lucy Fitch Perkins (1865-1937), she published this book in 1931. I expect this was a promotional item. Has the original paper in the back from Hyatt Mfg. Co. Baltimore, MD. 3/4 inch. Good shape. This came with a collection of other pins all from the 1920s-1930s that I bought at an auction.$39.00 item #6145


6429ncforestyp.JPG (198913 bytes) A. 6429ncforestlp.JPG (230754 bytes) B. North Carolina Forest Service State Fair buttons. These pins were given out at the State Fair in Raleigh after seeing how successful the NC Wildlife pins were. 1 1/2 inches. A. is from 1999 and shows the Yellow Poplar. B. is from 2000 and shows the Longleaf Pine. I have several of each. Please let me know which letter you want, and how many. $7.50 each, your choice. Item #6429


01055hawaiibuttona.jpg (11294 bytes) 01055hawaiibuttonb.jpg (10492 bytes) I have no idea if this button was for a tour group or for something else. Badge is in good shape, except some of the celluloid covering has come losse from the edge at the bottom center of the badge. Couple of small rust spots on the back. 1 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches. $6.50 item #1055


5476scottytinya.jpg (46745 bytes) 5476scottytinyb.jpg (38629 bytes) Tiny little Scotty dog pin. These were from the 1940s from a salesman who used to set up at carnivals, shows, amusement parks and etc. Less than 1/2 an inch long. New old stock excellent condition. Very good detail for such a tiny little pin. Just the thing for folks who collect, train, or love Scotty dogs. I have several of these. $6.50 each Item #5476


4938mickymousea.jpg (128132 bytes) 4938mickymouseb.jpg (47549 bytes) Mickey Mouse Club Member Pinback. Walt Disney Productions. 3 1/2 inches. A nice early pinback. Has some light scratches, but they only show close up. Light spots of rust on the back. Celluloid on metal. $29.99 item #4938


westinghousefirea.jpg (21672 bytes) westinghousefireb.jpg (19676 bytes) Westinghouse fire department. Not sure if this is the town, or the company. Cast pot metal, and brass. 2 1/2 inches. Some oxidation to the pot metal. $45.00 item #53


American Business Womens Association  pin was for. it is well made. 5/8" $6.50 item #864


4324sparkypin.jpg (9894 bytes) Fold over Sparky pin, litho on tin. A few light scratches, but overall good. 1 inch. $4.50 item #4324


4325firemenpin.jpg (12173 bytes) Firemen's Celebration pin. I do not know the age of this pin, but it is very nice, good condition, spot of rust on the back. . 1 1/4 inches. $6.50 item #4325

4940spinningwheela.jpg (65696 bytes) 4940spinningwheelb.jpg (42965 bytes) Heavy spinning wheel pin. Plated brass. I do not know if this was an award pin or etc. 1 1/2 inches. $9.00 item #4940


4941chilipina.jpg (81475 bytes) 1986 World Championship Chili Cookoff Pinback. The Beast From The East - Nasty New York Chili. 3 inches. Very light surface scratches. Celluloid on metal. $9.00 item #4941


5441thomasvilleemployeepina.jpg (41774 bytes) 5441thomasvilleemployeepinb.jpg (38077 bytes) City of Thomasville North Carolina 5 Year employee tie tack. 10K gold filled. 5/8 inch. Good condition. $12.50 item #5441


General Aniline Works Badge Employee badge. General Aniline Works. Brass. fair condition, few scratches, some wear. 2" $16.50 item #10


5089rogerrabbita.jpg (38776 bytes) 5089rogerrabbitb.jpg (25309 bytes) Who Found Roger Rabbit "One good toon deserves another." Pinback. Good condition. 1987. 1 3/4 inches. $12.50 item #5089


5090redcrosspinsa.jpg (17077 bytes) 5090redcrosspinsb.jpg (13798 bytes) Three red cross pins, and one clip on button. Red cross. All small, 5/8 down to 3/8 inch. Light wear. $8.00 item #5090


5091syracusepinsa.jpg (58743 bytes) 5091syracusepinsb.jpg (38838 bytes) Three pins from Syracuse. 1 3/4 inch New York State Fair, 7/8 inch clean up Syracuse, and 7/8 inch Syracuse bids you welcome pin. Some wear, light scratches, early pins. Probably 1920s era. $12.50 item #5091


5092cj5pinsa.jpg (43756 bytes) 5092cj5pinsb.jpg (31200 bytes) Five  year pins marked CJ. I have no idea if these were employee pins, pins of some school or organization. 1st through 5th year. Early, the smallest 1st year pin measures 5/8 of an inch, the other four pins 3/4 inch. Light wear, some darkening on the back, light scratches. Maybe someone can tell me what these are for. $10.50 item #5092


5132areynosopina.jpg (39948 bytes) 5132areynosopinb.jpg (11511 bytes) Pin says "A. Reynoso Juan Carlos Gomez 1323" I do not know what significance these two names, or whether this is a date, or a number signifying something else. Gold filled pin, 1 1/4. Old, in good condition. $29.50 item #5132


5135lippertsawpina.jpg (28409 bytes) 5135lippertsawpinb.jpg (16970 bytes)  E.T, Lippert Saw Company, Millvale and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. employee badge, #278, nickel plated brass 1 1/2 inches. Some scratches and wear. $19.50 item #5135


ABC 1931 Buffalo NY ? Pinback button. 1 1/4" Very Good condition. $15.00 item #325


6110springfieldchurchpina.jpg (73786 bytes) 6110springfieldchurchpinb.jpg (121159 bytes) Springfield Baptist Church Honor Roll Greenville, South Carolina May 17, 1914. Long stickpin type back. This church was founded in 1867 by slaves freed after the Civil War. Pinback has some rust, wear, as shown, and has faded. Button is 1 1/4 inches, with the pin, 2 3/4 inches. $12.50 item #6110

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