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Pinbacks, Miscellaneous pins, and similar that do not fit other Categories well. Page 2 of 2 

You will find other pinbacks in categories they better fit such as fishing licenses, advertising, and etc. 

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5142washington1965pina.jpg (21251 bytes) 5142washington1965pinb.jpg (19281 bytes) Washington, DC 1965 souvenir pins, joined by chain. Thin, light, metal. The capitol dome measures 1 inch. Good condition. $6.50 item #5142


5435davidbowiea.jpg (60838 bytes) David Bowie pinback badge. 1 1/2 inches. Good condition. $5.50 item #5435


5639jacksonhosecopina.jpg (85416 bytes) 5639jacksonhosecopinb.jpg (93941 bytes) Jackson Hose Co. Oktoberfest 1978 Dansville, NY. Pinback badge. Fire department. 1 inch. Few light scratches. $6.50 item #5639


5425germanpina.jpg (59300 bytes) A.   B. 5425germanpinc1.jpg (68864 bytes) C. European souvenir badges. Badge A is from Grindelwald. Badge B says Linzam or Kinzam? on the boot. Badge C says Salzburg. All show light wear, but overall good condition. Your choice, $12.50 each. Buy all three for $35.00 item #5425


4320redcrossswim.jpg (9045 bytes) Red Cross Beginner Swimmer badge. Union made in Chicago. A few very light scratches. 3/4 inch. $6.50 item #4320


01140icbpa.jpg (27257 bytes) 01140icbpb.jpg (42283 bytes) New York Birder's Club pin, heavy enamel. 1962. Depicted on ths beautiful Pin is Hawaii's State bird, the endangered nene Goose. I think the ICBP is a german birder's society. 1 1/4 inches across. Very good condition. $19.50 item #1140


01056birdbadgea.jpg (16544 bytes) 01056birdbadgeb.jpg (15855 bytes) "Ornithologentagung - Wien 1956" From the Vienna ornithological / bird watching organization. The pin itself is thick enamel on what looks to be silver, though it is not marked. 1 3/8 x 1 3/8 inches. A little tarnish on the back and silver portions. Egret or Heron on front. $19.50 item #1056


01081buffaloa.jpg (16891 bytes) 01081buffalob.jpg (12796 bytes) Buffalo NY American Alpine Travel Club Pin. Pin made by E. Granero Trnto, Italy. Enamel, and a silver type metal. Not sure if it is silver or pewter, probably pewter. Great detail. Good condition. 1 1/4 inch. $15.00 item #1081


01095a.jpg (12792 bytes) 01095b.jpg (8454 bytes) Wonderful celluloid mirror. Made very similar to a pinback, but instead of a pin, a mirror was inserted. These were commonly used for advertising, but this one just has a wonderful baby picture. Baby is in a swing, being held by an older woman. Mirror is a bit cloudy, with some slight silver loss. Back with picture is fine. 2 1/8 inches across. $17.50 item #1095


01123radiobuttona.jpg (24659 bytes) 01123radiobuttonb.jpg (26731 bytes) Unusual and old pinback. I don't know if this was military, or Civilian. 2 1/4 inches across. Shows some surface scratches, and a crack in the celluloid covering on the left side. The back has darkened a bit, with a couple of small spots of surface rust. Light spots of foxing on the outer edge. Displays well. I expect this button dates to the 1950s or earlier. Probably WW II. $14.50 item #1123


gg35a.jpg (19694 bytes) gg35b.jpg (26820 bytes) Cute Young Boy Pinback Badge. I asked on several message boards who this cute little fellow was, I thought I recognized him. several thought he might have been an early child movie or television star. Several others thought perhaps he was used in advertising in the 1940s-1950s, several said they thought for some type of bread. I don't know .  If you know who it is, or what he was used for, please e-mail me. This badge has some age to it, but is not dated so I can't say how old it is for sure. Very good condition. 1 1/2 inches. $12.50 item #gg35


4942emancipationpin.jpg (71120 bytes) 1863-1963 One Hundred Years of Progress Emancipation Proclamation centennial pinback button. 2 1/4 inches. On place on the edge where the celluloid has a tear, otherwise only light scratches, light rust on the metal back. $6.50 item #4942. 


4945telephonebadgea.jpg (43723 bytes) 4945telephonebadgeb.jpg (38001 bytes) Very Nice Bell Telephone Company Employee Badge. Employee #75. No location given. Heavy plated metal  A few light scratches. 1 1/2 inches. $19.50 item #4945


5524bellsystema.jpg (25542 bytes) 5524bellsystemb.jpg (18392 bytes) Bell Systems employee pin. Gold filled. Has a single gold star, not sure if that is one year, or five? 5/8 of an inch. Good condition, Levens company. Good condition. $12.50 item #5524


sa1018smokeybearfoldover.jpg (40762 bytes) Older "I'm helping Smokey Prevent Forest Fires" foldover lapel pin or badge. Metal. Good condition, never been folded. 2 1/4 inches. $8.00 item #sa1018


4016nestlesa.jpg (8840 bytes) 4016nestlesb.jpg (8880 bytes) Nestle's Picnic 1920 Probably and employee's picnic. Button, 1 inch. Whitehead Hoag Co. Good condition. $22.50 item #4016


California Perfume Company Avon representatives pin. The Avon book says this type of pin was used from 1927-1938. 7/8" Marked on back "Made in U.S.A. Stand EMS Co. Prov. RI" Jewelry type pin. $32.50 item #620


!. 5960moviepromopin2a.jpg (100186 bytes) 5960moviepromopin2b.jpg (114943 bytes) 2. Your choice of movie promotional pins. Barbershop 2 1/2 inch, The Ghost in the Darkness 2 1/4 inches. Your choice $5.50 item #5960


6010stamfordmillsbuttona.jpg (76402 bytes) 6010stamfordmillsbuttonb.jpg (110214 bytes) Stamford Rolling Mills Co. Visitor badge. Possibly a steel mill near Stamford, CT. Celluloid on metal. 1 1/2 inches. a little light wear. $12.00 item #6010


6173strawberrypina.jpg (81820 bytes) 6173strawberrypinb.jpg (93156 bytes) Early pinback button with a beautiful strawberry on it. 1 1/2 inches, light scratches and wear, light rust on back. No markings anywhere on the badge. $9.50 item #6173


6177unusualbadge12911941a.jpg (113789 bytes) 6177unusualbadge12911941b.jpg (100041 bytes) 650th Anniversary pin for Switzerland as a nation. Made by Huguenin Locle. "In Switz S'Vniversita' on the front. Stamped metal, brass or brass plated. Good condition, with light wear and tarnish. Not counting the tassels, 1 1/8 inch. $19.00 item #6177


Burlington US Junior COFC. Chamber of Commerce. Started in Burlington Vermont. 5/8 inch. Screwback, Enamel on metal, screwback. Light wear, some tarnish on back. I have three of these. The first two are as described. the last has slightly heavier tarnish. I will ship the best two first, $6.50 each, item #6181


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