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5360kennedya.jpg (62190 bytes) 5360kennedyb.jpg (61562 bytes) Original 1960 John F. Kennedy for President pinback. Has the manufacturing company and union seals printed on the edge. Light wear, some rust on the back, 3/4 inch. I have several of these. $7.50 each, item #5360


3046politicalpca.jpg (35391 bytes) 3046politicalpcb.jpg (12990 bytes) Unique Political Postcard. Has the Connecticut State Flower and seal on the front. And you can read what it has on the back. There were several Taylors who were politicians during 1917. I just thought this was an unusual form of political ad. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Light soiling. Slight edge and corner wear. $6.50 item #3046


New Hampshire 1938. Francis Murphy - Governor, Charles Tobey - US Senate, Foster Stearns - US Congress. All three won. 13/16" $15.00 item # 395


1939 Senate Visitor's Gallery Pass. Signed Lyn(ard)? Frazier, U.S. Senator April 11, 1939. $9.50 item #527


Six Soviet Mayday pins. I understand these were given out at the annual parade celebrating the revolution. Cheap metal, enamel. $29.00 item #679


Pair Humphrey Muskie Campaign pinback buttons. Original, Good condition, few scratches. Right at one inch each.  $12.50 item #41


1934 Nazi party pin. "Days wages the same for all workers" translated from the German on the badge. $45.00 item #147



0964ikepin.jpg (8656 bytes) Wonderful presidential Campaign Pin for Dwight D. Eisenhower. 1 x 7/8 inch. Good condition. While pinbacks are found, campaign jewelry is much less common. A very nice piece both for the political collector as well as the jewelry collector. (I have two of these) $19.00 each,  item # 964


Odd button for a man running for penitentiary warden. Old. 14/16" Very Good condition. $29.50 item #396


Medal struck for a 1960 dinner with Ike. Bronze. Ring for hanging at top. 1 1/4" $30.50 item #397


5335clintongorebuttona.jpg (165880 bytes) 5335clintongorebuttonb.jpg (89602 bytes) Clinton Gore 96 Pinback button. Light metal, some rust on the back, light scratches. 1 5/8 inches. $6.50 item #5335


5354clintongorea.jpg (130955 bytes) 5354clintongoreb.jpg (163541 bytes) Clinton Gore Presidential campaign pinback. 2 1/4 inches. A few scratches, some wear. $6.50 item #5354


GOP key chain. GOP made out of cut glass stones, brass and brass plate. 4" $24.50 item #404


  4348repub1996b.jpg (57877 bytes) B. 4348repub1997c.jpg (66140 bytes) C. 4348repub1998d.jpg (62695 bytes) D.   4348repub1999f.jpg (66467 bytes) F. Your choice of the following Republican limited edition pins. I think these were given to campaign contributors. $6.00 each, all on cards. Some of the cards show some wear, but the pins are all good. 

B. 1996 Republican National Committee. C. 1997 Republican National Committee. D. 1998 Republican National Committee. F. 1999 Republican National Committee. item #4348



4595rooseveltbootjacka.jpg (17239 bytes) 4595rooseveltbootjackb.jpg (16887 bytes) 4595rooseveltbootjackc.jpg (22370 bytes) Roosevelt in '32 cast iron bootjack. I believe this to be a reproduction, or a fantasy item. I do not think it is a period piece from the campaign. If not a repro, it looks to have been repainted at least, but I believe it to be a repro. I looked on the internet to see if I could confirm this, but could find no information, or any others for sale at the time of listing. If it was a period campaign piece it would be very valuable, but I am selling it as a reproduction. 10 1/2 inches.  $49.00 Heavy, so shipping would be by zone. item #4595


4854robinsonjudgepca.jpg (27993 bytes) 4854robinsonjudgepcb.jpg (35626 bytes) "Donald E. Robinson Democratic Candidate for Monroe County Children's Court Judge" postcard. 1950s? Unsent, light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $4.50 item #4854


4917joycemayor.jpg (83502 bytes) Re-elect Joyce Savocchio Mayor Political Pinback. 3 inches. Good condition. . She was a three term Mayor of Erie Pennylvania. $6.50 item #4917


4993presidentfordpin.jpg (24724 bytes) From when ford was running for office for his second term. 1 1/2 inches. Light scratches. $6.50 item #4993


4994masonpresident.jpg (24967 bytes) 1984 Socialist Workers Mason for President. On edge "Paid for by the Socialist Workers National Campaign Committee. Very light scratches. $19.50 item #4994



5343lbjfortheusaoptica.jpg (81746 bytes) 5343lbjfortheusaopticb.jpg (57091 bytes) Lyndon B. Johnson campaign optic pin. Perhaps from a campaign stop in Louisiana, or a convention delegate.  Says "LBJ for the USA". These are the hardest buttons to photograph. It is hard to get a good image, the button looks much better than the photos depict. 2 1/2 x 3 1/8 inches. Marked on back "1964 Democratic National Committee - Dimensional Research Pat, Pending". Some rust on pin. $14.50 item #5343


6127clintongorebuttona.jpg (72264 bytes) 6127clintongorebuttonb.jpg (67662 bytes) Clinton Gore Campaign pin. 1 3/4 inches. Good shape, very light scratches. I have three of these. $7.50 each item #6127


6128carterpeanut.jpg (98128 bytes) Jimmy Carter peanut necklace. Peanut with stylized  mouth. Molded out of some kind of heavy plastic. Peanut is 1 3/4 inches. Good shape. $16.50 item #6128



6130nixonpennya.jpg (87120 bytes) 6130nixonpennyb.jpg (14369 bytes) Nixon New Penny, and getting smaller, smaller. Tiny copy of a penny, 1/4 inch, in a holder. Obviously anti Nixon, protesting the devaluation of US currency, probably over the China trade issue. I have three of these, light soiling on each. $12.50 each, item #6130

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