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4919rockefellerpina.jpg (12981 bytes) 4919rockefellerpinb.jpg (16969 bytes) 4919rockefellerpinc.jpg (16336 bytes) Three Rockefeller political pins. All three 1 1/8 inches. Some light scratches. All have the union seal on the edge, and are from Don Howard, Associates, New York. $10.50 item #4919


6286mckinleyarchpcb.jpg (196313 bytes) 6286mckinleyarchpcc.jpg (102976 bytes) McKinley Memorial Arch, erected by Canton Public Schools. The procession transporting Mckinley's body passed under this arch. President McKinley was shot on September 6, 1901 and died September 14, 1901. Private Mailing Card, the predecessor of Postcards. 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches.  Unsent. Some yellowing, edge and corner wear. Light soiling. Quarter size paper loss on back where it was glued into an album. $7.50 item #6286


5631nixonearrings.jpg (54556 bytes) Nixon GOP earrings. Probably 1968 campaign. Plastic and metal. Light soiling. tarnish to the metal. First ones I have seen. 3/4 inch.  $16.50 item #5631


Enamel on metal Hoover pin. A few light scratches, but overall good. 7/8 inch. $20.50 item #4092



5235bokofpresidents.jpg (48282 bytes) 1968 booklet 32 pages with facts and details on presidents up to LBJ, including the democratic and republican candidates for President, including Nixon, Johnson, Reagan, and others. 4 1/2 x 6 inches, soft bond. Some wear, creases, light soiling, but a fun little book. $5.00 item #5235


 4922fdrpinb.jpg (26340 bytes) Lithographed 3/4 inch FDR button, superimposed PAC and OK (Unions?) on the front. J. Imber Co. Chicago marked on the back. Very light scratches. Not sure which campaign this was from for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. $20.00 item #4922


5019depuypina.jpg (9006 bytes) 5019depuypinb.jpg (10800 bytes) Depuy for Auditor General metal campaign button. 1 inch across. Butterfly clasp on back. Light wear.I don't see many all metal buttons like this.  $6.00 item #5019


5020republicanpina.jpg (6609 bytes) 5020republicanpinb.jpg (8516 bytes) Elephant and horseshoes good luck pin. 3/4 inch, plated white metal. Butterfly clasp. I have several of these, came pinned to small Gulf cards, though I do not know if that is original, but will be included. $4.50 each item #5020


5021scrantonpina.jpg (14884 bytes) 5021scrantonpinb.jpg (9609 bytes) Pennsylvania needs Scanton Van Zandt Shafer Kelly Roberts pinback button. William Warren Scranton was governor of PA from 1963-1967, was in the US Congress before that. The other folks on this button were running on the 1963 Republican ticket. A few light scratches, 1 inch. Light rust on back. $12.50 item #5021


5097trumanpc.jpg (56093 bytes) Home of President Harry Truman, Independence, MO. Linen postcard. The Summer Whitehouse. Sent from Blue Springs, MO in 1947. Writing and postmark on back. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. Stamp gone of the back. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.$4.00 item #5097

5099sovietmedal1a.jpg (53435 bytes) 5099sovietmedal1b.jpg (38517 bytes) Soviet medal,  seems to be a little better made than the rest of the May Day pins,  Medal A is 3 1/2 inches.  $12.50  item #5099

5100sovietpins1a.jpg (98088 bytes) 5100sovietpins1b.jpg (88950 bytes) A. 5100sovietpins2a.jpg (85414 bytes)  5100sovietpins2b.jpg (73413 bytes) B.  5100sovietpins3a.jpg (109793 bytes)  5100sovietpins3b.jpg (71015 bytes) C. Three groups of Soviet May Day pins and insignia. They range in size from 3/4 inch up to a couple of inches. Your choice A,B. and/or C, $10.50 each item #5100


5353reaganbush84a.jpg (149558 bytes) 5353reaganbush84b.jpg (157344 bytes) 1984 Reagan Bush Campaign. pinback. This one came from a campaign volunteer in South Carolina who worked on the campaign staff. 2 1/4 inches, good shape, light wear. $9.00 item #5353 



5355mcgovernshrivera.jpg (92272 bytes) 5355mcgovernshriverb.jpg (103650 bytes) 1972 Presidential campaign, George McGovern for President, Sergeant Shriver for Vice President. Jugate button. Come Home America was a reference to his acceptance speech at the Democratic national convention. MCGovern's original running mate was Senator Tom Eagleton, but when he withdrew his nomination, Shriver took his place. Some light scratches, rust on the back. 1 3/4 inches. $12.50 item #5355



5358wallacepina.jpg (168519 bytes) 5358wallacepinb.jpg (127557 bytes) George Wallace presidential campaign pinback. I am not sure which election this was from as Wallace ran 4 times, 1964, 1968, 1972 and 1976. Due to the eagle on the top right, though, I think it may be from when Wallace ran as a candidate from the American Independent Party in 1968. 1 5/8 inches, light wear, a spot or two of rust on the back. $12.50 item #5358


5362vanzandtbuttona.jpg (74274 bytes) 5362vanzandtbuttonb.jpg (66261 bytes) Van Zandt Scranton  campaign pinback, Pennsylvania? 7/8 inch. Light wear. $6.50 item #5362 



5621alsmithdonkeypina.jpg (31490 bytes) 5621alsmithdonkeypinb.jpg (25299 bytes) Al Smith political campaign pin. From his 1928 campaign for President of the United States which he lost to Herbert Hoover. Alfred E. Smith (1873-1944) was 4 time governor of NY. First Roman Catholic and First Irish American to run for President. After he lost the election he became President of Empire State Inc. and helped build the Empire State Building. Pin is a little over 3/4 inch. Enamel on metal. Some light tarnish and soiling on back. Clasp works fine. $42.50 item #5621


sa1030votedemocraticpinb.jpg (46172 bytes) Old Vote Democratic pin, with a donkey on the front. Green Duck Co. , Chicago. Lithograph on metal. Some light scratches, spots of rust on the back. 1 1/8 inches. I have two of these. $7.50 each item #sa1030


5619wilkiepina.jpg (33891 bytes) 5619wilkiepinb.jpg (34232 bytes) From the 1940 Willkie Campaign, 1 inch badge. Light rust on the back, Philadelphia Badge Co. marked on edge. Light scratches. $14.50 item #5619


sa1031bushquaylepina.jpg (40026 bytes) sa1031bushquaylepinb.jpg (47119 bytes) Bush Quayle 1988 Campaign pin, 1 3/4 inches. A couple of tiny, light, scratches. Clearer than the photo indicates. $6.50 item #sa1031


4329socilismbooka.jpg (47183 bytes) 4329socilismbookb.jpg (21134 bytes) "American Socialism of the Present Day" by Jessie Wallace Hughan, 1911 by the John Lane Company, The University Press, Cambridge, U.S.A. Survey of the American Socialist movement. 265 pages. An extensive list of books on the subject in the back. Light soiling of the edges, and covers. Light edge wear to the binding, spine, and edges of the cover. 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches. $20.50 item #4329


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