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5345landonlapelpinb.jpg (18937 bytes) Alfred "Alf" Landon enamel and metal campaign lapel pin. From the 1936 presidential campaign. This would have been the type of thing a campaign worker or financial contributor would have worn as they were more expensive to produce, and also more subtle, than a campaign button. The round thing you see on the back slipped through a button hole on a collar. Enamel on metal. 5/8 inch, good shape, light wear. $39.50 item #5345


5346mcsparrangovernora.jpg (37153 bytes) 5346mcsparrangovernorb.jpg (36439 bytes) 1922 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial McSparran Pattison Jugate campaign button. John A. McSparran ran for Governor in both 1922 and 1934, Pattison ran for Lt. Governor. 3/4 inch, light scratches, some rust on the back. Jugate just  means there are two faces on the button. $22.50 item #5346



4916inauguralball2.jpg (43999 bytes) Inauguration of President Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew Pendant. 1 inch across, in good shape, though the back could stand some cleaning as there is some tarnish and verdigris. Loop for wearing on a chain. $12.50 item #4916


5366willkiecontributora.jpg (72387 bytes) 5366willkiecontributorb.jpg (61008 bytes) 1940 Wendell Willkie Campaign Contributor pinback button. Light wear, light rust on the back, original. 7/8 inch. $14.50 item #5366


5368rooseveltfoldovera.jpg (69132 bytes) 5368rooseveltfoldoverb.jpg (56363 bytes) FDR Roosevelt campaign foldover lapel or pocket pin. You just bent the back and clamped it onto place. I have two of these, same condition. Light wear, I do not think they have been bent or clipped to anything. $7.50 each. item #5368


5459adlaitiebara.jpg (26695 bytes) 5459adlaitiebarb.jpg (24844 bytes) Adlai Stevenson tiebar. This tieclip is enamel on metal and says "Make Way for Adlai". I do not know if this is from the 1952 or 1956 Presidential campaign. Good condition, very light wear. 2 3/4 inches. $32.50 item #5459


5629clintongorrapida.jpg (50573 bytes) 5629clintongorrapidb.jpg (50213 bytes) Clinton Gore Rapid Response Team campaign button. Darker than shown in picture. Not faded. Light spots of rust on back. maker's name on edge with union seal.  Clinton was famous for setting up rapid response teams even before he choose Al Gore as a running mate. This probably was from their first campaign in 1992. 1 3/4 light scratches. $7.50 item #5629


5718annaleerep.jpg (64959 bytes) Annalee Pin - On Republican Elephant pin. Made of felt, yarn, fiber. Made by Annalee Dolls, Inc. Meredith, NH. On original card. Someone clipped one corner of the card, presumably where the price was printed. Has safety pin type pin on, has orignal Annalee cloth tag on back  Mobilite Doll 1971. Pin is about 3 inches. Slight thinning of hair, and yellowing of card. I have several of these.  $25.50 each item #5718


Annalee Pin - On Democratic Donkey pin. Made of felt, yarn, fiber. Made by Annalee Dolls, Inc. Meredith, NH. On original card. Someone clipped one corner of the card, presumably where the price was printed. Has safety pin type pin on, has orignal Annalee cloth tag on back Mobileite Dolldated 1971. Pin is about 3 inches. Slight  yellowing of card. I have several of these. $25.50 each item #5718


Ross Perot for President 1 3/4, has the union made seal on edge. Good condition, very, very, light scratches. $9.00 item #5720



5721rallypartypina.jpg (71452 bytes) A. B. 5721rallypartypinc.jpg (18617 bytes) Rally Round the party pins. Each about 5/8 ounce, plated white metal, removable clasp. Older. On original cards. Cards show some edge wear, and a few light edge stains. A. is the Republican Elephant. B. is the Democratic Donkey. Could be worn as a tie tack with a tie tack back. I have several of each,  let me know which you want. $6.50 each item #5721


5722presidentsservicea.jpg (82396 bytes) 5722presidentsserviceb.jpg (62369 bytes) President's Student Service Awards pin. 1 inch. Removable clasp on pin. Made by Bastian Bros. Rochester NY. Has two union seals on the back. Could be worn as a tie tack with a tie tack back. $9.50 item #5722


5725carpenterslobbypina.jpg (45709 bytes) 5725carpenterslobbypinb.jpg (25666 bytes) 1971Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee. Has Labor  Omnia Vincit" Hard Work Conquers All" on a measure in the middle. This also is the motto of Oklahoma, so perhaps that is where it is from. I am thinking some kind of lobbying group, or a political action committee. 3/4 inch. I have two of these. $6.50 each item #5725


5726carterknifea.jpg (118717 bytes) 5726carterknifeb.jpg (36895 bytes) 1980 Vote Democratic Carter knife. With a picture of Carter and a patriotic eagle. U.S.A. on the main blade. Blades shows some wear, and a few spots of rust. 3 1/2 inches long. Two blades. $19.50 item #5726


5834republican1952pina.jpg (46849 bytes) 5834republican1952pinb.jpg (24549 bytes) Tiny little Republican Elephant pin from 1952. !952 was the election year when Dwight Eisenhower beat Adlai Stevenson. Copper or brass. Slightly bigger than 3/4 inch. Few scratches. Would polish if someone wanted to do so. Neat little political pin. $10.50 item #5834


6140hooverelephantpina.jpg (91082 bytes) Nice Herbert Hoover GOP pin, enamel on metal. Not sure if this was from the 1928 or 1932 campaign. light wear. 1 inch. $32.50 item #6140


6162lincolnstombmonumenta.jpg (79257 bytes) 6162lincolnstombmonumentb.jpg (122016 bytes) Lincoln's Tomb paperweight. The tomb is in Oak Ridge Cemetery Springfield, Illinois. It is the tom of Abraham Lincoln, his wife, and three of his sons. The monument and tomb was built in 1871. Plated pot metal. 4 inches tall, good condition. $19.50 item #6162


6167kennedykeychaina.jpg (132008 bytes) 6167kennedykeychainb.jpg (136794 bytes) Kennedy Token in a keychain holder. Kennedy bust on front, with birth and death dates. On back is part of Kennedy's "...ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country." speach. Some scratches and light wear. $8.50 item #6167


6168humphreymuskiea.jpg (80092 bytes) From the 19678 campaign. Light wear, 1 1/8 inches. $9.00 item #6168


6169lmcliberalpina.jpg (70559 bytes) 6169lmcliberalpinb.jpg (88183 bytes) Lindsay Mollen Costello - Vote Liberal Column C. Pinback. Not sure if this was local, or congressional. 1 inch. Light wear. $7.00 item #6169


6170eugenepina.jpg (36724 bytes) Probably Eugene McCarthy, and from his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 1968. Possibly from one of his congressional campaigns, though. 3/8 inch. Light rust on back, light wear including a little foxing showing on front from the rust. $7.00 item #6170


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