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There are also some handmade pottery marbles on the marble page.

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I carry many pieces of North Carolina pottery in my shop that I do not list on my website. I do not like to ship larger pieces due to postage costs, and potential damage to one of a kind pieces. If you are in my area, be sure and stop by.  There are over 300 pieces of North Carolina pottery in my shop. 

4664drexelgrapevinejuga.jpg (21664 bytes) 4664drexelgrapevinejugb.jpg (25750 bytes) 4664drexelgrapevinejugc.jpg (17245 bytes) Handmade pottery souvenir jug. Drexel Grapevine Antiques. I had Kathy Richards a potter fromf Lincolnton, North Carolina make some of these wonderful little jugs for me to sell in my shop. Nicely modeled cluster of grapes on the front. Each jug will vary a little bit. 3 to 3 1/2 inches tall,. $29.50 item #4664 


1980 Frankoma pottery Christmas "card". Small pottery dish, Tree with Christmas Bow on front, " Merry Christmas...Frankoma... Joniece & Duane 1980" on the back. 3 inches by 3 3/4 inches. Excellent condition. $19.50 item #475


Unusual little 3" pot, marked simply depose (French?) Hand thrown $22.50 item #158


Miniature Catawba Indian contemporary "tourist ware" vase 1930s-1950s couple of tiny chips on rim. 3" $32.50 item #176


Small stoneware Jar, marked "EG" on the bottom. 3 3/4" $22.50 item #379


Decorated piece of pottery. Designs scribed through glaze. marked in pencil on the bottom "Norway 1969" 3" $15.50 item #380


Bybee Pottery Cup and saucer. 1950s. marked Bybee, KY on the bottom of the saucer. Saucer is 4" Excellent condition. $29.50 item #384


Miniature pottery piggy bank. Kathy Richards, Lincolnton, North Carolina. 2 1/4" Hand Made. $24.50 item #638


Beautiful high glaze pitcher made by Jerome Rosenber Nov. 1927. Hand made. 8 1/2inches tall, 6 inches across. Mark on bottom shown . No chips, cracks, or damage. Very well made and glazed. This is the only piece I have seen by this potter. It took real skill to create the beautiful mirror glaze on this pitcher. $95.00 item #718


0972stonewarea.jpg (6476 bytes) 0972stonewareb.jpg (6642 bytes) Very well made stoneware jar or vase. Unusual crackle glaze. Stoneware clay. Very nice shape. incised bands for decoration. Good condition, no cracks or chips. 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. No mark as to maker, no idea as to age, but it's not new. $14.50 item #972



Wonderful small unglazed pottery bowl. Hand thrown, and hand decorated. Definite southwestern style to the shape and decoration. Earthenware clay body. Bisque fired, comb scratch decorated on white slip stripe. 2 1/2 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches across. $14.50 item #936


Located in beautiful County Galway in Connenara Ireland lies the modern storybook castle of Kylemore. Built in the 1860s by a renowned industrialist as a residence for his wife who fell in love with the area. For many years it has been known as Kylemore Abbey and has been home for an order of Benedictine nuns. Famous for their crafts, and especially their pottery. The pottery is made to reflect the native stones, soil, flora and fauna. Very unusual mottled earth tone brown glaze on this graceful candlestick. 3 1/4 tall and 4 3/8 inches across. Good condition. $43.50 item #941


0959bolickbasketa.jpg (12155 bytes) 0959bolickbasketb.jpg (15147 bytes) Mini Bolick pottery basket. Wonderful brown glaze. 1 1/2 inches. Good condition. Earthenware clay, hand made. The Bolick family comes from a long line of potters. I expect this piece was made by Ms. Bolick, whose maiden name was Owens, part of the Owens family from Seagrove. The Owens family has potters going back many generations. The MCB mark on bottom shown in the second photo. $9.00 item #959


Books on North Carolina and types of traditional pottery. 

ncpotteryclaybook.jpg (47721 bytes) Catawba Clay: Contemporary Southern Face Jug Makers by Barry G. Huffman. An excellent book on modern face jug makers of North Carolina. Great pictures. 89 pages. Soft bound, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. 2nd Printing 1999. Out of print.I have a few copies left in stock. $30.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail me to order. 


ncpottery2cbook.jpg (39543 bytes) Two Centuries of Potters A Catawba Valley Tradition, Bill Beam, Jason Harpe, Scott Smith, and David Springs. From the Lincoln County Historical Association. This was a catalog of an exhibit held by the Historical Association in 1999. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, soft cover, 115 pages. An incredible collection of pottery, wonderful photographs, many unusual pieces. An invaluable reference guide for identifying Catawba Valley Pottery. In my opinion the best guide for marks, shapes, handles, and etc. Also articles on the history of local pottery, and more. Now out of print. I do have a few  copies left in stock.  $45.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail me to order. 


potteryfestivalprogram2010a.JPG (62968 bytes) potteryfestivalprogram2010b.JPG (163593 bytes) potteryfestivalprogram2010c.JPG (102712 bytes) Celebrating Catawba Valley Potters Past & Present. Program for the Blackburn Community Pottery Festival. Held first weekend in June at the Wesley Chapel UMC Church in Newton, NC. I have a couple of copies of the 2010 program for sale. I may have access to more, or to other years. 50 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Softbound. Information on the Hilton family of potters as well as other info on Catawba Valley potters, past, and present. $25.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail to order. 

E-mail to order.

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I created a page with some information, and links, about Catawba Valley pottery, and other North Carolina pottery:

North Carolina & Catawba Valley Pottery Info

Here I show some of the rarer pieces , and we often have similar pottery in the antique shop that are not listed for sale on this website. 

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