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I carry many pieces of North Carolina pottery in my shop that I do not list on my website. I do not like to ship larger pieces due to postage costs, and potential damage to one of a kind pieces. If you are in my area, be sure and stop by.  There are over 300 pieces of North Carolina pottery in my shop. 

0978funnysquirrel.jpg (11607 bytes) Wonderful and cute planter. While I can't put a name to him, I am sure I have seen this cute and goofy little fellow before in cartoons or comic strips. No chips or cracks, some crazing in the glaze. 5 1/4 inches by 5 3/4 inches. 1950s? $16.50 item #978


0979abbearspa.jpg (17134 bytes) 0979abbearspb.jpg (8525 bytes) Wonderful pair of American Bisque bear salt and pepper shakers. Probably made to match the Bear with Eyes open/closed cookie jar. Can be found on page 127 of <u>American Bisque Collector's Guide</u> by Mary Jane Giacomini. Unmarked as shown in the book, but have the characteristic American Bisque U shaped foot (as shown by the second photograph). These cute little bears are cold painted (on top of the glaze), and as is common with cold painting there has been some paint loss ( look at the bows in the first photo), it could be easily touched up. No cracks or chips. 3 inches tall. $22.50 item#979


0982colecandlea.jpg (13537 bytes) 0982colecandleb.jpg (21165 bytes) Beautiful North Carolina Pottery Candlestick. From the glaze, style, and the way the base is made I am sure it is a North Carolina piece, and my thinking is probably Cole family from Sanford, NC. Notice sanding marks and kiln stacker marks on the bottom, these are characteristic of the Cole family. If it is marked, the mark is obscured by the glaze on the bottom. Hand Made. Brown metallic glaze, I think it is called Gunmetal glaze. Earthenware body. No chips or cracks, 2 3/4 inches tall, 4 1/4 inches across. $22.50 item #982


0985calhouna.jpg (10927 bytes) 0985calhounb.jpg (28986 bytes) Beautiful miniature candleholder, made in Blowing Rock North Carolina by Michael Calhoun of Traditions Pottery. Michael has been making pottery for about 10 years after marrying one of the daughters from the Bolick family. The Bolicks come from a long line of potters going back many generations. 1 5/8 inches tall, 2 5/9 inches across. Beautiful mottled blue, white, and brown glaze. No chips and cracks. This piece was probably made about 1993. The mark on the bottom is shown in the second photo, it is hard to read in the photograph, I tried to sharpen it a little, with mixed results. It is easier to read in person. $12.50 item #0985


0996artistica.jpg (12456 bytes) 0996artisticb.jpg (5292 bytes) Beautiful Artistic Potteries bowl, deep rumpled edges, suggests a shell shape. From my understanding, pieces from this pottery are very hard to find. Artistic Potteries Company was in business in the 1940s. Showrooms were in Los Angeles, the pottery itself was in Whittier, California. 8 1/4 inches long, 3 inches deep. Good condition. $49.50 item #996


0999bolickbasketa.jpg (9904 bytes) 0999bolickbasketb.jpg (14854 bytes) Mini Bolick pottery basket. Wonderful white glaze. 1 1/4 inches. Good condition. Unfortunately Mrs. Bolick didn't mark this piece. Earthenware clay, hand made. The Bolick family comes from a long line of potters. I expect this piece was made by Ms. Bolick, whose maiden name was Owens, part of the Owens family from Seagrove. The Owens family has potters going back many generations. $8.50 item #999


01000bolickgravya.jpg (20761 bytes) 01000bolickgravyb.jpg (13447 bytes) 01000bolickgravyc.jpg (10541 bytes) Wonderful Southern Pottery gravy boat and underplate. made in 1992 by Glen Bolick. Handmade, rich mottled blue glaze. The Gravy boat is 6 1/4 inches tall, 5 3/4 long. The underplate is 6 1/8 inches. Both pieces are marked. Glen and his wife share a rich tradition of Southern Pottery. Both of the Bolick brother's wives were part of the famous line of Owens family potters from Seagrove, NC. The Bolick pottery today is located near Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Good condition. No chips or cracks. $32.50 item #1000


01004pigbowlsa.jpg (11162 bytes) 01004pigbowlsb.jpg (9695 bytes) Pair of unusual handmade pottery bowls. Pink glazed inside, unglazed outsides. Notice the unique pig mark on the bottoms. Notice the second photo. Each bowl is 4 3/4 inches by 2 1/2 inches deep. Good condition, no chips or cracks. $16.50 item #1004


01009williamsburga.jpg (14266 bytes) 01009williamsburgb.jpg (5273 bytes) Williamsburg Virginia Pottery Cream Pitcher. This great creamer is salt glazed and cobalt decorated. 3 x 3 1/4 inches. Good condition, no chips or cracks. Mark shown in the second photo. $13.50 item #1009


Heavy walls, unusual shape inside and out, white interior. Marked "Fortnum & Mason, London" on the bottom. Fortnum & Mason is the name of a store in London England that has been in operation since 1707, holder of many Royal Warrants over the last 150 years. From what I can tell in a short perusal, of their website they sell upscale foods, wines, and tobacco among other things. 4 1/2 x 4 inches. Good condition, no cracks or chips. $39.50 item #914


ncpotteryclaybook.jpg (47721 bytes) Catawba Clay: Contemporary Southern Face Jug Makers by Barry G. Huffman. An excellent book on modern face jug makers of North Carolina. Great pictures. 89 pages. Soft bound, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. 2nd Printing 1999. Out of print. I have a few copies left in stock. $30.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail me to order. 


ncpottery2cbook.jpg (39543 bytes) Two Centuries of Potters A Catawba Valley Tradition, Bill Beam, Jason Harpe, Scott Smith, and David Springs. From the Lincoln County Historical Association. This was a catalog of an exhibit held by the Historical Association in 1999. 8 1/2 x 11 inches, soft cover, 115 pages. An incredible collection of pottery, wonderful photographs, many unusual pieces. An invaluable reference guide for identifying Catawba Valley Pottery. In my opinion the best guide for marks, shapes, handles, and etc. Also articles on the history of local pottery, and more. Now out of print. I do have a few  copies left in stock.  $45.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail me to order. 


potteryfestivalprogram2010a.JPG (62968 bytes) potteryfestivalprogram2010b.JPG (163593 bytes) potteryfestivalprogram2010c.JPG (102712 bytes) Celebrating Catawba Valley Potters Past & Present. Program for the Blackburn Community Pottery Festival. Held first weekend in June at the Wesley Chapel UMC Church in Newton, NC. I have a couple of copies of the 2010 program for sale. I may have access to more, or to other years. 50 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Softbound. Information on the Hilton family of potters as well as other info on Catawba Valley potters, past, and present. $25.00 plus shipping. Please e-mail to order. 


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To place an order or to ask a question, e-mail us at:

Sales & questions

I created a page with some information, and links, about Catawba Valley pottery, and other North Carolina pottery:

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Here I show some of the rarer pieces , and we often have similar pottery in the antique shop that are not listed for sale on this website. 

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