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Drexel Grapevine Antiques is a family owned antique shop located near Drexel, North Carolina. We opened in 1990. We have had an internet presence for 15 years selling through our website, www.drexelantiques.com

We sell both within the United States  and International. 

I also use the website to present  information for collectors, and dealers, including resources, and articles I have written for other publications. Contact me if you might be interested in an article on one of the areas I am knowledgeable about. 

I specialize in: Antique Fishing Tackle; Hunting and Fishing Licenses and hunting & fishing club and tournament pins; North Carolina hand made pottery including pottery from the Catawba Valley, Seagrove area, and Mountain areas; Postcards. 

I also have some knowledge of American and European china, glassware, militaria, Blue Ridge Pottery/China, and many other things. 

We carry a broad variety of antique and collectible smalls in our shop and website. 

I will be happy to talk with members of the press to provide information on antiques and collectibles, collecting, or other topics where I have some expertise either by e-mail, mail, or phone. Please be sure to identify your publication when contacting us. 


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Press contact: Jeff Savage, III.

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Sales Pages:

Advertising Collectibles Fishing & Hunting Licenses, club pins. Postcards

Automobile & Motorcycle Collectibles

Fraternal Collectibles: Masons, Shriners, etc.


Aviation, Airlines & Space Glassware: depression & more Railroad collectibles
Books: many subjects Jewelry: estate and costume Religious Collectible
Buttons and Sewing Marbles Scouting Collectibles (BSA & GSA)
China, dinnerware & figurines Military Collectibles Sports Collectibles
Coins & Stamps Miscellaneous Steamship and Cruise line
College & High School Memorabilia Paper Memorabilia Tobacco/smoking Collectibles
Comic Books Photographs and Photography Toys
Fishing and Hunting collectibles Political Collectibles World's Fair Collectibles

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