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1531a.jpg (24303 bytes) 1531b.jpg (21218 bytes) 1531c.jpg (27787 bytes) 1531d.jpg (24159 bytes) Unusual wall hanging crucifix and altar. Celluloid Jesus. It comes apart, and The crucifix mounts on one end, with two candles in the arms of the cross. Has a small bottle inside the base for Holy Water. made of a light wood, stained dark. Slight wear on edges, good condition. 12 3/4 x 7 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches. $49.50 item #1531


6297stleoschurchpc.jpg (101191 bytes) St. Leo's Church, Denver, Colorado. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 postcard,  postally used, writing on back, cannot make out the postmark date, but early. light soiling, edge wear. $6.50 item #6297


Catholic Rosary Blue glass beads, Lourdes, Crucifix marked Italy. $22.50 item #78


5918stfrancischurchnypc.jpg (60467 bytes) R.C. Church of St. Francis de Sales, Belle Harbor, NY. 1912 postcard, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally used. Soiling, edge and corner wear. Writing on front and back. Not blurry , that is my poor photograph. $5.50 item #5918


Menorah Brooch pin. Gold plated back. Rhinestone Menorah. 1 1/4 inches. $12.50 item #830


5886adarjewishcharm.JPG (241630 bytes) Jewish charm. Jewish month of Adar. I think this was around April. White metal 1 1/4 inches. $12.00 item #5886


4010cross.jpg (30073 bytes) Celluloid hanging crucifix A little dirty, but otherwise in good shape 4 1/2 nches, hanger in the back. $17.50 item #4010


Eight religious medals. All came out of one jewelry box. some Greek Orthodox, some Lutheran, some other. $24.50 item # 24


1911 Baptist World Alliance, Philadelphia PA. Pin. Excellent condition, very well made. Coin Silver ? possibly, with enamel inlay for the flags. 1 1/4". $29.00 item #274


Rosary, made in Italy. Shell or glass beads. good condition. $19.50 item #307



4957rosary3.jpg (84665 bytes) Italian made Rosary, I think the beads are wood, but could be plastic. Crucifix is 1 1/2 inch. $10.50 item #4957


Unusual metal cross with inset stone. Metal looks dull gray to black. 1 3/4" $12.50 item #352


4357johnpaulplatea.jpg (63151 bytes) 4357johnpaulplateb.jpg (36404 bytes) Pope John Paul II Plate. Haeger U.S.A. In commemoration of the 1979 U.S. visit. Pottery. Good condition. The smile shaped reflection is from the scanner. 7 1/2 inches. $29.50 item #4357


Four early Easter Postcards $8.50 item #45


052christmasposta.jpg (32868 bytes)     052christmaspostb.jpg (7154 bytes)   Four Early Christmas post cards. $10.50 item #52 


3034jordancrossa.jpg (25438 bytes) 3034jordancrossb.jpg (28521 bytes) Beautiful Silver cross. Not marked silver, but I think it probably is, and is somewhere between coin silver and Sterling in quality. Cast, but the raised work is hand done. Marked on the back Jordan and Jerusalem. 2 1/2 inches. $35.50 item #3034


058christmasposta.jpg (19609 bytes)  058christmaspostb.jpg (8950 bytes)  Four Christmas postcards. Early 1900s. $10.50 item #58


November 1832 issue of the Liberal Preacher. Sermons.19 pages. Some staining. $19.50 item #229


ii01a.jpg (32031 bytes) ii01b.jpg (19796 bytes) ii01c.jpg (19071 bytes) Card Billy Graham In China, I think this is probably from the Graham's trip to China in 1988 where he distributed bibles, held evangelical services, and met with Chinese leaders. has a printed picture of Billy and Ruth graham, standing in front of a pagoda. The , "God Bless You - Billy Graham" inscription is printed, it is not hand signed. The card came from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Minneapolis, Minnesota. The card has a Chinese scene on the front, and some printing in Chinese, probably the English Quote printed below it: "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased!" Luke 2:14. Card shows the slightest corner and edge wear. 4 7/8 x 6 1/4 inches closed, 9 3/8 inches x 6 1/2 inches open. $5.50 item #ii01


4858prohibitionbooklet.jpg (28164 bytes) Excerpts from Address by Bishop Ernest G. Richardson, Delivered before the Philadelphia Methodist Episcopal Minister's Meeting, Monday, October 20, 1930. Some Pertinent Prohibition Reflections. Small brochure justifying prohibition Opens out to six pages. 3 1/2 x 7 folded, 10 1/2 inches open. Printed on both sides. Edge and corner wear. $7.00 item #4858


4859popepaul6pc.jpg (31557 bytes) Pope Paul VI postcard. Probably 1960s from when he was elected. Unsent, light edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #4859


4901standingcross.jpg (37604 bytes) Standing crucifix. Wood base, wood and metal cross. Christ is made of white metal. Stamped "Italy" on the bottom. Some wear, 4 1/4 inches tall. $12.50 item #4901


4902padovaa.jpg (45702 bytes) 4902padovab.jpg (34110 bytes) "S. Antonio Di Padova" Saint Anthony of Padua plaque. Can be hung using the strap on the back, will also stand on its on using the built in easel. Metal and enamel. 3 1/2 inches across. There are a few scratches, cracks in the enamel, and light wear. An attractive older piece. Made in Italy. St. Anthony in relief, probably white metal. $19.50 item #4902


4904budhaa.jpg (34080 bytes) 4904budhab.jpg (76263 bytes) Gold plated white metal Buddha pendant, I think the stones set onto the bamboo latticework are artificial. The green beads on the chain though are stone. Chain is 26 inches, pendant is 2 1/4 inches across. Good condtion, no makers name or country. $22.50 item #4904


5422sacredheartcrocheta1.jpg (140024 bytes) 5422sacredheartcrocheta2.jpg (144442 bytes) A. 5422sacredheartcrochetb1.jpg (167845 bytes) 5422sacredheartcrochetb2.jpg (175326 bytes) B. 5422sacredheartcrochetc1.jpg (146840 bytes) 5422sacredheartcrochetc2.jpg (152854 bytes) C. 5422sacredheartcrochetd1.jpg (131289 bytes) 5422sacredheartcrochetd2.jpg (132082 bytes) D. 5422sacredheartcrochete1.jpg (144807 bytes) 5422sacredheartcrochete2.jpg (133338 bytes) E. Small religious pictures with crocheted edges. Each little picture is covered in celluloid, then someone has crocheted around the edges. They might have been made to use as ornaments? Well done, good condition. The round one is 2 inches, the rest 2 1/4- 2 1/2 inches. Your choice $6.50 each, or take all 5 for $30.00 item #5422


5515christiantiebara.jpg (159491 bytes) 5515christiantiebarb.jpg (163386 bytes) Tie bar with a gold colored cross on it, surrounded by blue and white enamel and a small gold plate cross pin. Good condition. Tiebar is 2 1/2 inches. $9.00 item #5515


sa1028josephslipiypina.jpg (68175 bytes) sa1028josephslipiypinb.jpg (79047 bytes) Metropolitan Joseph Slipiy (some spell in Josef, Josev, and others), was a bishop of the Ukranian Greek Catholic Church. He was imprisoned by Stalin in 1945 along with 9 other bishops. Slipiy was freed in 1965 due to intervention by the Pope, and named a Cardinal in 1965. This pinback is 1 1/4 inch, good shape, with light scratches and wear. $12.50 item #sa1028


5882religiouswestgermanya.jpg (77015 bytes) 5882religiouswestgermanyb.jpg (97604 bytes) 5882religiouswestgermanyc.jpg (47564 bytes) Sacred Heart wall hanging, made in West Germany. 5 1/2 inches tall, made of white metal. Good condition. $29.00 item #5882


5883largecrucifix.jpg (99992 bytes) Large Crucifix, made in Germany. Well made. Plated metal cross, my guess is Christ is either silver or white metal. Nice detail. 4 1/2 inches. Light wear, but good condition overall. $19.00 item #5883



5928congregationalchurchnorwalkpc.jpg (97362 bytes) Soldier's Monument and Congregational Church, South Norwalk, Conn. 1934  postcard, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally used, sent from Norwalk in 1934. Some soiling,  edge and corner wear, some postmark ink on front. $5.50 item #5928


6146rallydaypina.jpg (88431 bytes) 6146rallydaypinb.jpg (80981 bytes) Cute Rally Day pin. Sheaf of grain with a church in the background. The Westminster Press on paper. Light wear. Light rust on rim on back. 1 inch. $6.50 item #6146


6179religiouspina.jpg (76374 bytes) 6179religiouspinb.jpg (69569 bytes) Saint Aloysius Gonzanga is depicted on this religious pin. 3/4 inch. Early. Has a few dots on the front, possibly paint. Light wear. Whitehead & Hoag company, Newark, NJ. An early pin, probably 1900-1920. $12.50 item #6179


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