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Sam is new to my household, she showed up as a little stray kitty a little over a year ago, loving, but very skinny. She is now fully grown, but remains a small kitty. From some characteristics she has, such as spots, and an extra muscle on her hind legs, I think she may be at least part Egyptian Mau cat.  

June 20th, 2007

samanthaa.jpg (24711 bytes) samanthab.jpg (33284 bytes)

Sam loves to play. Put all the kitty toys in a basket, and she will empty it within an hour. More pictures to come. 


August 31, 2007

samantha4.jpg (24409 bytes) samantha7.jpg (37095 bytes)

samantha6.jpg (25582 bytes) samantha5.jpg (13481 bytes)

As you can see Samantha is really growing, she can now jump just about anywhere she wants. In constant motion, this is a cat with a turbo. She loves playing with balls,  milk caps, green beans.

October 23,2007

samantha9.jpg (28908 bytes) samantha8.jpg (50279 bytes)

My favorite chair? No, now it is her chair, her favorite chair. She now gets to watch TV, listen to music, or whatever from the best spot in the room. Notice that she also now has a favorite tartan throw to use as a pillow. 


December 1, 2007

samantha11.jpg (60383 bytes) samantha10.jpg (33097 bytes) 

samantha12.jpg (62654 bytes) samantha13.jpg (53474 bytes)

 samantha14.jpg (89011 bytes)

Just trying out a new camera on my favorite subject. Caught her napping in the basement, the flash woke her up.  Pardon the mess. 

December 4, 2007

samantha15.jpg (32917 bytes)

My bed? My pillow? Of course not. Samantha's bed, Samantha's pillow. What was mine is hers. I expect I will come home one day soon and find the locks changed. 


December 27, 2007

samanthastoys.jpg (52237 bytes)

What young lady shouldn't have her own Boyd's bear, and Mousie? Yep, I bought the cat a bear, and mouse, for Christmas, and she loves both. Spoiled little critter. 

November 23, 2008

samantha112308a.jpg (86067 bytes)

Just a day in the life of a princess. 

September 04, 2010

samsept2010.jpg (166610 bytes)

Sam is doing well, but then how could a Queen do badly?

samanthahypnosis.jpg (42104 bytes)

Probably one of my favorite kitty artworks of all time is this print of Chessie, from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.

chessie.jpg (74050 bytes) 

And below are some cute kitten postcards.

kittypcf.jpg (34960 bytes) kittypcg.jpg (35650 bytes) kittypch.jpg (31416 bytes) kittypci.jpg (38470 bytes)


kittypca.jpg (31619 bytes) kittypcb.jpg (26020 bytes) kittypcc.jpg (27475 bytes) kittypcd.jpg (26125 bytes) kittypce.jpg (28475 bytes)


kittypcj.jpg (36467 bytes) kittypck.jpg (33543 bytes)

Help Another Animal in Need

I was there to save and help  Samantha, and make her my companions. But I can't help all the animals in the world that have been neglected or abandoned. The folks in the link below are trying to do something to help these animals.  Click on the link, then click on the donate food button there. It won't cost you a thing, but will provide one bowl of food for a neglected or abandoned animal:

When you click the button, one of the sponsors gives enough food, or money to provide for the food. Yes it is real. Sponsors include some of the big pet supplies companies and etc. 

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(Also Courtesy Samantha)

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