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Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts,  Explorers, and Girl Scouts items.

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5482seaexplorermanual1954.jpg (303280 bytes) 1961 Sea Explorer Manual. Boy Scouts of America. 640 pages, soft bound, 4 1/2 x 7 inches. Creases to cover, soiling, edge and corner wear. $29.50 item #5482


5863sycamorelodgegspc.jpg (91348 bytes) Sycamore Lodge Camp Dellwood - Indianapolis. Girl Scout Camp real photo postcard. Sent from the camp in 1937. Some postmark ink on the front, and you can see the impression of the stamp. Some soiling, some corner and edge wear. $6.00 item #5863


5479cubscouthankya.jpg (71698 bytes) 5479cubscouthankyb.jpg (57586 bytes) 5479cubscouthankyc.jpg (70003 bytes) Cub Scout handkerchief . 16 x 16 inches. Good condition, like new. Notice the scout is mowing with a reel type lawn mower. 1950s?   $9.50 item #5479


6442bsafishinga.JPG (237088 bytes) 6442bsafishingb.JPG (249560 bytes) 1973 National Jamboree East Fishing Permit button. August 3-9, 1973. Moraine State Park. Pennsylvania Fish Commission. 1 3/4 inches. Light spots of rust on bac, very light scratches on front. Overall a nice badge. . It has been quite awhile since I had one of these for sale. $24.50 item #6442



6410gspina.JPG (253998 bytes) 6410gspinb.JPG (270962 bytes) Girl Scout pin. 3/4 inch. Good condition. $6.50 item #6410


6104bearcubscoutbook1977.jpg (93981 bytes) Bear Cub Scout Book. 1977 printing of the 1967 edition. 186 pages. 5 1/4 x 8 inches. Some wear to spine, cover, edges, and pages. Some light soiling. Creases on corners of cover and spine. $14.50 item #6104



1701.jpg (24086 bytes) Cub Scout bookmark. Gold plated brass. 3 3/4 inches, a few scratches, but overall good. $9.50 item #1701



4673cubscoutmedal.jpg (27021 bytes) Cub Scout medal. 3 inches. No real idea of age but my guess would be 1970s. Good condition. $22.50 item #4673


1657.jpg (29616 bytes) 1980 Kiawah  District Fall Camporee Patch. I think this is South Carolina? 3 x 4 inches. $6.50 item #1657


4970bsanatjamboree77.jpg (99431 bytes) 1977 National Scout Jamboree patch. Good condition, has not been sewn unto a uniform. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. $10.50 item #4970


1748a.jpg (36312 bytes) 1748b.jpg (22758 bytes) Unique lexan paperweight with a hourglass timer built into it. Region 6 Boy Scouts of America medallion inserted in it. A few light scratches, but overall very good condition. 2 3/4 x 2 3/4, 3/4 inch thick. $22.50 item #1748



4266bsameritbooka.jpg (24671 bytes) A. 4266bsameritbookb.jpg (20636 bytes) B. 4266bsameritbookc.jpg (20552 bytes) C. 4266bsameritbookd.jpg (23506 bytes) D. Library hardbound merit badge books. Book A is Scholarship, 1940 59 pages. Book B is Public Speaking, 1944 28 pages. Book C is Architecture, 1943 39 pages. Book D is Life Saving, 1944 44 pages.. All the books show light wear and soiling. They are ex library, and have Dewey Decimal numbers on the spine, Stamped S.C. State Library Board (crossed out), and have had library cards pasted in the back and removed. 5 1/2 x 8 inches. $25.00 each, or take more than one, $23.50 each. item #4266


4965cubscoutbobcatpina.jpg (21712 bytes) 4965cubscoutbobcatpinb.jpg (18330 bytes) Wolf Cub Scout pin. 5/8 inch. Older. I have several of these $6.50 each item #4965


4751bsa1977songbook.jpg (79118 bytes) 1977 Boy Scout Songbook. Many corded for Guitar. 128 pages. Some wear to cover, spine, edges. Stain to bottom of spine, covers, and bottom of pages. $10.00 #4751


4972bsabuffalobilla.jpg (55507 bytes) 4972bsabuffalobillb.jpg (56460 bytes) Very unusual Boy Scout neckerchief slide. Leather, made like a pair of cowboy's chaps. 1960 Jubilee Buffalo Bill B.S.A. Council Exposition. Some soiling, wear. Belonged to Eddie Hudson. 2 3/4 inches. $12.50 item #4972



5327scouttiebara.jpg (16821 bytes) 5327scouttiebarb.jpg (13406 bytes) Boy scout tie bar. Good condition, light wear. Robbins Co. Attleboro Mass. 1 3/8 inch. $18.50 item #5327


5372bsapatrolleadershb1957.jpg (346648 bytes) 1957 BSA Handbook for Patrol Leaders. Dated, but good, tips for patrol leaders. In some instances the advice seem naive in this day and time, in others it seems to put more responsibility on a boy than we would today. 392 pages. 4 1/2 x 7 inches. Some creases on the cover, wear to the page edges. Two places on the cover where tape has been put on, probably where someone taped a price tag. $24.50 item #5372



5463bsawestpointneckerchiefgolda.jpg (54586 bytes) 5463bsawestpointneckerchiefgoldb.jpg (57360 bytes) West Point BSA Troop 123 neckerchief. Somehow connected to the US Military Academy at West point, 1971 50 years of scouting. Good condition, to tears or holes. 42 inches. $19.50 item #5463



sa1001patchesa.jpg (29171 bytes) A. sa1001patchesb.jpg (27958 bytes) B. sa1001patchesc.jpg (25658 bytes) C. sa1001patchesd.jpg (30503 bytes) D. sa1001patchese.jpg (29680 bytes) E. sa1001patchesf.jpg (27300 bytes) F. sa1001patchesg.jpg (29103 bytes) G. Missionette Badges, Assembly of God Church. I have more than one of several of these. Excellent condition. 1 3/4 x 2 inches. A. Nature (Have 3). B. Music (Have 3). C. Campcraft (Have 3). D. Cooking (Have 3). E. Personal Development (Have 3). F. Sewing. G. Citizenship. $2.50 each, please tell me what letters, and how many of each you would like. item #sa1001


6103scouthandbook1979.jpg (110158 bytes) Official Scout Handbook.. 1979. Norman Rockwell cover. 576 pages. 5 1/4 x 8 inches. Some wear to spine, cover, edges, and pages. Some light soiling. Creases on corners of cover and spine. $14.50 item #6103



sa1002smallpatchesa.jpg (51772 bytes) sa1002smallpatchesb.jpg (49350 bytes) sa1002smallpatchesc.jpg (50963 bytes) I have no idea what organization these patches belong to, Brownies? Girl Guides? GSA? Or other? Possibly Assembly of God like the badges below, either different years, or maybe for boys? If you know please tell me. I have more than one of several of these. Excellent condition. 1 x 2 inches. I have 4 pet care, 2 swimming, and 2 lifesaving. All others I only have one of. $2.50 each, please tell me what patches, and how many of each you would like. item #sa1001


5763uniformpatchesa.jpg (131089 bytes) 5763uniformpatchesb.jpg (122173 bytes) Some uniform patches, flag 1 1/2 x 2 1/2, and the troop number 1024 and the number 3. The first two have been sewn on uniforms, and show some wear. Good condition. $4.00 item #5763


5772denchiefhandbook1980.jpg (98786 bytes) Den Chief Handbook 1980 Cub Scouits. 127 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 inches. Softcover. Good condition with light wear mostly to edges and corners. $10.50 item #5772


5879worldgoodturnsneckerchiefslidea.jpg (72319 bytes) 5879worldgoodturnsneckerchiefslideb.jpg (33967 bytes) World Of Good Turns - I Recruited A Buddy neckerchief slide. Made by Torchy Plastics. Overall good, a few light scratches 2 1/4 inches. I have several of these. $9.50 each item #5879


5881bsamatchsafea.jpg (96207 bytes) 5881bsamatchsafeb.jpg (103667 bytes) Boy Scout Match safe. Has a match lifter, BSA Fleur De Leis on bottom. Light wear, and scratches 3 inches. . $27.50 item #5881


6005bsafishingpermita.jpg (97133 bytes) 6005bsafishingpermitb.jpg (125724 bytes) 1973 BSA National Jamboree Fishing Permit pinback. Moraine State Park, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Fish Commission.  Couple of light scratches, but a very nice badge. 1 3/4 inch. $22.50 item #6005


6006bsaflatware.jpg (121404 bytes) Set of stacking BSA utensils. Knife, fork, spoon, vinyl Pouch. Knife and pouch marked  BSA. Good condition. Imperial Stainless Steel. 6 1/4 inches. $15.00 item #6006


5649scoutmastershandbook1972.jpg (35517 bytes) 1978 Scout-Master's Handbook. Good condition, minor creases in cover, light soiling, edge and corner wear. Top right corner of cover is bent. 5 1/4 x 8 inches 382 pages. $15.50 item #5649


6037bsaneckerchiefslidea.jpg (84770 bytes) 6037bsaneckerchiefslideb.jpg (75078 bytes) BSA neckerchief slide. This is the same type of slide I had when I was a scout in the 1970s. Plated brass, light wear. 1 3/4 inches. $7.50 item #6037



6039bsasantaclaraclipa.jpg (90381 bytes) 6039bsasantaclaraclipb.jpg (81451 bytes) Boy Scouts of America Santa Clara County Council 50 Years note clip. 1920-1970. Nickel plated brass, magnet on back, or loop, to hang it up. 1 5/8 x 2 3/8 inches. Light scratches. $17.50 item #6039


6367boyscoutboxa.JPG (155638 bytes) 6367boyscoutboxb.JPG (139726 bytes) Nice composition scout box. 4 x 5 x 1 3/4 inches. Light wear inside, small chip to the inside lip finish. $19.50 item #6367


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I was a Cub Scout,  Boy Scout, and Explorer. I am an Eagle Scout and also  member of the Order of the Arrow.  I found my scouting experience very valuable to me in later life. I hope you will enjoy the items on this page, and please contact me if you have any questions. 

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