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Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts,  Explorers, and Girl Scouts items.

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5486orderarrowhandbook1968.jpg (317538 bytes) 1968 Order of the Arrow Handbook. 129 pages. Some soiling on the cover and pages. Creases and wear to the corners, spine, and edges. 5 1/2 x 8 inches. $19.50 item #5486


5488bsarequirements1961.jpg (313428 bytes) 1961Boy Scout Requirements Covers requirements to join the scouts, achieve different scout ranks, meet merit badge requirements. I had never seen this book before, it is a very handy summary. . Soft bound, 94pages, edge, corner wear, light soiling. 5 1/4 x 8 inches. $12.50 item #5430



5492gshandbook1958.jpg (431387 bytes) 1958 Girl Scout Handbook. Says "Intermediate Program" on the cover page. Hard Bound, 517 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 inches. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. The book is in nice shape, but it was in a vinyl cover, so the cover is a bit sticky to feel. I think that will go away with time as it is just the vinyl residue. Cloth binding. $22.50 item #5492


  5478cubscoutneckerchiefb.jpg (63554 bytes) Cub scout neckerchiefs Older neckerchief,  no tears or holes.  $7.50  item #5478


5493brownieleadersguide1957.jpg (365969 bytes) Leader's Guide to the Brownie Scout Program. 1957 revised edition. 303 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 inches, hard bound, paper covers. Edge and corner wear, some soiling on the cover. $24.50 item #5493


4812bsaokinawapatch.jpg (26284 bytes) SQDN 102 Okinawa BSA patch. Probably a Boy Scout troop that was sponsored by US military squadron in Okinawa. Bound to be a rare patch. Patch has been sewn to a uniform, washed with the uniform. $12.50 item #4812


5495scoutingdollarsbrochure1971a.jpg (243354 bytes) 5495scoutingdollarsbrochure1971b.jpg (124259 bytes) 1971 Brochure, 5 pages, "How Scouting Dollars Serve" that discusses where money for Scouting programs comes from and how it is used. Boy Scouts of America. Good condition, very light soiling and edge and corner wear. 4 x 9 inches. $6.50 item #5495


5496soncanbeascoutbrochure1960a.jpg (262748 bytes) 5496soncanbeascoutbrochure1960b.jpg (74647 bytes) 1960 Brochure "Your Son Can Be A Scout" . Tells parents how scouting can help their son. Folds out, six pages (including front and back). Boy Scouts of America. Good condition, very light soiling and edge and corner wear. 4 x 9 inches. $6.50 item #5496


5497dramaticsforgirlscouts1950.jpg (439940 bytes) Dramatics for Girl Scouts 1950, published by the Girl Scouts of the United States of America. . Inside it says "for Brownie Scouts, Intermediate Girl Scouts, Senior Girl Scouts. " Learning to act, plays, skits. Includes some short plays and skits. Soiling, spine repaired with library tape. Some of the first pages have tears repaired with tape. While not in perfect condition this is an unusual little girl scout book. 197 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4 inches. Hard bound. $19.50 item #5497


5491weeblostara.jpg (33528 bytes) I think this star was worn on a webelos' sash? or maybe it was for how many years in cub scouts?  $2.00  item #5491


5498leadershipgirlscouttroops1950.jpg (336108 bytes) 1950 Leadership of Girl Scout Troops, Intermediate Program. Girl Scouts 10-13 years old. Hard bound, wear, soiling, edge and corner damage. Not a perfect copy but still interesting. Library tape repair of the spine. 369 pages. $17.50 item #5498


5653patrolleadershandbook1963.jpg (50400 bytes) 1963 BSA Handbook for Patrol Leaders. Dated, but good, tips for patrol leaders. In some instances the advice seem naive in this day and time, in others it seems to put more responsibility on a boy than we would today. 392 pages. 4 1/2 x 7 inches. Some creases on the cover, wear to the page edges. Three names written on back in ink.  $24.50 item #5653



5654troopbudgetbooka.jpg (89814 bytes) 5654troopbudgetbookb.jpg (54080 bytes) 1939 Troop Financial Record Book Troop Budget. Tips, and ledger, for recording costs of scouting, funds raised, and etc. Not filled out. 6 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches. Good condition. 32 pages. Light soiling, light yellowing of pages. $14.50 item #5654


5768unitpatcha.jpg (93188 bytes) A. 5768unitpatchb.jpg (115848 bytes) B. 5768unitpatchc.jpg (120951 bytes) C. 5768unitpatchd.jpg (110761 bytes) D. 5768unitpatche.jpg (82550 bytes) E. 5768unitpatchf.jpg (112544 bytes) F. 5768unitpatchg.jpg (98037 bytes) G. 5768unitpatchh.jpg (116178 bytes) H. 5768unitpatchi.jpg (119027 bytes) I. 5768unitpatchj.jpg (115774 bytes) J. 5768unitpatchk.jpg (126845 bytes) K. 5768unitpatchl.jpg (101851 bytes) L. 5768unitpatchm.jpg (112969 bytes) M. 5768unitpatchn.jpg (104209 bytes) N. 5768unitpatcho.jpg (118521 bytes) O.

5768unitpatchp.jpg (115503 bytes) P. Honor unit and Quality unit patches. I have the years shown. I have two 1981, three 1987, three 1991, three1992, three 1993, two 1994, three 1996, two 1997, two 2000, two 2001, All good condition. The 1981 and 1982 patches are 1 x 2 inches. The others 1 1/4 x 2 1/2 inches. Let me know what letters (years), you want. And how many of each. $4.00 each. Take 5 or more, $3.00 each. item #5768


5015bsatokena.jpg (25350 bytes) 5015bsatokenb.jpg (28407 bytes) 1973 National Scout Jamboree Farragut, Idaho and Moraine, Pennsylvania. Some tarnishing, otherwise good condition. Brass. 1 1/2 inches. $22.50 item #5015


5371bsatiebarchain.jpg (416430 bytes) Nice BSA scouting tie bar and chain. Gold plated, good condition. The bar is 2 1/2 inches across. Classy tie bar. $22.50 item #5371


sa1003happygirlscoutpina.jpg (53466 bytes) sa1003happygirlscoutpinb.jpg (75780 bytes) 'I'm Happy! I'm a Girl scout" this pinback proclaims with it's dancing panda. 2 1/4 inches, light scratches, some spots of rust on back. $7.50 item #sa1003


sa1007tinystarscoutbadgea.jpg (34559 bytes) Tiny Boy Scout Star Scout pin. C-clasp back. 5/8 inch. Good condition. $6.50 item #sa1007


5764bsacoonskinpatch.jpg (121050 bytes) Not sure just what this patch is for, but it shows a man in a fringed buckskin coat, and coon skin hat. I seem to remember this patch from my boyhood days, but forget what it was awarded for. Someone e-mailed me and said -

"The one red circular patch you have that shows what appears to be a black outlined Davy Crocket or Daniel Boone  is actually a Patrol patch for the "Pathfinder" or "Woodsman" patrol.
My troop had a "Pathfinder" patrol who used this patch, but a friend of mine was in the "Woodsman" patrol in his troop and they used the same insignia.
It is circa 1950's-60's I believe."

2 inches. Good shape, but has been sewn on, slight fraying of edges. $5.50 item #5764


1752a.jpg (21748 bytes) 1752b.jpg (29686 bytes) Aluminum Girl Scout expandable cup with cover. 2 1/2 x 7/8 closed. 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 open. A few scratches, $17.50 item #1752


1753.jpg (25099 bytes) Solid Brass Cub Scout belt buckle. marked solid brass with an anchor. 2 1/2 x 1 1/4, a few light scratches, most would polish out. Overall good. $14.50 item #1753


6373gstriadpatch.JPG (232048 bytes) I Visited Tarheel Triad Girl Scout Council Office patch. 3 inches. $4.50 item #6373


6375campbuddiespatch.JPG (267771 bytes) Camp Buddy patch. Brownies? 3 inches. $4.50 item #6375


6376patrickhenrypatch.JPG (240991 bytes) BSA Patrick Henry District Winter Camporee 1988 patch. 3 inches. $5.00 item #6376



6378bsaleatherslidea.JPG (196241 bytes) 6378bsaleatherslideb.JPG (165234 bytes) Homemade leather neckerchief slide. The man I bought it from said he was a Scouter in the Statesville, NC area but had to retire. He said he used to teach scouts how to make these. 2 3/4 not counting the rawhide tail. $10.50 item #6378

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I was a Cub Scout,  Webelo, Boy Scout, and Explorer. I am an Eagle Scout and also  member of the Order of the Arrow.  I found my scouting experience very valuable to me in later life. I hope you will enjoy the items on this page, and please contact me if you have any questions. 

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