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Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts,  Explorers, and Girl Scouts items.

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sa1008bobcatcubscoutpina.jpg (30419 bytes) Cub Scout Bobcat pin. Copper colored, has darkened, light wear. Detachable clasp on back. 5/8 inch. $6.00 item #sa1008


6238browniepina1.jpg (78863 bytes) 6238browniepina2.jpg (81285 bytes) A. 6238browniepinb1.jpg (83683 bytes) 6238browniepinb2.jpg (77541 bytes) B. Two Brownie pins. I think pin B. is the older. Notice types of pins on back, B has the older safety pin style. 3/4 inch. Your choice $6.00 each item #6238



5738explorerparentsguide1958.jpg (63016 bytes) Explorer Parents' and Leaders' Guidebook. Boy Scouts of America. 48 pages. 5 1/2 x 8 inches. Some light stains inside, light wear to outside covers, edges, and corners. $8.50 item #5738



5739parentscubscoutbook1951.jpg (79482 bytes) Parents' Cub Scout Book. 1951, 60 pages. 5 1/2 x 8 inches. Tells parents how they can be involved with their sons and cub scouting. Some water staining to edges, some cover and edge wear. $8.50 item #5739



5740webelosdenleadersbook1967.jpg (71295 bytes) Webelos Den Leader's Book. 1967, soft bound, 127 pages. 5 1/2 x 8 inches. Some corner, edge, and spine wear, but overall good. $14.50 item #5740



5744cubscoutsongbook1961.jpg (88234 bytes) Cub Scout Songbook 1955 printing. 46 pages 5 1/2 x 8 inches. Light edge and corner wear, has the name William E. Pearce hand written at the top left of the cover. William Pearce was a minister, and author, of pamphlets and books. $10.50 item #5744


5745girlscoutsongbook1929.jpg (72893 bytes) Girl Scout Songbook 1929. Complete, but does have tape on the spine, and the pages are separating from the spine inside. Corner and edge wear. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. $12.50 item #5745


5746cubscoutbearbook1981.jpg (93441 bytes) Bear Cub Scout Book. 1981. Includes the parents Supplement which is usually removed from the book. 186 pages. Edge and corner wear, a few creases on the spine and cover. 5 1/4 x 8 inches. $14.00 item #5746


5748scoutmedal.jpg (138377 bytes) Scouting Award medal. I think this is an adult medal, but I could not identify it. Good condition, in original plastic box. Ribbon and medal 2 1/2 inches. New condition, box cover is cracked. $26.50 item #5748


5749lakelandcubday1980.jpg (152601 bytes) Lakeland District Cub Field Day patch 1980. 3 inches, good condition. $4.00 item #5749


5750webeloscolorsa.jpg (109526 bytes) 5750webeloscolorsb.jpg (109051 bytes) Webelos Colors sash with pin. With 7 activity badges. A few scratches on the badge portion. And some glue on the back of the pins, and ribbons, where this was glued in a shadowbox. 5 1/4 inches. $19.00 item #5750


5751bsamonmouthpatch1982.jpg (132917 bytes) Forestburg Scout Reservation - Gateway to adventure - Monmouth Council 1982. Patch, not sure if this is a complete patch, or an unfinished one. I think they may need to be edged. I have several of these. 3 x 3 1/2 inches.$3.50 each item #5751


5753bsaruggedroadpatch.jpg (123293 bytes) Follow The Rugged Road B.S.A. patch. 3 inches. Some staining, so $3.50 item #5753


5754occoneecheedaycampa.jpg (161456 bytes) A. 5754occoneecheedaycampb.jpg (151450 bytes) B. 5754occoneecheedaycampc.jpg (146410 bytes) C. 5754occoneecheedaycampd.jpg (146132 bytes) D. 5754occoneecheedaycampe.jpg (143610 bytes) E. 5754occoneecheedaycampf.jpg (155510 bytes) F. Cub Scout Day Camp Patches Occoneechee Council which is in North Carolina. I have two of the 1990 (D.) patches. Each $4.50. Your choice. Let me know what letters you want. item #5754



5755occoneecheeslidea.jpg (66394 bytes) 5755occoneecheeslideb.jpg (52497 bytes) Occoneechee Council Roundtable neckerchief slide. North Carolina. Plastic. Some scratches, wear. Plastic, Artcraft Mfg. Co. Grand Rapids, Mich. 2 1/4 inches. $12.50 item #5755


5756progressranks.jpg (76651 bytes) Vinyl Progress Through the ranks cub scout award. The beads are for wolf and bear. 8 inches long in total. Good condition. $6.50 item #5756


5758eastcentralpatch.jpg (144812 bytes) East Central Region "America's Heartland" patch. 3 inch. Good condition. $5.50 item #5758


5759sommerscanoebasepatch.jpg (133436 bytes) Charles L. Sommers Wilderness Canoe Base B.S.A. Patch is soft, has been worn, but is in good shape. Could stand some starch and an iron. With pocket loop. Part of the northern High Adventure bases in the north. Name changed in 1972 to High Adventure Base, so this patch must be before then. 3 inches. $9.50 item #5759


5760northeastpatch.jpg (102272 bytes) Northeast Region B.S.A. patch, 3 inches, Good condition. $5.50 item #5760


5761asstpatrolleaderpatch.jpg (110864 bytes) Assistant Patrol Leader patch. 3 inches. Soft, has been sewn on a uniform. Good condition. $4.00 item #5761


5770webelosdenleaders1973.jpg (99300 bytes) Webelos Den Leader's Book 1973 printing. Good shape, light soiling, edge and corner wear. 5 1/4 x 8 inches. 128 pages $14.50 item #5770


5771cubscoutsongbook1969.jpg (103170 bytes) Cub Scout Songbook. 1969, 64 pages. 5 1/4 x 8 inches. Has a label on the front that says G. Cline. Light soiling, edge and corner wear. $9.50 item #5771



6379gspinsa.JPG (175025 bytes) 6379gspinsb.JPG (143121 bytes) Two Girl Scout pins. Good shape, 3/4 inch each. $12.50 item #6379


6380bsa75tha.JPG (252496 bytes) 6380bsa75thb.JPG (261581 bytes) Boy Scouts of America 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee token 1910-1985 "Pride in the past - Footsteps of the Future". Some tarnish, a few scratches. 1 1/2 inches. $16.50 item #6380


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I was a Cub Scout,  Webelo, Boy Scout, and Explorer. I am an Eagle Scout and also  member of the Order of the Arrow.  I found my scouting experience very valuable to me in later life. I hope you will enjoy the items on this page, and please contact me if you have any questions. 

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