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01046canadadrya.jpg (14320 bytes) 01046canadadryb.jpg (8330 bytes) 01046canadadryc.jpg (4104 bytes) Wonderful advertising golf putter with the head in the shape of a Canada Dry Ginger Ale bottle. Well make and eminently usable. Marked BP on the end of the grip. Grip in good shape, shaft and head in good shape. There is some slight paint loss on the cap of the bottle, and on the edges and base. Grip shows very slight wear near the top. 36 inches long, head 3 3/4 inches. $42.50 item #1046


3033pinehursta.jpg (11878 bytes) 3033pinehurstb.jpg (6879 bytes) Pinehurst Country Club North Carolina. Lawn Bowling enamel pin. Early, set of golf clubs, a pine tree, and a lawn bowling ball on the face. H.W. Miller, Birmingham England. 1 1/4 x 7/8 inch. Good condition, only light wear. $32.50 item #3033


3099planerta.jpg (5510 bytes) 3099planertb.jpg (4873 bytes) Ice Skates advertising pin. "The World's Best Planert: Pot metal, early, 1 1/8 inch. Good condition, minor wear. $17.50 item #3099



TRFA 1971 metal pin. Thoroughbred Racing Fans of America. Butterfly clasp back, but with a tie pin back could be worn on a tie. 5/8 inch. $7.50 item #4349



3024baseballun.jpg (39352 bytes) 1980 Dodgers All Star Game pin. Unocal advertising on original card. Pin is plastic on metal. Clasp back. Card has a few scratches and dents. Pin 1 1/4 inch. $13.50 item #3024


gg38a.jpg (25004 bytes) gg38b.jpg (19117 bytes) gg38c.jpg (22490 bytes) gg38d.jpg (27657 bytes) Jim Beam Bourbon Advertising Basketball Tee Shirt. XL Sleeveless T-shirt. new. With the box. This came as a premium with a 1.75 Liter bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey. Box is in good shape. The T - Shirt looks even bigger than XL,  but being all cotton it might shrink. Basketball theme. "Score A Beam Hoops Jersey" I have two of these. $12.50 each. item #gg38



4350golfbagbeaub.jpg (7522 bytes) Sterling Silver Golf Bag pin by Beau. Great detail. Hollow. Good condition with a bit of tarnish. Would clean beautifully if the buyer chose to do so. 1 5/8 inch tall. $29.50 item #4350


Wonderful 1913 post card. Caption reads "641. Coliseum, Chicago." Marked on back "The Acmegraph Co. Chicago" Sent June 20, 1913. Topeka, KS. 1 Washington stamp. Some minor edge, corner wear and soiling on back. 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 inches. $6.50 item #923


14K gold golf club pin. Secure clasp. Slightly over 1 1/2 inches. Good condition, white gold, or silver plated club face. Good condition. $29.50 item #4351


0950rosebowlpc.jpg (25174 bytes) Nice aerial view of the Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California. Marked on back "Manufactured by Robert Kashower, Los Angeles, Calif." Sent July 18, 1939 Los Angeles Arcade Annex. 1 Washington stamp. Some soiling on back, normal corner and edge wear. Crease two bottom corners. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.$6.00 item #950


4352golfpina.jpg (11469 bytes) 4352golfpinb.jpg (11084 bytes) Great golf pin. Green glass stones in the flagstick, artificial pearl for a ball, and a putter. 1950s-1960s? Good condition. 2 inches. $29.00 item #4352



4607miamisuperbowlpin.jpg (16561 bytes) Super Bowl 29, Miami, Florida. 1995 1 1/8 inch, butterfly clasp. Enamel on metal. $6.50 item #4607


4608miamisuperbowlpin.jpg (25114 bytes) Super Bowl XXIX Miami Florida, Joe Robbie Stadium pin. January 19, 1995. 1 1/2 inch, on original card. Butterfly clasp on back.  $8.50 item #4608


4609miamisuperbowlpin.jpg (35101 bytes) 1995 Super Bowl XXIX (29), 1995 Pinback. Probably from a hotel, restaurant, or etc. "Fair Price Pledge - Superhost - Quality Service - South Florida Host Committee. 2 1/2 inches. $12.50 item #4609


4753mlblightera.jpg (18816 bytes) 4753mlblighterb.jpg (15887 bytes) Major League Baseball Cricket lighter holder. Held a disposable Cricket lighter. Metal and plastic. Some scratches and soiling. 4 inches tall. No lighter included. $9.50 item #4753


4853tennisbearsleatherpca.jpg (30123 bytes) 4853tennisbearsleatherpcb.jpg (39507 bytes) Cute leather Teddy Bear tennis postcard. Caption on front says "Tennis is Teddy Bears favorite game, they always play it until they are lame." 1907 postmark, Camden City, MO. Some soiling, postmark ink, edge and corner wear. Great for both Teddy Bear collectors, and Tennis Collectors. 3 x 5 1/4 inches. $15.50 item #4853


5339crosbygolfbuttona.jpg (160684 bytes) 5339crosbygolfbuttonb.jpg (26792 bytes) 1988 The Crosby at Bermuda Run golf tournament volunteer button. Course stewards and other volunteers wore these during the tournament. Hard to find. A few light scratches. 2 1/2 inches. $15.50 item #5339



5707orovilleboatclubpin1952a.jpg (91005 bytes) 5707orovilleboatclubpin1952b.jpg (113166 bytes) 1952 Osoyoos Lake Regata by the Oroville Boat Club, Washington Pinback badge. Light scratches, some rust on the back. 1 3/4 inches. $12.50 item #5707


5832basketballkeychain.jpg (70312 bytes) Basketball keychain, with ball and whistle. Made in Japan. probably 1950s. Whistle actually blows. Plated white metal, good shape. Ball and whistle are each about 1 inch. $9.00 item #5832


5833basketballpendanta.jpg (52273 bytes) 5833basketballpendantb.jpg (83132 bytes) Silver Basketball Pendant. Marked BP 925 which should indicate sterling silver. I am selling it as such, if you buy it, and it turns out not to be sterling, I would of course refund your payment upon return. I have no way to test it. 1 7/8 inch. Nice loop to hang it from even a thick necklace, good condition. $19.00 item #5833


5864stlouisarenapca.jpg (106707 bytes) 5864stlouisarenapcb.jpg (81554 bytes) The Arena St. Louis, Missouri. Two postcards. The first unsent, unsued, the second sent from St. Louis in 1949. Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $10.00 item #5864


5865laolympicstadiumpc.jpg (114452 bytes) Olympic Stadium, Los Angeles, California. Sent from Stockton, California in 1932 by someone who attended the Olympics. Writing on back, Postally used, Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $5.50 item #5865


5866victoryfieldindianapc.jpg (110727 bytes) Entrance to Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana postcard. Sent from Indianapolis in 1952. Postally used, . Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $5.00 item #5866


5867daytonaspeedwaypc.jpg (79391 bytes) Daytona International Speedway postcard. Unsent. Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $5.00 item #5867


6040roberwoodtraya.jpg (110606 bytes) 6040roberwoodtrayb.jpg (66118 bytes) New Century Racing Plates By Royal Letters Pat. 12609 - Finest in the World Robert Wood - Bolton (England). That is what it says on this little advertising tray. Racing plates are thin, light, horseshoes used in horse racing. 5 3/4 inches, brass, some light wear. $42.50 item #6040


6171metspina.jpg (91413 bytes) 6171metspinb.jpg (111992 bytes) New York Mets pinback badge. Light rust on the back. Light scratches on the front. I think this pin has a little age to it. This pin is in the form of the team logo. 1 3/4 inch. $12.50 item #6171


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