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Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and much more.

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Football Paperweight. Says "Presented by Chapter 1-Pittsburgh - The National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Annual Dinner May 18, 1972'. Bronze3 7/8 inch, has darkened. This was owned by Coach Paul Dietzel and was sold when he sold his home at Beech Mountain, NC. Paul Dietzel had been Head Coach at South Carolina, Army, and LSU. Dietzel has written several books on football, and is also a watercolor artist. $49.50 item #5873


4931lpgaclubhousea.jpg (55314 bytes) 4931lpgaclubhouseb.jpg (46353 bytes) Youngstown Warren LPGA Ladies Professional Golf Association Avalon Lakes Golf Course June 27-July 3, 1994 Season Clubhouse Pass badge. Celluloid on Metal. Pin on back 2 3/4 x 1 5/8 inches. Very light scratches.  $20.50 item #4931


4932lpgacommitteea.jpg (42659 bytes) 4932lpgacommitteeb.jpg (40030 bytes) Youngstown Warren LPGA Ladies Professional Golf Association Avalon Lakes Golf Course June 27-July 3, 1994 Committee Badge. Celluloid on Metal. Pin on back 2 3/4 x 1 5/8 inches. Very light scratches. $20.50 item #4932


5868bullseyeccpc.jpg (105098 bytes) Views At Bullseye Country Club, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin postcard. Early card, 1920s-1930s. Unsent. Light soiling, light corner and edge wear. $5.50 item #5868


4933rollerskatinga.jpg (32174 bytes) 4933rollerskatingb.jpg (105905 bytes) Junior Dance Test Skating Ribbon, roller skating.  American Roller Skating Association. Consists of a pin, and a separate ribbon. The pin can be mounted on the ribbon if you desire. 2 inches. Good condition, with some soiling to the ribbon. $9.50 item #4933


4934lakeplacidskatinga.jpg (34545 bytes) 4934lakeplacidskatingb.jpg (30939 bytes) Lake Placid Ice Skating Pin. I do not know if this had anything to do with the 1932 Olympic Winter Games in Lake Placid, or not. But this type of pin would have been from that period. A few spots of verdigris, light scratches. 1 1/8 inches. Marked Attleboro on back, who would have been the maker. $29.00 item #4934


4935hockeymedala.jpg (26514 bytes) Purolator Courier Challenge Cup Bantam Championships charm. Ice Hockey. Has a Maple Leaf with CH on it on the left. 10 karat gold filled. 1 inch. $12.50 item #4935


4936basketballbadgea.jpg (12622 bytes) 4936basketballbadgeb.jpg (28655 bytes) Basketball pin, probably to go on a letter jacket or etc. thin metal with pins you bent to hold it on a ribbon or patch. 7/8 inches. Notice this ball still had laces. Probably 1950s or before. $7.50 item #4936


4937acushnettiebarb.jpg (33798 bytes) Acushnet Bull's Eye Putter advertising tie bar. Made by Anson. Light wear. 1 3/4 inches. $27.99 item #4937


German Hiking medals German Hiking Medals, 1970s. Pair for $19.00 item #9


Football Medal Football medal. About 4" including ribbon. $12.50 item #43


4992golfdrivertiebara.jpg (17630 bytes) Hikok Gold Club tiebar. Driver. 3 inches long $9.50 item #4992


5033rahrahfootballa.jpg (23349 bytes) 5033rahrahfootballb.jpg (20879 bytes) Rah Rah Football pin, older. Brass. 1 inch. Good condition $12.50 item #5033


5034giambibobbleheada.jpg (62907 bytes) 5034giambibobbleheadb.jpg (64524 bytes) 2002 MLB Jason Giambi New York Yankees bobblehead, with Play makers baseball card. By Upper Deck. New in original packaging. Packaging shows some wear on edges. Bobblehead is 7 inches tall. $26.50 item #5034


5116usopena.jpg (64123 bytes) 5116usopenb.jpg (8175 bytes) 2002 U.S. Senior Open golf tournament watch fob and strap. Could be used as a golf bag tag as well, which was probably what most folks used it for. Black leather strap. Medal is 1 5/8 inches across, heavy. $19.50 item #5116


5141londonbowlingpina.jpg (19297 bytes) 5141londonbowlingpinb.jpg (9562 bytes) London & Southern Counties Bowling Association pin. Enamel and gold plated metal pin. 1 7/8 inches long. Good condition with light wear. And older pin. $22.50 item #5141


5392labontepiedmontpena.jpg (36980 bytes) 5392labontepiedmontpenb.jpg (11331 bytes) 5392labontepiedmontpenc.jpg (24669 bytes) 5392labontepiedmontpend.jpg (23392 bytes) Piedmont Airlines writing pen. Showing their sponsorship of the Winston Cup stock car driven by Terry Labonte in Nascar races, and celebrating his championship in 1984. 5 inches Good condition. $12.50 item #5392


5393brookfieldgolfmoneyclipa.jpg (73260 bytes) 5393brookfieldgolfmoneyclipb.jpg (101275 bytes) Brookfield Invitational money clip. 1926-1976 50th Anniversary tournament? White metal, good condition. 1 7/8 inch, heavy. Brookfield, Connecticut? $19.50 item #5393


5428pebblebeachgolfballa.jpg (35470 bytes) 5428pebblebeachgolfballb.jpg (22670 bytes) 5428pebblebeachgolfballc.jpg (48405 bytes) Titleist #1 Golf ball. Stamped on the ball, and printed on the box, 100th US Open 2000, Pebble Beach. Ball is unused, box shows some light wear. Standard size ball, box is 1 3/4 inch. $12.50 item #5428


5431highlandhotelstirrera.jpg (479909 bytes) 5431highlandhotelstirrerb.jpg (116730 bytes) 5431highlandhotelstirrerc.jpg (105400 bytes) Metal drink stirrer in the shape of a golf club advertising the Highland Hotel, Springfield, Mass. On the back, "Every Meal a Pleasant memory". 6 inches long, nickel plated. Light rust on the edges of the club face. $13.50 item #5431


5432bobstiresteesa.jpg (104092 bytes) 5432bobstiresteesb.jpg (213028 bytes) Unique advertising item. Looks like a large matchbook but actually holds 4 golf tees and it is a golf scorecard. "Make a Straight Drive to "Bobs" for Tires - Hood Tires" 2 1/34 inches. Old. Light soiling, light edge wear, few creases. $9.00 item #5432


5433golftoolsa.jpg (405771 bytes) 5433golftoolsb.jpg (393708 bytes) 5433golftoolsc.jpg (88019 bytes) Eight golf multitools, The first picture all are metal, Ocean Harbor Golf Links, has some wear. The next two are Golfaid brand tools, one is plain, the other has General Electric advertising on it. Second picture, the first two are plastic. First Citizens bank and Stoney Creek Country Club. The second two are metal, The first is the most famous golf course in the world, the Old Course at St. Andrews, the cradle of golf. The last in the second pictures is Linville Ridge golf course here in North Carolina. The last picture is Wildcat Run country club. Most show at least light wear. 2 1/4 to 3 inches. The St. Andrews tool is probably the most collectible, but I am selling these together. $29.50 item #5433


5434golfballmarkers.jpg (126048 bytes) Five plastic golf ball markers. The first advertises Coca Cola, second says "Oaks", third Hound Ears (which is a country club near Boone, NC), the last two have a Chieftain in full headdress. Each about 5/8 inch. $9.00 item #5434


5464horseracinga.jpg (612142 bytes) 5464horseracingb.jpg (504446 bytes) 5464horseracingc.jpg (532903 bytes) 5464horseracingd.jpg (522452 bytes) 5464horseracinge.jpg (564315 bytes) 5464horseracingf.jpg (359428 bytes) 5464horseracingg.jpg (527757 bytes) 5464horseracingh.jpg (70958 bytes) Eight horse racing photos. The first one is the George Calvert Purse Laurel, Maryland March 25, 1963 horse Leather Stocking owner Haywood B. Hyman Ray Kimball up, Best Brother 2nd. Second photo is from Atlantic City October 6, 1969, horse High Umbrella, Rockbridge Stables, Joe Culmore up (which I think means he is the Jockey) H. Hine trainer. Banker Bud 2nd, Handsome Tailor 3rd. Third photo, Charles Town, W. Virginia, owner Haywood Hyman, J.H. Settle trainer, June 12, 1966, horse Combustionaire , Fred Kratz up, Divided Sea 2nd Confederate Flag 3rd. Photo four, Atlantic City August 22, 1962 Haywood B. Hyman owner, horse Ridge Road, R. Ferraro up, N.L. Haymaker trainer, Huddys Boy 2nd, False step 3rd. Fifth photo, Charlestown West Virginia may 31, 1939 E. Samaha's Counora horse, R. Root up, Trained by R.F. Cook. Sixth photo Cumberland Racetrack August 18, 1938, A.Nader's Irish Vote horse, Trained by J. Arthur, J. Shanks up, Joe Fleischer photo, Baltimore. Seventh photo, Charles Town West Virginia May 17, 1939, A. Nader's Irish Vote horse, R. Root Up. Last photo is a more modern color photo of a guy with his horse, 5 x 7 inches. 4 are framed, one frame is without glass. Frames are only fair. 7 pictures are black and white 8 x 10 inch photos. Light soiling, some yellowing, a few light scratches. Most mats could stand to be replaced. $105.00 item #5464


5644softballrules1968a.jpg (48848 bytes) 1968 Official Softball Rule Book sponsored by Adirondack Bats Inc. Has advertising for the bats on the front and back of both covers. The inside is all Softball rules, fast and slow pitch. 58 pages. Small chip to back cover, slight soiling, edge and corner wear. Few creases on the spine. Stamp for Jacobsen's Sport Shop, Montclair, NJ. And someone has written in ink 25 on the top right of the cover. 5 x 7 1/4 inches $8.50 item #5644



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