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5227redstarlinepca.jpg (54108 bytes) 5227redstarlinepcb.jpg (16056 bytes) Early Red Star Line Postcard Antwerpen-New York. Unsent. Light soiling. If you will look at the bottom edge you will see it is trimmed unevenly. Whether this was done when it was made, or later, I do not know. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $12.50 item #5227



4840rmsqueenelizabethpc.jpg (32202 bytes) "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth" Postcard. Unsent. Light soiling on the back, corner and edge wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 $7.00 item #4840



4345qe2.jpg (29001 bytes) Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 Postcard. Unsent, so no date. Printed in Great Britain. Light corner and edge wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $4.50 item #4345


6320dollarsteamshiplinesa.jpg (96996 bytes) A. 6320dollarsteamshiplinesb.jpg (99419 bytes) B. 6320dollarsteamshiplinesc.jpg (76359 bytes) C. 6320dollarsteamshiplinesd.jpg (68181 bytes) 6320dollarsteamshiplinese.jpg (26173 bytes) Dollar Steamship Lines silverware. Robert Dollar (1844-1932) learned the lumber trade in Michigan and Canada. In 1895 he acquired his first ship, the Newsboy,   to carry lumber from the northwest to ports further south. He later bought further ships, including some small lines, and his ships were often seen all over the pacific, and with the purchase of eleven President class ships from the US government, and other ships and liners, gave him shipping, and passenger routes worldwide. Two of his most famous liners were the SS President Coolidge and the SS President Hoover. With the death of dollar, the great depression, and some failed management decisions the line declined, and was sold off by 1937. Here are some pieces of silver flatware from the Dollar Line. All made by International Silver Company, silver plate. All shows some light scratches from use, some tarnish. A. Soup spoon, 5 1/8 inch. I have one of these. B. Cocktail or seafood fork 5 3/4 inch. I have two. C. Demitasse spoon,  4 3/8. I have two. Selling single pieces of flatware. Please let me know which pieces you want. $24.00 each item #6320



5229clydesteamshiphurona.jpg (51285 bytes) 5229clydesteamshiphuronb.jpg (29229 bytes) Early Clyde Steamship Company postcard. S.S. Huron. Says on the front "This is the ship I got to New York on."  Soiling, creases, edge and corner wear. Pinhole at top 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $8.00 item #5229


1512w.jpg (8237 bytes) 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 snapshot of a liner and tug. I think this photo was made from the decks of the Mauretania in New York harbor, I think the ship may be the Cunard Liner Caledonia. Dime size stain, light soiling, corner and edge wear. $6.50 item # 1512


Plastic ship whistle. Some kind of regatta. 4" $10.50 item #626


1509w.jpg (20407 bytes) Italian liner "Avgvstvs" Mavigazione Generale Italiana. Mediterranean North American Express. Early card. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches, light soiling, slight edge and corner wear. $7.50 item #1509


4832deltaqueen.jpg (41683 bytes) "River Boat Delta Queen, Government Island" I presume at the Coast Guard training base there. Though how a Mississippi river steamboat managed to make it to California is beyond me. That must have been quite some journey down to the Panama Canal, and back up to California in a non ocean going vessel. Real Photo postcard. Some scratches, soiling. and "these are the boats we practice on" written on the back. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $9.00 item #4832



4335commonwealth.jpg (36293 bytes) "Steamer Commonwealth Fall Rive Line" Sent from Newport RI in1923 postcard. Written on the back "Dear Friend, I know you are surprised to hear from me. This is the boat we came up from (New York?). It only had 425 State rooms, a floating hotel." Some soiling, ink stain top right. Some edge and corner wear. Crease bottom left corner. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $7.50 item #4335



4834clydesteamshippc.jpg (43153 bytes) "Sister Ships Algonquin, Mohawk, Seminole, and Cherokee" postcard. It does not identify which ship this is. Clyde Steamship Company. Served Boston, New York, Wilmington, Charleston, Brunswick, Jacksonville, Sanford, Miami. Written on the back "Dear Marydith, This boat is just like one dad went south on. We had a radio, a bath, and bedding." Creases on corners, soiling, stain at top. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $7.50 item #4834



4892contepassengerlista.jpg (46721 bytes) 4892contepassengerlistb.jpg (29063 bytes) 1950 Cabin Class passenger list, eastbound voyage of the Conte Biancamano liner. Sailing for American Export lines. June 27th -July 8th, 1950. New York, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Naples, and Genoa. Captain Luigi Gulinelli. Cabin class passengers. 4 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches. Approx. 15 pages. Light soiling, corner and edge wear. $12.50 item #4892


5805uslinesstirrer.jpg (151258 bytes) United States Lines plastic drink stirrer. Eagle on top, Almost 6 inches long. These came off the SS United States. Good condition. I have two of these. $7.00 each item #5805


5812ssunitedstatesplaceornotecard.jpg (31723 bytes) S.S. United States note of place card. 4 x 6 inches (4 x 3 inches when folded for use) Good shape.  $6.50 each item #5812


5813uslinesluggagestickera.jpg (79298 bytes) A. 5813uslinesluggagestickerb.jpg (81278 bytes) B. 5813uslinesluggagestickerc.jpg (76863 bytes) C. 5813uslinesluggagestickerd.jpg (72281 bytes) D. United States Lines luggage stickers. Off the S.S. United States. All in good shape, gum on back would stick when wetted. 3 x 6 1/2 inches. A. is for Tourist class, wanted on voyage. (Have 5 of these.) B is for Cabin Class wanted on voyage. (Have 5 of these). C. is First Class Not wanted on Voyage (Have 5 of these) D. is First Class wanted on voyage (Have 5 of these). $4.00 each item #5813


5814uslinesluggagetagaf.jpg (90899 bytes) 5814uslinesluggagetagab.jpg (78669 bytes) A. 5814uslinesluggagetagbf.jpg (82302 bytes) 5814uslinesluggagetagbb.jpg (85996 bytes) B. 5814uslinesluggagetagcf.jpg (82795 bytes) 5814uslinesluggagetagcb.jpg (77080 bytes) C. United States Lines Luggage Tags from the S.S. United States. Each 3 x 6 1/2 inches. All good shape. Heavy card stock, reinforced eyelets, and cotton string. Fantastic graphics, including picture of the liner. A. is first Class Stateroom wanted on voyage (have 5 of these). B. is First Class Hold, not wanted on voyage. (have 5 of these). C. is Cabin Class Stateroom, wanted on voyage. (have 4 of these). $7.50 each item #5814


5806ssmunchenpc.jpg (107318 bytes) Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen Line liner Munchen, I think this is the Munchen II which was built in 1923. I cannot read the postmark. Sent through the mail before WWII. Postcard. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Some creases, soiling, edge and corner wear. $6.50 item #5806


5946bremenmenua.jpg (86812 bytes) 5946bremenmenub.jpg (86982 bytes) Menu off the Norddeutscher Lloyd Line steamship Bremen. Thursday, March 20th 1930. Tourist and Cabin class had either a salad Italienne or radishes, the soup course was either Tomato Soup with Okra, or Consommé in a cup. Main Courses were American Beafsteak or Kidney Pie with baked potatoes. Galantine of Turkey, Cumberland Sauce, Corned Ox-Tongue. Tomato with Chicken Salad. Lemon Flummery, Fruit Sauce. Gouda Cheese, coffee. 3 1/2 x 6 inches folded. Has yellowed a bit, light soiling, edge and corner wear. $10.50 item #5946


5947kungsholmmenua.jpg (112022 bytes) 5947kungsholmmenub.jpg (70019 bytes) Menu from the Swedish America Line steamship Kungsholm, Monday, September 1, 1930. Second Cabin class. Luncheon was Choice of Hors d'Oeuvre -cheese, matjes Herring, Salmon Herring in Oil, Sandwich puree, Pork Sausages, roast veal, salt roulade of veal, smoked goose breast, tomatoes and pressed cucumber, salad nicoise. Boiled lamb in Dillsauce with boiled rice and parsley potatoes was the main course. Apple pie with vanilla sauce to finish.  4 1/2 x 6 inches folded. Has yellowed a bit, light soiling, edge and corner wear. $10.50 item #5947


6152mvfreeenterprisepc.jpg (82514 bytes) M.V. Free Enterprise Townsend Bros. Ferries Limited. Cross Channel Luxury Car Ferry, Dover-Calais Service. English Channel Ferry. 4 x 5 3/4 inches. Postally unused. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $5.50 item #6152


6154denhaagmadurodam.jpg (108211 bytes) Really neat postcard showing a miniature tourist park in Den Haag - Madurodam, Netherlands. I put it here due to the central theme of the steamship. 4 1/4 x  5 3/4 inches. Postally unused. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $5.50 item #6154


6202mvsabegweitpc.jpg (90720 bytes) M.V.S. Abegweit Canadian ice breaking ferry postcard. Carry's up to 125 cars. Sent from Saint John new Brunswick. 4 x 6 inches. Edge, corner wear, light soiling. Writing on back. $4.50 item #6202


6203queenofbermudapc.jpg (83281 bytes) The Furness Luxury Liner "Queen of Bermuda" postcard. Postally unused, light soiling, edge and corner wear. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item #6203


6204tsskinggeorgevpc.jpg (94534 bytes) T.S.S. King George V in Oban Bay. Postcard. Built in 1926, disposed of in 1975. Used in Ferry service. Writing on back, sent from Oban in 1969. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. $5.50 item 


5945easternsteamshipmatcha.jpg (98426 bytes) 5945easternsteamshipmatchb.jpg (130275 bytes) Eastern Steamship Lines Matchbook. No matches inside. Service to the  Maritime Provinces of Canada, Bahamas, West Indies. 1 1/2 x 2 inches. Edge and corner wear. This matchbook came from the estate of A.B. Sharp who was president of Eastern Steamship lines for many years, including the 1930s and 1940s. He also was a famous big game fisherman, in fact the founder of the Sharp Cup Match Tuna fishing Tournaments. $7.50 item #5945


 5948sharpsteamshipcardb.jpg (85474 bytes) B.  5948sharpsteamshipcardf.jpg (72448 bytes) 5948sharpsteamshipcardh.jpg (110280 bytes) H. 5948sharpsteamshipcardj.jpg (83520 bytes) J.
5948sharpsteamshipcardl.jpg (86153 bytes) L. 5948sharpsteamshipcardo.jpg (68851 bytes) O. 5948sharpsteamshipcardp.jpg (53766 bytes) P.  5948sharpsteamshipcardq.jpg (68728 bytes) Q.
5948sharpsteamshipcardr.jpg (66021 bytes) R. 5948sharpsteamshipcards.jpg (65709 bytes) S.  5948sharpsteamshipcardt.jpg (67530 bytes) T. 5948sharpsteamshipcardu.jpg (89617 bytes) U.
5948sharpsteamshipcardv.jpg (82983 bytes) V. 5948sharpsteamshipcardx.jpg (68153 bytes) X. 

Steamship company passes. From the estate of A.B. Sharp who was president of Eastern Steamship lines for many years, including the 1930s and 1940s. He also was a famous big game fisherman, in fact the founder of the Sharp Cup Match Tuna fishing Tournaments. Please click on the pictures to see larger versions. Many different lines from United Fruit Company, Clyde Mallory Lines, and others. Most about 2 1/2 x 4 inches, some slightly smaller. Light soiling, light wear. Most of these were yearly passes. I think these were given as a courtesy from one executive in a shipping line, to his counterparts in other lines. Your choice,  any card $8.50 each. Please tell me which letters you want. Item #5948

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