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6058muradcigarettespc.jpg (130982 bytes) Murad Turkish Cigarettes advertising postcard. Cairo Egypt, showing a Dhow on the Nile.  What looks like a message written to someone is actually printed ad copy, printed when the card was made.. "The only thing to keep you in good humor while you are waiting for one thing or another here is Alan Ramsay's Murad Cigarette. Get them no matter what you have to pay, they're worth it. Regards from all to Ace. Jim". Egyptian stamp on back, sent to North Carolina. Undivided back. I cannot read the date in the cancellation, but early. 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. Postally used. Light soiling, light edge and corner wear. $12.50 item #6058


5872copenhagenpina.jpg (58399 bytes) 5872copenhagenpinb.jpg (60405 bytes) Copenhagen 175th Anniversary Hat Pin. 3/4 inch. Good condition. I have two of these. $6.50 each #5872


Two Cuban cigar bands. 2 3/4 inches. $7.50 item #836


2079cigarada.jpg (17161 bytes) 2079cigaradb.jpg (11970 bytes) Elverso Cigars on one side, San Felice Cigars on the other. Cigar cutter, box opener. Some rust,  scratches, steel. 3 1/8 inches. $19.50 item #2079


Madeira Aromatic Mixture. Smoking Tobacco. 3 5/8 inches. Tin. Good condition. $7.50 item #904


Two publicity photos of Harry James and his Orchestra. For Chesterfield Cigarettes. The first photo is hand signed. Each 5" X 7" $52.50 item #595


One Cuban cigar band, one box label. Label 3 X 2 1/4", band is 2 3/4" $9.00 item #837


One Cuban cigar band, One Cuban Cigar box label. Three U.S. (?) cigar box labels. $15.50 item #838


Evan's Lighter Evan's Cigarette lighter. Pocket model. Very Good condition 2 1/2" $32.50 item # 410


Colonel Shelby Cigar stationary. Inside opens out to the second picture. letter sized. Shelby, North Carolina. I have two left, $14.50 each,  item #92


Lucky Strike advertising pinback button. About 2" $9.50 item #93


Four Granger Select Tobacco. Advertising. Wildlife Pins 1986. 3/4" . $12.50 item #94


0994cigarlabels.jpg (37970 bytes) Band : Victory Quality Cubanas 2 3/4 inches.1st. Label: La Mira Havana Cigars Supreme Quality 3 X 2 1/4 inches. 2nd. Label Hand Made (Embossed, raised design). 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches. All three good condition. I know the first two to be Cuban, and suspect the third is as well. $9.50 item #994


01019shoepipea.jpg (14514 bytes) Wonderful little pipe in the shape of a shoe. I don't think it's been smoked. Briar body, bakelite stem. $29.50 item #1019



01043godfreybirdsa.jpg (23259 bytes) 01043godfreybirdsb.jpg (16323 bytes) Very unusual set of 12 trading cards, first I have ever seen that had a beautiful full color bird, and an outline of the same bird to color. Godfrey Phillips ltd. Tobacco Company. British. One dozen, 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches each. These show some edge and corner wear, light soiling, but overall good. $29.50 item #1043


01044godfreydogsa.jpg (29015 bytes) 01044godfreydogsb.jpg (11508 bytes) Very unusual set of 12 trading cards, "Our Dogs" Godfrey Phillips ltd. Tobacco Company. British. One dozen, 2 x 2 5/8 inches each. These show some edge and corner wear, light soiling, but overall good. $29.50 item #1044


01045playerscardsa.jpg (24443 bytes) 01045playerscardsb.jpg (8115 bytes) Very unusual set of 12 trading cards, Birds, mostly song birds of the canary parakeet family. Players Cigarettes, British. . One dozen, 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches each. These show some edge and corner wear, light soiling, but overall good. $29.50 item #1045


01096a.jpg (15033 bytes) 01096b.jpg (9647 bytes) 01096c.jpg (10802 bytes) Wonderful Bakelite cigar holder, with a metal rim. Case is hinged, and either thin leather, or leather look paper covered, with brass hinges and clasp. Velvet lined. 1920s? Holder is 1 /9 inches long,, a little over 11/16th across. Gold tone rim. Case is 2 3/8 inches x 1 1/8 inches. Some wear to the edges of the case. A wonderful early piece. In my description I say this piece is Bakelite, but I am not 100% sure of this. I hope someone will know for sure, but I will accept a return if it is not. $39.50 item #1096


4275camelcardsa.jpg (58475 bytes) 4275camelcardsb.jpg (75300 bytes) Camel cigarette advertising on Hoyle bridge size cards. Camel advertising on the back of each card. All cards are present. Edges of cards show some soiling, same for the box. Also shows wear on edges, interior box flaps are missing. $12.50 item #4275


4597winstonchangemata.jpg (40957 bytes) 4597winstonchangematb.jpg (4896 bytes) Winston Cigarettes change mat. The words have yellowed a bit, but I think they would clean, especially if you used some tire whitener. Light cracking in a few of the letters. Mitchell Rubber Products, Los Angeles, CA.9 inches across. $29.50 item #4597


5023notaxtobaccotaga.jpg (28049 bytes) 5023notaxtobaccotagb.jpg (39615 bytes) Tin tobacco tag, would have come on a plug of tobacco, or bag of tobacco. Also has a political statement. "No Tax". A few light scratches. 1 3/8 inches. $7.00 item #5023


5031rjremployeebadgea.jpg (22012 bytes) 5031rjremployeebadgeb.jpg (16023 bytes) R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company employee's badge. Enamel on nickel plated brass. Heavy duty clasp on the back. Light wear, small bit of enamel loss on the front. 2 inches. $45.00 item #5031


5405halfnhalftobaccotool.jpg (558174 bytes) Half and Half Tobacco advertising pipe tool. Has a pipe tamper, and a reamer that folds into the case. Some light rust, and does show wear. 2 1/2 inches. $9.50 item #5405


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Due to recent changes in Tobacco advertising regulations, you must be 18 years of age before I can sell tobacco related items to you.  I am sorry this has become necessary. 

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