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Sky roads contest badge. Says on back "Watch the number on Comics for Valuable Cash Prizes daily in Buffalo Evening News" 1 1/4" Excellent condition. $29.00 item #254


Tin lithographed holiday noisemaker (clacker) marked "Made in U.S.A." 4 3/4 inches, wooden handle. $12.50 item #456


Four movie/TV cowboy promotional cards. These were given away in theaters to promote kids favorite cowboys. Each 3 1/4" X 5 1/2" Top to bottom clockwise. 1. "The Lone Ranger" 2. "Cordially, Roy Rogers" 3. "Gene Autrey and Champ" 4. "Thanks Pal, Wild Bill Elliot" $29.50 item # 453


Shoot-A-Loop marble toy. Tin. 9" tall. Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh, PA . Good condition $39.50 item #541


Wooden pinball game. Some paint loss, but is better than the picture appears. Early. 6 1/2" X 12" $29.50 item #543


Roundhouse products Seaboard systems boxcar kit. All pieces present. HO gauge Cost 98 cents new. 1965 with box. $22.50 item #544


Tin top. Ohio Art. Few scratches, shows play. 5 1/2" $22.50 item #545


Nice snapshot photo of a little boy and his pedal car. 3" X 5" $12.50 item #547


Pair of Japanese harmonicas. 1950s.One is 2 1/2" One is 3 1/2" $12.50 item #549


Tin toy dog. I think this is a driver for a 1950s tin car. Good condition. 2 1/2" $12.50 item #550


Marx toy saw. Metal w/plastic handle 4 1/4" $9.00 item #551


Five children's bubble gum machine charms. Cast pot metal. Most around 1". $12.50 item #554


Fred, Barney, Wilma, Pebbles, Dino, and Saber tooth all are on this wonderful lithographed tin target. On the back is a bulls eye as shown in the second photo. 7 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches. Has a few small scratches in the paint, and a small bend or crease in the middle (can be seen on second photo) but overall good. Marked "Hanna Barbera productions Hong Kong". I have no idea what type of game this was for. Suction cup tipped darts maybe? Wonderful piece of cartoon memorabilia from a show so many of us can remember from our childhoods. $22.50 item #932


1947 printing (fifth printing) of Manual of Ship Model Making from Popular Science monthly. Good-very good condition. No dustjacket. Excellent primer on building ship models. $22.50 item #20


Wonderful toy makers guide teaches the principles of using the science of electricity to make all sorts of toys. Dancing figurines, electric locomotives, military artillery, and much more. Illustrated 140 pages. 1893 T. O'Connor Sloane. Good condition, cloth bound 5 X 7 inches. $29.00 item #763


01017nytimespuzzlea.jpg (18586 bytes) 01017nytimespuzzleb.jpg (23062 bytes)  01017nytimespuzzled.jpg (18798 bytes) Parker Brothers NY Times Puzzle Six Day War. Wonderful boxed puzzle, 500 pieces, unopened! Assembled puzzle is 16 x 22 3/4 inches, box is 11 x 11 inches. By Parker Brothers. The Six Day War was fought between Israel, and surrounding Islamic States from June 5th, 1967 and June 11, 1967. I couldn't get a date off the puzzel itself, but would expect late 1960s, early 1970s. Box has slight wear on corners and edges. $19.00 item #1017


01101rollsa.jpg (15458 bytes) 01101rollsb.jpg (12268 bytes) 01101rollsc.jpg (12152 bytes) 01101rollsd.jpg (6918 bytes) 01101rollse.jpg (9240 bytes) Batchbox Models Of Yesteryear Y-7 1912 Rolls Royce. 1978 Lesney Products, England. The car itself is 3 7/8 inches long, the box is 6 1/2 inches. Wonderful model mostly metal. Model is in excellent condition. The box shows a bit of sho wear. On the front is two small places where the price tag pulled up a little of the box paper, a few creases, slight edge and corner wear. The top of the box has a crease where it has been folded back. $19.50 item #1101


Two tiny (1 1/2") Japanese tin toys. $13.50 item #79


4315sppolicejrbadge.jpg (33098 bytes) Tin toy Special Police Badge. Made in Japan. 1950s? In original packaging. Good condition, I see some light rust on the pin. Badge is 3 1/2 inches tall. $12.50 item #4315 (I have two of these)

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